Discounts Deepen On Tesla Model S Loaners


Tesla Model S with fast and free juice! (Supercharging)

Tesla Model S with fast and free juice! (Supercharging)

Looking for a Tesla Model S for a lot less money? Here’s your perfect opportunity.  Be sure to act fast because once they are gone, they are gone!

Tesla Model S Interior & 17" Touch Screen Display.

Tesla Model S Interior & 17″ Touch Screen Display.

Tesla Motors is doubling the discounts on Model S sedans that served as a loaner or a “Showroom vehicle” (Inventory Vehicle). These Model S EVs are the “older models” that are not equipped with the latest gadgetry, such as the Dual-Motor AWD & Autopilot.

Nonetheless, you are still getting a mind-blowing, revolutionary/game-changing vehicle… provided you’re okay with missing out on the newest features

Tesla Motors has always given discounts on “inventory vehicles”, which consists of 1 dollar off for every mile on the odometer, 1% off the vehicle for each month it remains an “inventory vehicle” and it’s claimed that there is an automatic $1,000 off just for being an “inventory vehicle.”

Now, Tesla Motors is upping the ante by giving 2% off for every month each vehicle has remained in inventory not sold.

We don’t know precisely how many of these deeply discounted Tesla exist, but we imagine there are only a few hundred perhaps in the U.S.

Since these Model S EVs have never been titled, they still count as a new vehicle. So, as long as you are the first owner, you can get an “old inventory” Model S at this reduced price and you are still eligible for available incentives!

Will you be picking up an “older inventory” Model S?  Is it the additional discount that convinced you to buy now?

Tesla Model S Safest in the World

Tesla Model S Safest in the World

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24 responses to "Discounts Deepen On Tesla Model S Loaners"
  1. Rob Stark says:

    Typically, Cadillac ELRs are over 30% off on dealer lots. Within a year of being introduced with no better model currently available.

    So, I guess “deeply discounted” is relative.

    1. Breezy says:

      Not really. These Model S are the ELR are both deeply discounted. The difference is that the Model S are demo models or loaners, while the ELRs are brand new.

      1. See Through says:

        The Model S discounted cars can also be brand new. If a Model S sat unsold for 6 months, you get a straight 12% discount ( 2% per month, doubled from 1% pm), even if is it in original box (never used).

    2. See Through says:

      When Rob compares Model S discounts to Cadillar ELR discounts, which was a big flop, we know the troubles have begun.

      1. Get Real says:

        I see your still perpetrating your Anti-Tesla FUD See Through. Why don’t you take your fantasies somewhere else?

        1. Steven says:

          Because s/he’s a shill for the entrenched oil and ICE industries.

  2. pjwood says:

    Stay on top of your owner advisor, if you want one of these. They go very quick.

    1. Eric Loveday says:

      Absolutely true. We had some quotes from a local Tesla advisor, but before we could even piece together an article, we were told that all 3 of the discounted Model S EVs were sold.

      1. Chris O says:

        That’s impossible. This forum is teeming with posters who tell us almost on a daily basis that Model S isn’t selling so how could this be?

        1. See Through says:

          ***mod edit***
          The content of this post was removed as it accused InsideEVs of being part of a conspiracy to delay/suppress “negative news” about Tesla intentionally for some unknown gain. All baseless allegations as such will be/are removed. Please be warned that further posts of this nature could lead to the removal of commenting privileges.
          ***mod edit***

          1. Get Real says:

            We can only hope so Jay!

          2. Nix says:

            Thank you cool Mod dudes.

          3. Phr3d says:

            at last, the moniker defined.

    2. SIvad says:

      I called about 2 weeks ago and they had a S60 with 4,000 miles with supercharger for $64,000 in the Southeast. With tax credits in GA that would put it to $51,500. Almost reflexively bought on the spot but realized that I can’t really afford it.

      1. See Through says:

        You can buy yourself a nice Mercedes B-class. Saw one parked that day, look really roomy compared to Model S.

        1. Sivad says:

          No thanks. I’ll keep my Volt.

        2. Steven says:

          How about this, you buy the B class, I’ll get a Model S, let’s lock ourselves in our own garage and start the motor and let it keep running…

          Then after an hour or two, we’ll come out and discuss the results.

          1. tedfredrick says:

            I don’t think you can get carbon monoxide poisoning from a new vehicle. They are to clean.

  3. JakeY says:

    As you point out in the article, they are trying to clear out these cars because they don’t have the latest features (auto-pilot/AWD), so they don’t really serve their purpose as well being loaner/test drive cars. However, I imagine the stock isn’t that much and once they fill it with newer stock the discounts will end.

  4. Omar Sultan says:

    Makes sense, making space for the “D” demo cars.

  5. JRMW says:

    I wish there was a 24 month old loaner I could get for $48,000 off!

    (There’s not, I checked!)

  6. tedfredrick says:

    Unfortunately due to my finacial situation I have to wait until the used market catched up. To bad the Tesla resale isn’t like the above mentioned Mercedes. Those things drop like a rock. I saw a used 7 year old S550 for less than 20K. They start at over 100K. The average car value drops 38% in two years and about 45% in three years. Teslas are nowhere near that.

    1. Nix says:

      Mercedes CL and S classes keeps getting named the “Kings of Depreciation” by places like jaloponik due to 80% depreciation over 5 years.

  7. Nix says:

    This is called end of year inventory reduction. It is as old a concept as you can find in sales. Tesla has to pay taxes on vehicles in inventory at the end of the year, so it profits them to sell them now.