Detroit Electric Signs MoU To Sell Electric Vehicles On South Korea’s Jeju Island


Detroit-Technology Badge

Detroit-Technology Badge

Though having not yet sold a single car in the U.S nor anywhere else, Detroit Electric claims to have signed a “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Integrated Energy to conduct retail sales of Detroit Electric pure electric vehicles, and to implement a joint V2X project which will include a pilot program in South Korea.”

Translated, that mean that Integrated Energy will be the distributor of Detroit Electric’s SP:01 electric roadster.  The pilot program in South Korea will actually take place on Jeju Island.  The deal calls for Integrated Energy to purchase 300 SP:01s from Detroit Electric starting in Q1 2015.

Yes, we’re Detroit Electric Skeptics.  Can’t you tell from the lack of enthusiasm?

The automaker claims that the SP:01 will go on sale in Asia, Europe and the US, starting in early 2015. All cars will be manufactured in Leamington Spa, UK (as far away from Detroit as possible, it seems).

Detroit Electric Factory In The UK

Detroit Electric Factory In The UK

Source: Green Car Congress

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Jeju is about the same size as Maui and a population roughly the size of Vermont’s.

Temperate climate that rarely falls below freezing even during winter.

300 roadsters at ~$135k a piece.

Population ~600k

GDP per Capita ~$15k

Seems like a tough task.