New Tesla Model 3 Touchscreen Video With Even More Details

Tesla Model 3


As promised, Joe Torbati from OCDetailing gets into even more detail with the Tesla Model 3 touchscreen.

Just the other day we shared a Tesla Model 3 walkaround video made by OCDetailing (a luxury car detailing shop in Fremont, California). Now, we have video number two, with a close-up look at the Model 3 touch-screen infotainment system.

Editor’s Note/update:  As with many Tesla Model 3 videos, here again another one has gone offline/mysteriously disappeared. As always, we will attempt to re-acquire the feed.  Update 2: And we have run down another copy – enjoy it while you can!

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Touchscreen

First of all, Joe says that, like most people, he was concerned about the screen distracting him from safely driving the car. However, he admits that he was wrong. Joe explains that the screen is not an issue. It’s crystal clear, has great graphics, and is easy to use and intuitive. Joe shared that overall Tesla has done an outstanding job with it.

Joe speaks to being able to reach the screen easily without taking his eyes off the road. He spends some time showing how the Model 3’s HVAC system is set up and how it’s controlled via the screen. He equates it to playing a video game.

Joe also takes the time to go through the infotainment system’s various menus. He covers the rearview camera, charging settings, steering column buttons, steering mode, and regenerative braking, among other key features.

Video Description via OCDetailing on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 – First Look at the Touchscreen – OCDetailing®

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Big deal! Only people have no idea about electronics would be amazed. This is kiddie play compared to industrial electronics and control!

You obviously do not own a crappy Nissan Leaf.

But you get the BIG HONKING NIGHT LIGHT with every purchase.

Tesla’s continued efforts to suppress videos of the Model 3’s (unfinished) UI is so bush league. Maybe if you released a FINISHED car, you wouldn’t have to be running around trying to preserve your precious NDA!

For anyone wanting to preserve these videos, please download them locally. Tesla’s North Korean regime-like info suppression campaign will not be successful. 😉

OMG. Tesla is slowly rolling these cars out w limited functionality, however has a strong track record with OTA updates… unlike the Bolt. I’d rather have a Tesla with core functionality knowing that updates will continue to improve the UI as was demonstrated with their S vs waiting another year.

At least the Bolt shipped with a fully polished, operational UI that wasn’t shrouded in secrecy (well, not much of a secret anymore) like the Model 3’s. And AM/FM/XM radio, streaming bluetooth capability, Android Auto/Apple Carplay, etc etc.

In fact, it was deemed “best interface of any EV” in this article:

& yet I hear reports and youtube videos of Bolt owners complaining about frozen UI’s, carplay not being recognized and random reboots. Bolt’s been out almost a year. How many OTA software updates have they released?

At least those videos weren’t forcibly removed by GM like Tesla is doing with these Model 3 UI videos. Lol

If such a video were posted by a GM employee, I promise you it would be taken down.

bro — I hope you got all that whining about FM and bluetooth out while you could. Because like I predicted, it is a non-story:

“Tesla confirmed to Jalopnik that the current crop of Model 3s do not have FM radio enabled. However, the company also confirmed that feature, and Bluetooth audio streaming, will be made available soon via an over-the-air software update.”

An honest fellow would admit they made a big deal out of nothing. You aren’t that kind of fellow….

Bolt owner here. UI works fine. It also has physical buttons & far more steering wheel controls.

For full disclosure, I have had the Bolt display lock up on me once. I also have had the Android Auto not connect before, which may have been a problem with my phone more than the Bolt. It is extremely rare & doesn’t detract from the overall use of the vehicle — which is why I said the UI works fine.

Another Bolt owner here. 3 UI freezes in 6 months not a big deal but would be nice if they corrected that. I’m sure M3 will have it’s share of issues too if not more.

I had my Bolt recently freeze into showing only the rear view camera, even though going forward at 30mph. Actually kinda interesting!

If you ever figure out how to activate that bug on demand, please share it.

That is the $64 question. The backup cam thing was a rare quirk. I have had:

1. Lockup on inserting charger.
2. Lockup on start (of car).
3. Pressing the radio off button (silence radio) results in blank screen for about 5 minutes.
4. Inserting android phone locks up android phone (most likely googles fault).

Those are mine. The bolt forum has a lot of these.

Maybe they’ll fix it in the next OTA update. Oh yeah… never mind.

They don’t seem to release OTA updates despite the system having the capability. They have released updates. But definitely going in to a dealer to get it is a hassle.

