Details On UK Sites For Tesla Superchargers Leak Out


One Supercharger Listed As Under Construction In UK

One Supercharger Listed As Under Construction In UK

Tiny Leaked Image Of Supercharger Network - No This One can't Be Enlarged

Tiny Leaked Image Of Supercharger Network – No This One can’t Be Enlarged

On June 7, the first right-hand-drive Tesla Model S is expected to be delivered in the UK.

Ahead of that delivery, we discovered a leaked graphic (tiny image on the right) showing where Tesla intends to first deploy Superchargers in the UK.

When coupled with the map above showing the only “under construction” Tesla Supercharger in the UK and the Tesla map below, which displays approximate Supercharger sites via a blue travel line, we get a near complete look at where the future UK Superchargers will be located.

Further down below is a rather decent UK road map to assist you in more precisely locating the UK’s future Superchargers.

Lastly, we expect there to only be 5 or so Superchargers located in the UK in the short term (from now through the end of 2015).

Tesla's "Coming Soon" Supercharger Map For Europe

Tesla’s “Coming Soon” Supercharger Map For Europe

UK Map

UK Map

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Tesla on their website is already showing exact locations of planned superchargers in Europe.

By this coming winter, UK will have 8 of them installed

The distribution of planned chargers in Europe seems very odd to me but I suppose they know what they are doing!

Odd in what way?

Very dense in some areas and sparse in others. Also one near the coast in the UK. I can see the use of that for people coming through the tunnel but didn’t think it would be high priority.

I think it looks pretty good with interesting markets covered and also where those people might go on longer distance travels.

The charger by the tunnel is a given one to connect UK with the mainland.

Any specific non-dense areas that you think should be covered sooner?

The only thing I’m a bit surprised over is not including acouple superchargers around Prague to make vacation travel there easily avaliable.
And maybe not covering the coast in Spain with 4-5 chargers to get people down to their vacation homes there.

In the UK, Tesla is trying to open Superchargers at locations where the landowners have already signed over exclusive rights to Ecotricity to operate EV chargers. Ecotricity has a network of EV chargers located at highway service stations, and Tesla is trying to open Superchargers at six of the “best-located” sites. Ecotricity is seeking an injunction against Tesla.

I’ve seen this and it saddens me. They really should just share the sites. There’s really not the space in the UK to do this kind of thing. Ecotricity and Tesla superchargers at every UK motorway services would make a really nice network, and that’s what they should both plan to do, together.

If the article is to be believed, Tesla didn’t even ask Ecotricity about renting/sharing space at the sites even though the two companies were in a partnership to help Tesla build a charging network across UK motorways. Instead Elon Musk pulled a Vladimir Putin and told Ecotricity that he is annexing several of their sites.

Tesla is doing no such thing.

As Ecotricity does not own those sites.

Tesla is going directly to the owners to make a better offer.

Ecotricity had already started to build Tesla chargers in at least two locations (South Mimms and Hopwood). The evidence is there.

So they were working together. All ‘types’ of charger would have been there, on the one site.

However it seems that then Tesla decided they want to go it alone, have exclusive rights, and get rid of Ecotricity together with all other types of EV charging at ‘their’ chosen sights.

I love how their map shows how far into the ocean you can drive

If by that you mean “hop onto a ferry boat and ride it across”, then you are correct. You can “drive” pretty far into the ocean. 😛

Channel tunnel too.

In both cases there is no real driving, you drive onto a ferry or a train, which then takes you across. Great for extending your range since the car is idle dring the crossing.

(wonder if the Tesla nav system will take that into account?)