Detroit Electric Opens First Store


Detroit Electric SP:01

Detroit Electric SP:01

Detroit Electric announced the opening of its first showroom/store.

Located next to the automaker’s production facility in Leamington Spa, UK, this first store allow potential buyers to build and order a SP:01 electric roadster on nifty touchscreen displays.

Its resemblance to Tesla stores is clearly intentional.

Detroit Electric CEO Albert Lam stated:

“Laying down this showroom marker is an important step as we gear up to the start of production of our first model and prepare to roll it out to our first dealers in Asia and Europe.  Our flagship store design reflects the pioneering design and technology values of a brand that can trace its roots back to 1907 – now revived a little over a century later. The showroom is a visually-arresting and stylish environment where a customized lighting theme literally highlights our ‘pure-electric’ clean power product proposal.”

As for the SP:01, production is expected to begin soon, with deliveries slated to commence sometime before 2015 comes to an end.

“The lightweight SP:01 will be the world’s fastest pure-electric production two-seater sports car when it goes on sale in Asia, Europe and North America next year. The SP:01 features a 285 HP / 210 kW electric motor, carbon fibre body panels and manual transmission as standard. An optional single-speed and twin-speed automatic transmission are also available. The SP:01 promises to deliver blistering acceleration, reaching 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds) and an impressive top speed of 155 mph (249 km/h).

Range is listed at 180 miles / 288 km under NEDC.   Battery pack capacity is listed at 37 kWh. Final pricing is expected to be in the $135,000 range.

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Always good to see a new player in the field of highway-capable plug-in EVs, and I wish them every success. I admit I can’t figure out why they bothered to revive the long-defunct “Detroit Electric” brand. A reference which (for the few who will even recognize the name) brings to mind “Your grandmother’s EV” (or even your great-grandmother’s) isn’t exactly the way to sell cars in the 21st century.

I actually like the name Detroit Electric. I was excited when I first heard about it, and that it was going to be built in Detroit. Now that all of that has changed, and I’m no longer interested that much.


Plus $135K for 37KWH? LOL.

Early on, they talked about re-releasing vehicles the company made during the early 1900’s. I would have __KILLED__ to have an updated Detroit Electric Brougham Model 60.

Now, it’s like they’ve gone overseas, and are trying to be a Tesla Roadster Clone Company.

MEH. Gimme Great-Grandma’s EV any day!!!

Why am I reminded of the 80’s TV show Automan?

It may be available later in North America, but that won’t include America.

It can’t be sold here due to the air bag issue, per my Local Lotus Dealer.

Not saying the will/can do it, but Detroit Electric can apply for a “Temporary Exemption From The
Advanced Air Bag Requirements of FMVSS No. 208” under the substantial economic hardship clause….and could, in theory sell it in the US for a 36 month period/up to 10,000 units.

Basically a “one and done” burn situation for a small automaker, but an option to persue.

Oh ok, I didn’t know that was still in effect. 10,000 in the States would be a lot, if they could find takers at the price they are asking.

I like everything about the car with the exception of the smallish battery,.

It is wider than the Elise, so more upscale buyers will like the car more than the very cramped space I have with mine. Unfortunately, its even more expensive.

Will these offer an DC/quick charging capability?

Let me say that I am one of those guys that simply isn’t happy with automatics, I don’t care how floppy the paddles are and how many speeds or clutches are in the transmission, nothing drives like a manual transmission. But a manual transmission in an EV when nearly all of them are 1-speeds?!? How many gears in a manual trans SP:01? Very curious…

I believe its a standard 4 speed manual.

This explains the 155 mph top speed since the motor doesn’t have to scream.

As far as supercharging, DE has a V2H feature which I doubt many buyers care about, and charging is strictly 32 amps.

I personally don’t care about v2h either, but a 32 amp charger is enough for me. There are no Qc’s of any kind near me currently so I don’t care.

Its the dinky 37 kwh battery that would inhibit the sale for me.

I hate automatic transmissions in ICE vehicles. A manual transmission in a BEV sounds like it would be fun to toss around a track.

vapourware, dead on arrival, nuff said. Who in their right mind would buy this (I assuming they deliver) when you can have a used tesla Roadster, brand new model S P85D or BMW i8.

4 speed manual is standard. Top speed can go to 155 mph without screaming the motor.

No QC , but there isnt any of any kind currently where I live so I don’t need it.

It has v2h, but myself, and few others on this kind of car would need it.

The max charging current was listed as 32 amps which is about what I would want since all the public chargers around here are either 15, 16, 30, or 32. None larger around here, unless you go across the border to Canada. There is one 14 kw charger in east Syracuse in the middle of the state. But I’ve only charged at that rate in my roadster once in 3 3/4 years in the states.

I really hope they are successful, I really do. But how can they hope to sell a 135k car w/worse numbers and range than a Tesla P85D which sells for less at 120k-130k? The P85D has done 0-60 in 3.1secs and has a range of 265miles with a supercharger system in place. I feel bad for these guys.

A 4-speed transmission?

If they actually move the car into production, I wonder if they’ll have the same issue with too much torque for gear-shifting, like Tesla did. OTOH if the problem Tesla had was a large gear ratio gap between the two gears, then a 4-speed should solve that problem.

There is no law saying everyone has to undersize their gearboxes. I believe this is the standard Lotus issue anyway, which was not the original Roadster’s problem since their first try was not a standard Lotus gearbox. Perhaps they should have left the 4 speed and clutch in there as DE apparently has here, and left well enough alone.