Why? Is this part of their contract with the dealers? Everything has to go through them?

I think you’re confusing the Model 3 shipping to employees and company owners, and Model 3 that isn’t publicly released yet. Calm down, it’s still baking, they aren’t trying to give it to commoners yet.

Tesla can’t have their cake and eat it too. Since the Model 3’s obviously weren’t production ready, why go through the sham of a “delivery party” that count towards actual sales numbers, and not an actual pre-production testing phase that almost all other major manufacturers perform? That have employees driving around pre-production units that are not quite ready for production.

Oh, because Tesla needs to keep that TSLA stock valuation up! So they will do whatever it takes, to include sham delivery parties of a “production ready” car.

As a software guy, I can tell you why. The main design characteristic of the M3 is that “everything is controlled by the computer”. Its a real leap forward (or perhaps backward, depending on how you feel) in design.

One characteristic of that is that most issues and improvements can be downloaded after the car has already shipped. This makes the car much like a piece of software. And they are treating it just like software, including a beta release to a close circle of customers.

It makes every kind of sense in the software world.

I actually kinda like that, except it looks like they are taking more an Apple route (minimalist) instead of an Android route (more open, customization friendly). Give me more screens and buttons, so I can display what I want, where I want & press what I want!

bro said: “Tesla can’t have their cake and eat it too. Since the Model 3’s obviously weren’t production ready, why go through the sham of a “delivery party” that count towards actual sales numbers…” Yes they can have their cake and eat it too. This is because they have the ability to simply OTA update their cars to resolve punch list items they know they are still working on. OTA is like a magical cake machine that serves cake to Tesla all the time. Why did they take money from people and sell them cars? Because all the parties involved agreed to those terms, knowing that Tesla would address any issues that came up. And it works great. Instead of wasting money on a fleet of test cars that they ultimately have to destroy under federal regs, they build cars that they sell for real money and never have to destroy. It is a massively better way of doing the exact same thing that other car companies do, with less waste, less destruction, and happier employees and a better profit. Win-win-win. Why are you so stuck on the old way that needlessly wastes cars that have to be destroyed as… Read more »

“At least the Bolt shipped with a fully polished, operational UI ”

Obviously you don’t drive one. The UI is known for crashing.

“Obviously you don’t drive one”

Lol. Obviously, you don’t read this site much.
I’ve only not driven one for over 10,000 miles now.
I’ve had the UI crash once early on. Got an update applied to it, and it hasn’t crashed since.

Then you are lucky. You don’t speak for all bolt owners. See the bolt forum.

And YOU also don’t speak for all Bolt owners. So stop trying to apply your personal experiences and act like they apply to all Bolt owners.

Yo, he told you to see the Bolt forum so you can hear from other Bolt owners…what’s the problem? Your precious Bolt can’t stand criticism?

Look bro! It it’s fairly well known that Tesla wanted to do an ironing out process during initial deliveries to employees and their relatives. So their attempts to control what may be incomplete or incorrect information is QUITE understandable. Your feigned surprise and hyperbolic outrage, isn’t exactly fooling anyone, especially on this site!


I’m also getting really tired of bro1999’s divided-and-conquered mentality, widely on display both here and at

Bro: we’re all on the same side here, please stop trying to seek out and leverage differences of opinion! M3 and Bolt both have their good and bad points, but you seem to be working extraordinarily hard to focus exclusively on the negatives of one, and on the positives of the other.

That bitterness is extremely tiresome, not enlightening to any of the regulars, and can scare off those who come around simply seeking info.

So please, go into the woods and scream your lungs out or something, but get this negativity out of your system, and try to refocus on the fact that we’re all on the same side of the EV issue! Use your powers for good!

I admit to being a Bolt fan & critical of the Model 3. I also admit we are on the same side, wanting to see electric cars succeed.

I want Telsa to do better, though. They are “the” EV leader, but yet make so many controversial decisions, including their designs.

It gets frustrating when Tesla fans love Tesla for anything they do, much like loving Apple for removing the headphone jack.

Don’t let EV leaders get away with poor decisions. The Model 3 is mostly great for its access to the supercharging network (which is Tesla’s crown jewel), but as a car, is full of controversial (and in my opinion, poor) design & release decisions.

Yet you don’t speak out when Tesla fanboys attack and mock the Chevy Bolt. Why the silence? And why do Tesla fanboys do that if “we’re all on the same side here”?

