Details On Tesla’s Next Big 8.0 Update – Video/Update



Update 8.0 Coming Soon

Update 8.0 Coming Soon

TechnoBuffalo‘s Tesla Leaks video focuses on the upcoming 8.0 update for the Model S and Model X via information from Electrek.

According to the video:

“Tesla’s next big update will reportedly add some awesome new autopilot features and introduce a redesigned user interface for the dashboard display.”

The timing for the release of the update outside of current beta is unknown, but we figure it’ll go OTA to only a few cars at first, before getting a widespread release.

The video covers most of the expected changes/updates.

Update : a recent detailed leak on 8.0 hit Reddit yesterday (via mat101010)

Some translations from the comments are below. Take all of this with a grain of salt.

  1. The top menu auto-hides like we’ve seen in the Windows 10 UI.

  2. There does not appear to be any App or OS mirroring.

  3. More grayscale, less colors in icons and buttons.

  4. Charging stations can now be toggled on and off like Traffic and Satellite Imagery.

  5. Lots of off-topic chitchat about Tesla’s navigation system being awesome/complete shit

  6. Spotify is super (and not sure if this means anything for US owners)

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Auto hide would suck – nothing worse than a ui that moves around while you are trying to keep your eyes on the road

Werd, I hope it’s something that can be toggled on or off.

I’m counting on more automation friendly, less driver friendly. Something like a police sketch, for a dashboard 😉

I wish they would fix the on screen keyboard so caps lock has 3 states instead of 2. Every other device I’ve ever used turns off caps lock after one letter is typed, but Tesla locks it on or off which is super annoying when you look back to realize you just typed 10 caps chars when you expected only 1. Bring back ability to roll up/down the windows with the keyfob is another one people have requested forever. Also, ability to leave the AC on via car UI instead of having to use your phone (yes, not all Tesla owners have phone data, especially while camping). Don’t think people are clamoring for UI updates…

Lol!! Caps LOCK is of course LOCKING.

The functionality you incorrectly claim “everyone else” implements for CAPSLOCK is in fact SHIFT…

and what happened to changing the Linux system to Google and allowing more app downloading?

I didn’t follow the video and other comments about it hugging one side of the lane. Mine stays very centered on my 3400 mile roadtrip a few weeks back.

I saw another video where that off-center thing was fixed in 7.1.