Detroit Electric SP:01 Teaser Video – Pure Electric Performance

3 years ago by Eric Loveday 13

Detroit Electric SP:01 Teased

Detroit Electric SP:01 Teased

Detroit Electric SP:01 Prototype

Detroit Electric SP:01 Prototype

“Detroit Electric’s first production car, the SP:01, is Pure Electric Performance.”

States the video description.

From what we can gather, this is a teaser video of sorts for the Detroit Electric SP:01.  It also appears that Detroit Electric as a new logo; perhaps to commemorate not being built in Detroit.

The actual finished car isn’t shown much and we’ve already seen the SP:01 in “prototype” form, so we’re not really sure what Detroit Electric is trying to achieve with this video, other than showing us that the SP:01 is powered by what appears to be bolts of electricity, almost lightning like.

However, we did learn that Detroit Electric has relaunched its website and that the SP:01 is going on sale in Q4 in Europe, with US sales in early 2015.   Just a touch behind the initial launch date of Summer 2013.

The site media still proudly declares that “DETROIT ELECTRIC WILL BUILD THE WORLD’S FASTEST PRODUCTION EV” with a 0-60 time of 3.7 secs and a top speed of 155 mph, which as we know has now been surpassed with the Tesla P85D.

Albert Lam, CEO of Detroit Electric said of the decision to not build in Detroit:

“While Detroit was our preferred initial assembly location, the regulatory process for the production and sale of the SP:01 in the US has taken longer then expected. That means the assembly operations have to be located in Europe to allow us to bring the vehicle to market globally in line with our timing plans. We’re growing our team at the company’s headquarters in Detroit and we are committed to bringing investment and jobs to the Detroit economic area in the very near future.”

It should be noted that there is no place to actually “build and buy” a SP:01 at the moment on the new site, which also seems problematic to us.  The two seat Lotus conversion is expected to have a pricetag of around $135,000.

Full SP:01 specs can be found here.


13 responses to "Detroit Electric SP:01 Teaser Video – Pure Electric Performance"

  1. Mark Green says:

    Geez, sad day when Europe is easier to gear up a factory than the US. Soon it’ll be easier to do something in South America than the US. Real kudos to Musk for making it happen.

  2. Stimpacker says:

    Is there any reason at all to buy this car?

    The Tesla P85D is cheaper, faster, seats more people and probably has longer range with supercharging capability.

    Then again, Europeans might appreciate the smaller car given their lack of space. So makes sense to build there first.

    1. Josh says:

      It seems like DE was trying to replace the out of production Roadster. I am sure there is a market for that type of car in the 100s a year, which is probably as much volume as they were looking for.

      Now if they can ever actually get it built, and will it be reliable enough to stay on the road.

  3. CD says:

    Another toy for the rich! If Tesla’s Model 3 had instead been the first car Tesla released (Around $35,000), how many more BEV’s would be on the street today. Model S is a great car for the rich, but we have to get BEV’s on the street NOW!

    1. Rob Stark says:

      If Tesla built a Model 3 in 2008 it would have cost $100k to build and they would have to sell it at $120k to make a decent profit. And they would be bankrupt by now without any hope of producing a $35k car.

      Globally, only the “rich” can afford a $35k car. Median global household income for a family of four is $9733 and that household can’t afford a base 2017 Tesla Model 3.

    2. scottf200 says:

      Buy a LEAF or similar then.

  4. scottf200 says:

    Spec PDF:
    MAX TORQUE: 280 Nm
    TOP SPEED 100% ELECTRIC: 155mph (250km/h)
    ACCELERATION: 0 – 60mph (0 – 100km/h) 3.7s (3.9s)
    POWER: 278 hp / 207 kW
    OVERALL LENGTH: 3,880 mm
    UNLADEN WEIGHT*: 1,125 kg
    OVERALL HEIGHT: 1,117 mm
    OVERALL WIDTH: 1,751 mm
    *estimated figures

  5. Anon says:

    Still love the original Detroit Electrics from the 1900’s… 🙁

    The new company is an abomination to the name, “Detroit Electric”.

  6. Kickincanada says:

    I’ve said it beforehand and will say it again – this company is pure vapourware. Why in gods name would anyone consider buying it even if they actually got it to production – which they won’t. A waste of space on insideevs.

    1. Peter g says:

      Why would anyone consider buying it. I ask that about half the cars on the road today. Lets wait to see how it performs. At 2250 lbs. the car is very light. Should be really fun to drive on windy roads.

  7. Jesse Gurr says:

    I noticed on their website that they are looking for dealers to carry the car. Yeah, good luck with that, you gonna need it! Nobody will want to stock the car at their dealership.

  8. Priusmaniac says:

    There apparently is a dedicated will to bar people from having access to an electric sedan they can afford. 100 miles with a rex is Chinese apparently. Perhaps it is in China that it will happen then.

  9. Bill Howland says:

    I used to think that just as a gas powered car ‘runs on fumes’ when its about out, that my Roadster ‘runs on sparks’ when the battery is about dead, and I now have a video to visualize that.

    “Hard Sell” advertising would do them well here, as the Lotus Evora is a very nice vehicle, much nicer than the Lotus ELise (what the Roadster basically is).

    2 features I don’t think they need in a sports car is the vehicle to grid stuff (most people who can afford a $135k car have already handled the emergency power contingency in their homes (a $400 5kw portable generator is fine for me), and the other is putting in too small a battery.

    Interestingly, this video showed 2 things that I like about the Lotus products that make me cringe a bit here. The old fashioned Lotus headlights are part of the “look” of a Lotus. Trying to make them look ultra modern by putting that Led rope light in spoils it. And I’d much prefer the Lotus’ incandescent tail lights to the, to these eyes, ugly implementation in the rear. Even the Roadster to my mind would look better with the original Elise clean style tailights, but I realize Tesla was trying to give the roadster a distintive look. Thankfully, they didn’t modify the front much.

    But I wish Detroit Electric well. I’m disappointed they are screwing with the Evora’s styling (bad thing to do on a $135k car in my opinion), so, while I wanted to like this car, if it is too ‘trendy’ looking and they ruin the evora’s appearance, then they will have lost one sale.

    Not too worried about Detroit Electric not making things in Detroit, since most ‘American’ cars aren’t made here. IF you want “American” content you have to buy the “foreign” marques.
    I haven’t heard people complaining about Square-D elecrical products, since the Detroit Switch and fuse company is now Non-American Schneider-Electric, and before that was Non-American Schlumberger.