Is America now the land of the NDA, home of the silenced? What are you, a commie? If you like being “controlled” so much, perhaps you should move to communist North Korea, and change you screen name “comrade floydboy.”

Look, another new re-registered username of an existing hater/shorter/troll who is too cowardly to post their anti-Tesla FUD under their existing username.

Yes let’s suppress our rights on property (3) and praise the all mightty tesla and son Elon

***mod edit (staff)***

Just so you understand why your post was edited/removed: InsideEVs does not vet the worthiness of content posters on YouTube, just the value of the content itself to our readers. You may not agree, but we would ask you to kindly leave it at that.
***mod edit***

You guys complain that Tesla is suppressing information, but then look what happened to the last video! OMG it has no FM radio! OMG it can’t connect to your phone!

Go over to seeking Alpha and see what the short sellers are doing with your little “leaks” and then tell me Tesla is being overly secretive.

If Tesla wasn’t trying to suppress the info, it probably wouldn’t be as big a deal.

Or if they released their own videos of the UI, or a public statement admitting some features aren’t ready yet, but will definitely be ready by the time non-employees start taking delivery. Would that be so hard?

Instead, they maintain a cone of silence and perform their North Korean-esque information suppression campaign, making them look extremely bad in the process.


Agreed. A little honesty by Tesla on the readiness of the Model 3 would go a long way. Suppressing videos, etc on a presumably *production* car is un-American.

I’m all for the protection of an NDA on pre-production/prototype/concept cars, but not on a production vehicle.

Let’s a put a number to the value of the inconveniences that a non-fully-baked Model 3 caused you. If they give you a discount of a hundred dollars as compensation for until ‘xm radio’ comes online, would you take it and shut up?

There’s no way to know who is taking these down. Sometimes you get overamped fanboys clicking the “video is offensive” button instead.

It’s pretty clear Tesla wants these up now. After the last video if Tesla didn’t want a Fremont detailer posting these videos they would have already pressured him to stop posting more.

SOMEONE pressured him, and he deleted it. The video currently linked was posted by someone else.

It looks like a good solution to the issue I’ve seen raised, regarding fan/vent control: I’d be surprised if an owner spends appreciably more time & effort to change settings, after the initial familiarization period.

No FM radio? Full wiper controls not on the stalk. Epic fail.

How would you know that?

Yes FM radio, yes to bluetooth:

“Tesla confirmed to Jalopnik that the current crop of Model 3s do not have FM radio enabled. However, the company also confirmed that feature, and Bluetooth audio streaming, will be made available soon via an over-the-air software update.”

Are those “full” wiper controls, though? I’d consider “full” wiper controls to set things like wiper speed & interval time. Oh wait, the Model 3 doesn’t have interval wipers? Maybe then it is all the “full” wiper controls you can have.

Again, HOW do you know it doesn’t!

The common consensus appears it doesn’t have interval wipers. Not sure if is has been confirmed, though. It doesn’t appear to have controls for speed or interval on that stalk, regardless. Hopefully it does have interval wipers, but when your missing things you’d just expect, like FM radio, I wouldn’t be surprised the Model 3 didn’t have interval wipers.

A “common consensus” does NOT mean it doesn’t! I tell you what, let’s definitively find out if it doesn’t before we jump! There may be a parachute in there after all?!

You are right, it doesn’t mean it is not there. It doesn’t mean it is there either. The stalk control doesn’t show interval settings like you’d expect, though, that is known for sure.

Guess what, my model S doesn’t have interval wipers. Auto, yes but not interval/intermittent

I think that what you have proven is that “common consensus” among a bunch of folks that post anti-Tesla stuff is probably the WORST predictor of reality. More likely than not, the wiper is a non-issue, just like we’ve learned that the FM and bluetooth is a non-issue:

“Tesla confirmed to Jalopnik that the current crop of Model 3s do not have FM radio enabled. However, the company also confirmed that feature, and Bluetooth audio streaming, will be made available soon via an over-the-air software update.”

The failure rate is so high among those who post anti-Tesla BS, that it is a wonder that anybody takes anything they say seriously.

LMFAO, so says the serial anti-Tesla loser troll Alexays who has been at it for years:

I wish he would slow down, and specifically explain exactly which functions can map to the steering wheel buttons/rollers, and how they map. The statement “any function can be mapped”, isn’t satisfying.

