Detroit Electric To Build World’s Fastest Production Electric Vehicle In The UK


Detroit Electric now should officially become UK Electric with the startup automaker’s announcement of the following:

“The world’s fastest electric production vehicle is to be built in Leamington Spa…”

“Detroit Electric today unveiled its new production facility and a highly-experienced team that will develop a range of high-performance pure EVs.”

“The brand’s first product, the lightweight, limited-edition SP:01 sports car, will be the world’s fastest production electric vehicle when it goes on sale in European and Asian markets later this year.”

Just how fast is the “world’s fastest electric production vehicle?”  155 MPH apparently, as that’s the top speed listed by Detroit Electric for the SP:01.

We’re Detroit Electric skeptics, so bear with us if we don’t seem enthused by this latest Detroit Electric announcement, from which we’ve highlighted a few points of interest below:

  • SP:01 will set “new standards for performance and handling in the EV segment”
  •  Impressive 155 mph top speed and a 0-60mph time of just 3.7 seconds.
  • dedicated production facility in Leamington Spa, UK
  • The SP:01 will spearhead a diverse family of all-electric production cars, including an electric 2+2 supercar and a sedan model that will be engineered, developed and assembled at a planned facility in Michigan

There were no new details released on the Detroit Electric SP:01, so we’ll just have to recap what we already know below:

The Lotus Exige-based vehicle is all electric, weighing in at 2,403lbs, and has a US-sourced, rear mounted, air-cooled, asynchronous AC electric motor rated at 150 kW (201 hp) and 166lb-ft of torque.

Top speed is claimed to be 155 mph, with a 0-62 mph dash coming up in about 3.7 seconds.  Total range of the car, via two lithium batteries that have a capacity of 37 kWh, is estimated at 180 miles on the Euro-NEDC standard, which (by using our InsideEVs patented decoder ring) works out to about 125-130 miles on the US’s EPA cycle.

Price?  $135,000.  Production?  999 units in total.

Detroit Electric will offer a 30,000 mile manufacturer’s warranty with an optional extension program that will cover owners up to five years and 50,000 miles on the battery.

There’s been no mention of DC fast charge capability.  Charging can occur in as little as 4.3 hours via 240V, 32-amp charger, although the car is limited at 7.7 kW.  A more ‘traditional’ L2 charger would accomplish the task in about 8 hours.

More SP:01 Details Here

Detroit Electric SP:01 Prototype - Super High Res - Click To Enlarge

Detroit Electric SP:01 Prototype – Super High Res – Click To Enlarge

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6 Comments on "Detroit Electric To Build World’s Fastest Production Electric Vehicle In The UK"

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Ocean Railroader

For a $135,000 these cars better have Fast Charging abilities with even regular fast chargers. Other wise they are going to get eaten by a large mouth Bass named Tesla.


Wow – that is just not impressive…the Tesla Roadster did that well, and they were electronically limited to a lower speed, not that the powertrain wasn’t capable of going faster…

“planned facility?” Even Tesla started in an existing facility, though they did get a ridiculous bargain from Toyota on it…


6 years after Tesla already did it and with nearly half the range… not impressive


This is amazing . . . copy Tesla’s Roadster but do it not as good and many years later . . . and ask for more money. This is not going to go well.

999 units is a pretty low bar for success, it is doable. If they accomplish that and then come out with a really nice sedan, it could be a real contest.

This roadster doesn’t need a supercharger network, it’s not a very viable long-distance car, too small, no luggage space.

I wish them all the best and hope it’s just the latest entrant in a long line of EV startups. You can’t win if you don’t play.

Micke Larsson

The roadster is a perfect long-distance car. It would be perfect cruising down to southern France or Croatia during the summer vacations. 🙂