Test Drive: Differences Between Saleen Model S And Standard Tesla Model S Are “Astounding”


Saleen Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Model S

“We test drove the Saleen Tesla Model S on the track and also played chase with it in our very own Teslarati 48 race car, and can say the differences were astounding. The electric Saleen was fast. It cornered fast, pushed strong and the braking was radically different. It’s safe to say the Saleen Model S will be true to both of its DNAs, well engineered and race ready.”

States Teslarati after being afford the rare chance to check out the progress on the Saleen Tesla Model S.

The only details Saleen is willing to reveal at this time is that Bilstein shocks are in use, as are carbon ceramic brakes.

Or, as Teslarati states:

“We won’t go into the full details yet, but suffice it to say, there’s laser scanning involved, exotic materials and the Bilstein touch just to name a few.”

From our previous report on the Saleen Model S, we know the following

“…Saleen’s vision of the Tesla Model S includes performance upgrades such as carbon ceramic brakes, aerodynamic improvements and even a fully reworked interior.”

Teslarati confirms that performance upgrades are in place on the tested Saleen Model S:

“The result will be a transformation of the Model S sedan to a track-ready beast of an electric vehicle. Saleen will truly delight anyone who wants even more performance from their Tesla Model S without giving up everyday driveability.”

When’s it coming?  And how much will it cost?

The Saleen Model S should be fully revealed before the end of 2014 (this Summer, according to Saleen).  As for pricing, we haven’t a clue other than that it’ll be expensive for sure.

Saleen Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Model S

Source: Teslarati

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16 Comments on "Test Drive: Differences Between Saleen Model S And Standard Tesla Model S Are “Astounding”"

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They better have fixed the lateral support of those seats.

That is what I call a NICE Nose design.

It feels more Porsche-like. Me likey. 🙂

This is what the nose of the Model S should have looked like from the start. I never understood why Tesla went with the “fake grill” design?!

Look no further than the Coda. It doesn’t have a grille where and it looks weird. If you Photoshop a grille onto the car, it looks remarkably better.

Well, this Saleen mod and numerous rear/mid-engine sport cars prove that it is possible to design nice cars without grill. 😉

I get that they didn’t want to make the design too unconventional, but the fake “grill” always looked a little cheap to me and disrupts the otherwise simple elegant design a bit.

I think the Coda had several other design issues most prominent of which was that it looked like a 15 year old car at launch.

That’s because the Coda had a design that originally had a grille.

For real? That’s one ugly nose…

You people say the nosecone is ugly bur then wrap it the body color which looks absolutely ruins the look of the car ROFL just stop

It has no face, the nose cone is the face of the car and looks great. No nose cone doesnt look right, and you people saying it looks bad have bad taste because it does not

New brakes and some new body kit bits and the difference is “astounding”? Sounds like marketing drivel to me. It’s a Model S.

did they do something about the power limiting (due to heat or range or whatever)?

I honestly wouldn’t want these guys monkeying with the electric drive train. It’s clearly something they’ve never done.

They do know that there are guys ( and I do mean men) with too much money who will buy the hype.

I do like the look, though, but wonder how much it takes away from the aero efficiency.