You only have 2 scroll wheels on the Model 3. The Bolt, for example, has buttons dedicated for station up & down, volume up & down, cruise control adjustments, heated steering wheel, phone controls & cluster display control. Good luck assigning all of that to two scrollwheels on a Model 3.

Why on earth would you try to assign all that to the buttons when you have DEDICATED CONTROLS for those functions!

… because the physical buttons on your steering wheel are much easier to access & press compared to a floating screen you have to look away to see?

Just curious, did you actually watch the video?

Because one of the main takeaways i got from it was that the guy doing the video expected the screen to be distracting to use, but was surprised to find it wasn’t.

The UI seems to have been designed to facilitate keeping the driver’s attention on the road while using the screen.

Yeah, I watched it. He wasn’t driving. Hard to claim it isn’t distracting while parked. The point is, it will be more distracting than proper, dedicated buttons on your steering wheel. How distracted are you OK with drivers being while setting common controls?

Since he’s the one actually doing it, I’ll defer to his judgement currently, as opposed to someone who obviously appears to have an axe to grind!

Don’t forget he said “Tesla’s will be driving themselves soon!” when he was talking about distracted driving, which means there is some distraction present in using the screen that he thinks will be solved by the expensive, optional & not realized autonomous features. Also remember, it may not be “completely” distracting to use the screen, but more than dedicated, physical buttons — something other models have no problem providing.

I’ve been driving for 40 years, and I have yet to touch a button or screen without at least taking a moment to glance at what I’m touching. My take on this, is that glancing over at a screen next to your hand, is NOT the end of the world!

… but now you have to do it for just about everything, even checking your speed.

Since it’s near the same height as the top of the steering wheel and plastered in big bold numerals, I don’t see that as a major hassle.

Honestly, I see that as the most minor complaint… but look at that range meter! How small is that to easily glance at?

My Bolt not only has a big, bold speedometer right in my dash, but a big green tower showing my battery level.

Tesla Model 3s are not cheap, it just seems so wrong to make these compromises with it.

Why would you need range to be front and center and huge when range won’t be an issue 95% of the time? Most folks will drive their TM3 day after day after day knowing they will never get anywhere near running out of juice.

One Example: HVAC Air Adjustment

To redirect airflow on the Model 3 it is clear you have to grow accustom to:
1) Press the right button to get to the right screen
2) Use a completely new UX method to get the air where you want it
3) Gets more complicated if you include changing temperature and fan speed

Most UX designers and auto manufacturers try to separate HVAC from other functions for a reason. There is a history of UI design for the automotive industry and there should be a compelling reason to change an established approach.

When a truck splashes dirty road water on my windscreen at 70km, I reflexively know what to do in most cars (owned or rented) without much thought.

It will be interesting to see how Tesla addresses those use cases. I do feel many are judging Tesla engineers / designers prematurely.

While a strong supporter of Tesla, I find it sad to see so many Tesla fans getting hostile at people with legitimate UX concerns.

The rationale for the Industrial Design and User Interface development choices made by Tesla for the Model 3 is still not fully understood by many. Changes the status quo is always difficult.

Believe me MotoEV, as a Tesla fan myself, I am MORE than willing to answer or debate what may be valid concerns, but some here are NOT concerned! They are, by the very definition of the term, trolling!

Assigning nefarious motives, when perfectly reasonable ones exist. Making questionable comparisons based on incomplete or even NO information. Hyperbolic or incorrect assertions given as to why things are being done a certain way, in direct contravention to Tesla’s explanation as to why they’re doing it a certain way.(Essentially, Tesla’s lying, I know the truth)

Yeah that stuff combined with some of the commenters here posting histories, have TROLL written all over them!

I’m very happy to debate, back up my arguments & not resort to ad hominem attacks (e.g. writing someone off as a troll & ignoring the underlying argument). Hopefully it will allow us to come together and demand more from our EV leaders.

Believe me justanotherguy50, if you look at my post history, you’ll see that I do not toss that moniker around lightly. But it is quite apparent that some here ARE vehemently opposed to Tesla and its supporters.

So you are perfectly fine that Tesla is forcing people to take down videos of how the Model 3’s UI works? Remember, this car has been “delivered” and starting counting towards sales for 2 MONTHS now. What other major manufacturer has required an NDA to take ownership of a supposed production-ready car, and tried to suppress any and all information about, of all things, the user interface??

