Details On Tesla Model 3 Viewing On June 2


Lunch. Q&A. Who cares. When will the Tesla Model 3 be shown. We’ve got the answer.

Over the weekend, news broke of Tesla showing the Model 3 at its private VIP Factory Tour of its Fremont on June 2 and 3.

We’ve now uncovered (via Teslarati) a bit more information on the Model 3 viewing.

Attendees of the event have been sent itineraries, which lists the “Exclusive Model 3 viewing” for 10:30, Tesla time PDT, obviously.

The full itinerary (via Teslarati) is listed below:

7:30 AM: Shuttle departure from Hotel Zetta San Francisco
9:00 AM: Arrival at Tesla Factory
9:00 AM: VIP Factory Tour
10:30 AM: Exclusive Model 3 viewing
12:00 PM: Gourmet lunch
1:00 PM: Q&A with Franz von Holzhausen
2:00 PM: Shuttle departure from Tesla Factory
3:30 PM: Expected arrival in San Francisco

Once the event is over, we of course will have a full recap of the happenings, and hopefully (but not likely thanks to those pesky NDAs) some pictures of a production-intent Model 3.

Tesla Invite Model 3 Viewing

Source: Teslarati

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7 responses to "Details On Tesla Model 3 Viewing On June 2"
  1. William says:

    Terrific News! That is going to be a great time had by all!

  2. Delta says:

    I already have mine but I wonder if this will give another boost to Model 3 reservations.

    Elon could announce a Model 3 2020 reservation for half price 500 USD.

    1. Or, a ‘Second String’ option, for “I’m interested, but I can Wait” – for $100-$250!

      Make it convertable to the First String Reservation, for the Balance of the $1000 to be paid covered, up to the day before it Ships to your State/Province, or Country, for the date that you made your 1st payment, like a person paid to hold a spot in line for you!

      Convert After that deadline, your reservation date equals when you paid the Balance of the $1000 remaining!

  3. ffbj says:

    Stock completely off the chain. Incredible $325. So I guess those recent calls by notables for a crash of 40% are just delayed, as first it had to go up 20%.
    The nightmare continues…

    1. georgeS says:

      325!! incredible.

      So I’m assuming Steven Loveday will be there with his daughter and so we will have incredible coverage of this event.

      Jay? Yes?

      1. ffbj says:

        This could be related to the evolving giant super-charger concept. (GSC). A sea change in philosophy. Whereas originally the sc system was meant as charging points between cities, now with the coming Model 3, a probably a realization that it is one the major selling points of the vehicle.

        So GSC 20 or more stalls in urban areas are coming. I for one thought that the original strategy was almost complete, but Musk is anything but pedantic. He evolves.
        So a thousand new superchargers (stalls) in CA this year, seems incredible.

        Stock hit intraday high at $326.59

        1. georgeS says:

          “So GSC 20 or more stalls in urban areas are coming.”

          Yes it seems tesla said that. …kind of surprises me since they want to discourage close to home charging., but I guess they could just specify a radius around your home address where you should not charge.