Details On Tesla Model 3 Viewing On June 2


Lunch. Q&A. Who cares. When will the Tesla Model 3 be shown. We’ve got the answer.

Over the weekend, news broke of Tesla showing the Model 3 at its private VIP Factory Tour of its Fremont on June 2 and 3.

We’ve now uncovered (via Teslarati) a bit more information on the Model 3 viewing.

Attendees of the event have been sent itineraries, which lists the “Exclusive Model 3 viewing” for 10:30, Tesla time PDT, obviously.

The full itinerary (via Teslarati) is listed below:

7:30 AM: Shuttle departure from Hotel Zetta San Francisco
9:00 AM: Arrival at Tesla Factory
9:00 AM: VIP Factory Tour
10:30 AM: Exclusive Model 3 viewing
12:00 PM: Gourmet lunch
1:00 PM: Q&A with Franz von Holzhausen
2:00 PM: Shuttle departure from Tesla Factory
3:30 PM: Expected arrival in San Francisco

Once the event is over, we of course will have a full recap of the happenings, and hopefully (but not likely thanks to those pesky NDAs) some pictures of a production-intent Model 3.

Tesla Invite Model 3 Viewing

Source: Teslarati

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Terrific News! That is going to be a great time had by all!

I already have mine but I wonder if this will give another boost to Model 3 reservations.

Elon could announce a Model 3 2020 reservation for half price 500 USD.

Or, a ‘Second String’ option, for “I’m interested, but I can Wait” – for $100-$250!

Make it convertable to the First String Reservation, for the Balance of the $1000 to be paid covered, up to the day before it Ships to your State/Province, or Country, for the date that you made your 1st payment, like a person paid to hold a spot in line for you!

Convert After that deadline, your reservation date equals when you paid the Balance of the $1000 remaining!

Stock completely off the chain. Incredible $325. So I guess those recent calls by notables for a crash of 40% are just delayed, as first it had to go up 20%.
The nightmare continues…

325!! incredible.

So I’m assuming Steven Loveday will be there with his daughter and so we will have incredible coverage of this event.

Jay? Yes?

This could be related to the evolving giant super-charger concept. (GSC). A sea change in philosophy. Whereas originally the sc system was meant as charging points between cities, now with the coming Model 3, a probably a realization that it is one the major selling points of the vehicle.

So GSC 20 or more stalls in urban areas are coming. I for one thought that the original strategy was almost complete, but Musk is anything but pedantic. He evolves.
So a thousand new superchargers (stalls) in CA this year, seems incredible.

Stock hit intraday high at $326.59

“So GSC 20 or more stalls in urban areas are coming.”

Yes it seems tesla said that. …kind of surprises me since they want to discourage close to home charging., but I guess they could just specify a radius around your home address where you should not charge.