I’m more impressed that they can actually do that 🙂

Bro1999, if, and I do mean IF, you’re genuinely interested in why Tesla doesn’t want information to get out yet, then all you have to do is go back to how Tesla is doing the roll out.

Selling the car to employees and main investors close to the factory first! Why? Because as Mr Musk iterated ad nauseum, To Iron Out Any Deficiencies In The Cars BEFORE Getting them To The General Public!

Therefore, what you may be seeing here, especially with regard to software completion may not be all there is, hence the NDA. Now, SOME(especially those with an axe to grind with Tesla and its supporters) may not like the way this is being done. So as with all things, SO BE IT. But Musk DID make it quite clear that Tesla was going to do it this way.

Now, for those who did not know, now you do. As for those who did and feign shock, well, I need NOT even say it.

Bingo kdawg.

For example HVAC fan speed. Someone said only 2 speeds. I bet it is infinitely variable on the steering wheel but he just glossed over it.

If it is the same as my S HVAC fan speed WILL be on the steering wheel. I have mine programmed as such.

So fan speed up/down programmed on one wheel. What is on the other? Here’s features I use a lot in my Volt steering wheel controls.

Volume up/down
Cruise control speed up/down
Next track

Can these be programmed into your Model S, as well as the fan speed up/down?

I watched a couple vids on the Tesla Model S steering wheel buttons. That wheel has 4 more buttons that the Model 3 does. However the Model 3 roller wheel looks like it has arrows for side-to-side selection, so that adds a twist.

OMG the HVAC fan speed is only 2 speeds??!!!!

I am going to run and post this on reddit!

More details from another Model 3 delivery:

No AUX jack as well. But who needs an AUX jack when you can stream music via bluetoo—–wait, nevermind. Lol

No Teslas have AUX jacks.

You don’t believe he was in any way actually concerned by that do you?

Who cares? Add it to the rumor list..

I love the “hey, Teslas will be driving themselves!” cop-out. Yeah, for thousands of dollars & once it is realized. Not everyone will afford or want that luxury & will still need full attention to the road.

According to the reddit link I posted right above, Autopilot is NOT enabled on Model 3’s currently being delivered. WTF?

That is the beauty of having such a great OTA system, you can release significantly incomplete cars & say “hey, checks in the mail!”

Geez, that MUST mean it’s going to be permanently Autopilotless like the Bolt! WTF? Look, even if you’re not swishing them, you at least gotta get close to the rim! LOL!

It takes a long time to train and Tesla didn’t bother to delay releasing it in order to do so.

They in fact even disavowed and removed (temporarily) their rear-end collision prevention so they could keep shipping cars.

“I drive these all the time, because I am picking them up and delivering them for customers”…

He is talking about Model 3s? That would be big news…

IEV needs to take it easy on these Tesla videos. Some of the regular trolls are scratching their eyes out trying to find imaginary flaws. I’m seriously worried for their health. Take Bro for example, he probably lost a few pounds this last 2 weeks from all the stress.

It is becoming obvious that bro1999-troll posts is an insecure and mentally ill troll as he continues to carpet-bomb all Tesla threads with his pathetic, whining FUD.

Meanwhile, I will continue to drive my Bolt knowing that it exists BECAUSE of Tesla’s pressure on GM into competing in the compelling BEV space.

And now that Tesla pressure is starting to get the German OEMs to pivot towards PEVs too.

I for one consider this a win/win for both us in the EV community and the planet.

The truth hurts sometimes. Especially for you TSLA fanbois clutching that TSLA stock trying to inflate it higher and higher.

Can we please see a change in site rules to prohibit calling people trolls? The problem is the anti-troll trolls generate at least as much chaff as the trolls now.

This place is turning into a viper pit where everyone is so busy sniping each other they don’t talk about the story at all.

Hey unlucky, Just figured I’d wade in here. It is the topic at hand, because it is “charged” (and people have some very strong opinions on the subject), that you tend to see this sort of thread. It really is an impossible thing to moderate, especially for tone and content (I will note that 16 comments have actually been pulled from this thread you aren’t seeing, so it could be worse – they were on the way-over-the-top, language and/or slander side of things though). Just to explain the issue – from the “other side” of things: If you’ll note, there is already ~70 comments in under 4 hours…or one every ~3-4 minutes. Therefore in order to moderate JUST this thread to a dull roar (if that was what we were looking to do), someone working at IEV would effectively have to sit in front of a terminal for the next 24 hours, refreshing the comments every 5 mins or so. …and the reward for doing that? There would be a dozen or so regular posters probably really annoyed, and debating us on why ‘their’ post was deemed moderated, even if it was only deleted as part of a sub-string (because… Read more »

But it’s apparently ok to call someone a mentally ill troll.

