Details On Mullen 700e – Range Of 180 Miles, Optional 50 kWh Pack Delivers Over 200 Miles

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Coda Sedan Gets Rebirth As Mullen 700e

Coda Sedan Gets Rebirth As Mullen 700e

According to further research done by the AutoblogGreen team, a company called Mullen Technologies really would like to bring the CODA Sedan back to life.

The previous try took $400 million to sell about 100 units of the Coda Sedan, so this will be a tricky rebirth; but maybe it’s worth a try.

The new Mullen 700e will be assembled in China instead of California, with the same battery cell supplier (Lishen) on board again. Production could reportedly be started as early as 3 months from now.

US production come return at some later point in time, provided volume sales occur and incentives are offered to build it in the U.S.

The battery pack will be enlarged from 31 kWh to 40 kWh and there are plans for a 50 kWh version too. Range would then be 180 and 200 miles.

“Other difference include 16-inch low rolling resistance tires (instead of 17-inch low profile tires) and undercladding on the back end. Those changes turn the original 125-mile car into a 150-mile car, Curtis said, and with the new 40-kWh pack, it’s over 180 miles. With the 50 kWh, that jumps to over 200 miles. Curtis also said that he was going to look at revised design sketches for the new vehicle during the show and that, “When we finally go into production, we’ll have a new front and back.”

Price tag in the US should be similar to original CODA, which was $44,900 and later reduced to $39,900.

Source: AutoblogGreen

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They’re on crack. No one wants it.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Curtis also said that he was going to look at revised design sketches for the new vehicle during the show and that, “When we finally go into production, we’ll have a new front and back.”

I’d certainly hope so! That car would have been too generic-looking 20 years ago. Also, with that battery size it needs a decent 0-60 in the high 7s or better. Plus, 5-star crash safety from all the certifying agencies. Oh, and 10kW L2 charging and DC quick charging as well.

Low or no quality is going to kill them again.

I really think they better overall the looks of the car and make it able to get a good crash rating in the US. Other wise they won’t sell it. But I think most likely they are going to sell most of these cars in China to Chinese buyers.

Going to kill buyers, most likely.

if tesla pays extra taxes to import cars into china. would chinese made cars be subject to same taxes when sold in US?

No. Not that it’s fair, but no such tariff exists for cars imported into the US, assuming they meet US safety standards.

Consider the competition available, who would buy this car?

No one, unless they can price is super cheap. Think Kia pre-2008. Can’t win on quality, so price it is.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

It kinda looks like a early-2000s Kia Optima actually!

The kind of people who are too offended by the looks of the i3, calmer looks of the LEAF, or even of the hardly imaginative styling of an e-Golf. That would ultimately limit the Coda… Mullen to a narrow audience.

I’m interested by its battery size, any one would if they didn’t have the exact funds for a 60kwh Model S. It has and breaks through the mystical 100 mile range which is what so many have hounded for. The real deal breaker the Coda (ahem, Mullen) would have would be the lack of rapid charging. I have no memory if it had or will have a rapid plug. Such a large capacity should take advantage of that or would suffer longer and less appealing charges on paper.

Anything else, it deserves a proper suspension. For its looks, that there is definitely set in stone!

Looks like I was right about a car being built in China beating Tesla to the 150 mile range plus fruit punch. The reason why I say this is that Tesla has been yacking on and on about a 200 mile range EV but they keep pushing it back. Now in this case you have a car company in China that is going to release a 150 mile range EV for the coveted $40,000 dollar car price tag.

Granted I didn’t say if it had to be a high high tech car or a impressive looking car to do it. But the fact that it has such a large battery pack at 40 kilowatts to 50 kilowatts should at least be able to get it a 180 mile range.

We should see what the EPA certified number is before Mullen starts popping the Champagne corks.

Coda was a bit optimistic the last time around.

Well, we can use our Rithmetic and guesstimate…

The original Coda had 88 miles EPA. They say some efficiency improvements will add 25% (btw, I’m totally with them on smaller tires, e.g., to my knowledge the main reason SUVs are such gas guzzlers is their outsized wheels). Let’s say 20% just to be a tad less ambitious.

88 + 18 (20%-ish) = 106

Now increase battery by ~30% but again let’s say they gain only 25% in range:

106 + 26 = 132 miles for the 40 KWh model.

Not 180 miles, not by a long shot. But getting to that sweet spot (120-150 mile range), in which you probably don’t have to worry about filling up every night, and in which (assuming they add a ChaDeMo) road-trips start becoming nearly as convenient as ICE, without the battery being too expensive.

Of course, they now have a negative legacy to shake off. Perhaps better luck selling it in China?

Is WallMart going to sell this?

A 50 kwh, 220 mile range sedan will certainly find buyers if its at the right price.

The question should be are they going to sell these EVs via a traditional franchise dealership model or a direct sales model like Tesla?

Nice to see that someone besides Tesla is trying to build a long range EV.

Well I wish them luck. Even if they have the range they need to cut the price & add a fast charger to the car. It will be hard to fight the stigma of being a China car. If they can under cut the major car companies and last 5 to 8 years in losses to get their foot in the door to prove they have a good product then they might have a chance. Just remember the Japanese invasion didn`t happen overnight.

Today electric cars probably are not competitive in sub 50 000 dollar price category. Therefore we probably need more expensive all electric luxury cars that cost around 100 000 dollars.

However, if they have resilient enough batteries, they may be able to offer it for fleets like BYD is offering their e6 to serve as electric taxi-cabs. This market should be sizeable with good marketing.

have a 2013 coda in ny awesome vehicle anyone who bashes this vehicle has contempt prior to investigation