Detroit Electric to Shift SP:01 Production From Detroit to Holland


“We are Detroit Electric, not London Electric. Our commitment to the city of Detroit, the state of Michigan and the United States is as strong as it ever was. While there have been some delays in our plan to start production in Detroit, many programs experience some form of delay.”

Detroit Electric Introduced What It Says Is "The Fastest Mass Produced EV In The World" This Past April

Detroit Electric Introduced What It Says Is “The Fastest Mass Produced EV In The World” This Past April

Says Detroit Electric CEO Albert Lam.

Maybe Holland Electric is more fitting?

Detroit Electric now says that its SP:01 will be built in Holland and not in the metro Detroit area.

The startup automaker cites issues with securing “Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Certification (FMVSS) in order to start production in the US,” according to the Detroit News.

Hmm…This would further imply that Detroit Electric won’t be able to sell its SP:01 in the US unless these FMVSS issues (which we suspect are advanced airbag related) are ironed out.

Holland Detroit Electric will begin production of the SP:01 in the 4th quarter of 2013, which amounts to a delay of several months since we’d been previously promised that the SP:01 would already by in production by now.

Source: Detroit News

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Does this mean it will have wooden tires?

…and it will be fitted with a windmill on top to recharge the batteries!

They move to where Tesla has it’s European assembly factory….

lol….this just gets funnier.

So we have a Chinese owned/backed company…..

– pretending to be an American/Detroit company…..

– with it’s first vehicle being a copy of the Tesla Roadster built by an American company

– and now they are building it’s first copied car in Denmark.

Why not? So what’s next? lol

They did solve the issues with the Roadster though. Apparently it had too much range and it was too cheap.

Don’t call Holland Denmark.

this car is a joke to be honest

Very odd.

“Imported from Detroit. No, wait. That’s not it. Let’s see. Hmm. Oh. Nevermind.”

Well as a Roadster Owner I actually like the car, and think its novel that they kept the 4 speed manual transmission. If I actually purchased it, I wouldn’t need the V2G feature (and neither would other well-healed purchasers), and the other problem is the battery at 37 kwh is too small for $135 k . At this price its more cost effective to buy a used Tesla Roadster, since the battery will have enough life in it to go much further than the New Detroit Electric.

The 32 amp charger is fine since most public charging, and home charging EVSE’s are 30 amps. Its the battery itself that is too small for the money.

Joke. Vapourware. Lets move on people.

I don’t see why other bloggers are so hard on this car.

Is it Holland, Michigan or Holland, Netherlands?

Holland Netherlands

Do your homework people! Wiki is only a keystroke away!

The cars are not Chinese..they are Malaysian! From a state owned OEM called Proton. The founder Albert Lam used to be CEO of Lotus Engineering Group and Executive Director of Lotus Cars of England.

Lotus is owned by DRB Hicom through its subsidiary Proton, which acquired it following the bankruptcy of former owner Romano Artioli in 1994.

DRB Hicom also bought Potenza cars, Westfields, and GTM Cars

They also have had arrangements with GM, Suzuki, Honda, Volkswagen, Audi

The Detroit Electric cars will use a novel propriatary 200hp motor weighs 18kgs which was developed in the Netherlands where Detroit Electric holdings was founded.