Good to know!

This is exactly the no win I am talking about when “the hand” of moderation shows up…we immediately start debating what should and what should not be moderated, and then the moderator has to explain the actions taken. Sidenote to DJ: You get you are busting me here for not moderating a comment that literally went up 16 minutes before I hit post (and probably like 10 mins before I started writing that repsonse)? So again, it is an impossible situation…the only solution is to take a very hands-off approach and just get involved in extreme situations. As for the specific above remark by Get Real as an example, was it a nice comment to Bro1999? No. Would I personally prefer something more tempered? Yes, for sure. With that said, Get Real and Bro1999 have a very long back-and-forth history (as do many posters), and are two people that I would call ‘harder eggs’ in the community that can take some slinging…and typically post in a fashion/tone that elicits ‘spirited’ discussion. To get involved at this point adds a whole can of worms as to how/who started what, and what the unseen rules of moderation are. Again, with ~1,500-2,000 comments… Read more »

Can’t you at least set the content filter to block the the words “troll” and “FUD”, like it does with the F word and other curse words?

With respect Jay you act like this is the 1st time such a statement has been made and been allowed to stay up “forever”. It’s also not like it was some random post that was buried in the comments section. It was directly above the post you replied to yes 16 minutes after it was originally posted. I would find it difficult to believe that you didn’t see it. Perhaps you didn’t but if I were a betting man. I can’t count the # of times I’ve been called a troll, FUDster, hater, shorter, and I’m sure worse for pointing out a pretty obvious negative that most reasonable people would see. Unsurprisingly though I usually only get called those things when it’s directed against Tesla. No one called me a troll or a FUDster when I said the seats in the Bolt sucked, that the i3 looks like a clown car (albeit a pretty darn quick and nimble clown car), that the Bollinger seems shady given their purposeful decision to skirt safety regulations, etc.. In return I have no problem calling these people out either. Just go back and look at some old Tesla articles with say 50 or more… Read more »
I understand what you are saying, but we put a lot of effort into the comment community…you only see what is permitted through, not the almost 20 comments that were removed from this thread, or the hundreds removed each week. Probably we allocate ~50 hours to trying to keep the discussion community vibrant/safe…and I guarantee you no one else is putting in more time – which why the community here is as large as it is. So what your saying after I explained the situation, is kinda like “hey, your 50 hours work this week is nothing, do more”. Is it perfect no? Would I like to be even better? Sure. But there isn’t the resources to devote a dedicated person 24/7 to the job. That’s 168 hours/week, ~720 a month. What I am saying to you is, “we try our best – we are at max effort for our time, we can’t do what you are asking, it’s just not possible”. I could get a couple copy persons/students for probably ~$15 an hour, so if you want to cut InsideEVs a check for $11,000 for October (or just go for a full year at ~$131,000) we can give your… Read more »
Jay, I think you’re going about it all wrong. If you guys actually had a TOS (I have heard that we’re supposed to adhere to the sites TOS but it’s not listed anywhere that I can see but again I may be wrong), a set of rules, required people to actually register to post and if they violated the TOS you warn/ban them I suspect you would actually spend less time administering the comments. It clearly wouldn’t completely solve the problem or the spammers but it seems to work fairly well at other places. I think I made the comment awhile ago how I don’t get called all the names over at GCR that I often get called here yet my comments are along the same line. And guess what, you have to register and they have a TOS listed, and enforce it 😀 Although I don’t know if they ban/warn people actually because so much of what I see here just doesn’t happen there so if they do it’s not widely seen. I’m just looking out for you, trying to make your guys life easier, so that you can do what you love and get to those 2 articles… Read more »

Oh and like I said, ya I have no problem calling out someone who has called me out. Especially if it’s tolerated as it is here! If it weren’t tolerated that would be a different story but as it’s clear that calling others here a mentally ill troll, among other things, is tolerated again don’t be upset with the environment that you guys have fostered and the time you have to spend administering it. You guys hold the keys after all, not the rest of us.

