Details On Upcoming EV Trophy Rally In Europe – Video

MAY 17 2017 BY MARK KANE 1

The Electric Marathon International is gearing up for the 2017 EV Trophy scheduled for May 24 – June 1.  An event that will cover around 2,500 km (1,550 miles) through six countries in Europe.

2017 EV Trophy

The route begins in Copenhagen, Denmark and leads through Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Monaco.

The calendar of the rally is as follows:
May 24: Copenhagen – Aarhus;
May 25: Aarhus– Hamburg;
May 26: Hamburg – Nijmegen;
May 27: Nijmegen – Essen;
May 28: Essen – Freiburg;
May 29: Freiburg – Bellinzona;
May 30: Bellinzona – Torino – Cuneo;
May 31: Cuneo – Monaco.

The awarding ceremony will take place on June 1 in Monaco.

The rally is open to participants competing over the entire distance and for those, who would like to join the rally at any stage.

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Previous editions:

  • 2016 Lviv – Monte Carlo
  • 2015 Kyiv – Monte Carlo
  • 2013 Saint Petersburg – Monte Carlo
  • 2012 Tallinn – Monte Carlo
  • 2011 Tallinn – Monte Carlo

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Nice to see something that could create more public awareness.

At this stage of EV revolution it is crucial to educate the masses. Most people I talk to in real life (not in this EV advocate bubble) still are not aware of what EV are capable of.

Some still don’t even know that they could recharge them at home their garage!

I wish the marathon would have included Belgium, Luxembourg and France just to increase the number of countries covered and higher number of participants.

Yet I see that especially in Germany there is a strong need to counteract the classic ICE producers anti EV propaganda.

I hope for many participants and strong (mainstream) media coverage. Go EVolution go!