Ok, I know I just said I wasn’t going to say anything else, but I want to add we do listen/consider the options – which is how we got to where we are (for better or worse). At this point, given our large size (and rapid growth rate) ‘more moderating’ just isn’t something we can do…as mentioned, there is a big cost to it and it takes MORE effort everyday to maintain what there is in place, but we can do is ‘better’ moderating. So, its a tougher battle each day to maintain the norms. Really, the only way to do “less with more” is just to say, some people have to go..and not specifically for a particular individual post when they fly off (that happens, we get that), but just the volume or work they create on a consistent basis, and the response/hijacks they represent. And to be clear, that doesn’t mean for just immature people, or “pro” this, or “anti” that. It means for people who are a certain way, who can’t let something go, and will pound the table on a subject incessantly (on many unrelated threads) to any level of volume they feel necessary to push… Read more »

I gotta say, to get to this point WITHOUT mention of politics is impressive (in a bad way)

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“And to be clear, that doesn’t mean for just immature people”

Yup, that’s me……lol

You & your dedicated staff are doing a great job!

As they say… You can make some of the people happy some of the time but you can’t …

Well, I would say that the idea is that if you enforce it often then the regulars at least get the idea that they can’t do it and they don’t do it. Then you don’t have have as much work to do later. Sort of the “ounce of preparation, pound of cure” thing.

For a thread like this it wouldn’t have the full effect since there seem to be more newbies than usual engaging in the sniping. It would cut things down some but I believe there still would be the issue of “rapid fire” that you speak of in here despite any reduction from the regulars.

What they need to do is ban people that only come here to troll Tesla articles. Some members here never seem to post or care about anything else but bash Tesla. At least they could pretend they are interested in evs.

And if we’re gonna do that, also ban the TSLA cheerleaders that do nothing but slam/insult all commenters as trolls that post anything short of 100% supreme glorification of the Tesla brand while we’re at it. PP and Get Real come to mind. Those types are the worst.

What happened to you, man? You got hit by a Tesla or something? You used to be smarter…

OOC how much exactly driving around town is Joe doing in a customers car for him to come to all these conclusions? I’d be kind of annoyed if my detailer were toodling all over town in my car!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I know right?
The only reason to drive it around is for a sloppy joy ride. If that’s what they did, they should’ve came to pick me up!

Tesla Secret Solution

I think many would agree that most of these expressed User Interface concerns are 1st World matters.

Maybe… Just Maybe… We could go back to basic best practices. Set your HVAC, your media, your seat controls, your mirrors, and your navigation destination BEFORE you put your vehicle in DRIVE.

Life is really not this complex and difficult as many make it out to be.

300+ range @ $45K (with seating for 5) was unheard of 5 years ago

“300+ range @ $45K (with seating for 5) was unheard of 5 years ago”

True dat. Thanks GM for making it happen first. 😉

They would have had a decade head start if they hadn’t crushed the EV-1.

Still better later than never. There are alot of others way behind GM.

I still want to know more about the “12 volt issue” the Tesla store employee in TX mentioned in the video linked in this story:

Or a Model 3 owner’s manual for that matter. Or is that under the NDA iron curtain too?

Me too. Wonder if it was related to the S issues with its 12v batteries…

So these POV amateur Tesla Model 3 videos of an EV that is *today* in early production vs. a long line of “concept” EV videos professionally published by traditional car companies…

As I view all these EV videos I’m beginning to think this:

The Tesla Model 3 has technology wise and design wise already made obsolete many of the “concept” cars scheduled for production 2-5 years from now… I imagine the obsolescence gap will be even wider when some of those concept EVs finally make their way to production.

Am I wrong?

How exactly has it made the concept cars of 2-5 years from now obsolete? There are lots of claims that Tesla has made that haven’t come true. If we’re basing a perceived obsolescence on claims than I kind of get it but does anyone really believe you will be able to request a Tesla, have it pull up, you hop in the back seat and let it drive you to where you need to go in 2-5 years? Furthermore a majority of the concept cars coming out simply put aren’t sedans! They’re CUVs, SUVs, etc.. The Model 3 design will have no real impact on those whatsoever because their market is different. The design, which is admittedly polarizing, will appeal to many while also not appeal to many. I’m one of the ones it doesn’t appeal to. I like certain parts a lot more than some of the current offerings while liking other parts a heck of a lot less. The concept cars I have seen address to a large degree the negatives of both the Model 3 and other current offerings where they seem to offer more room, more comfort, while providing a more familiar interior. I get it,… Read more »

@DJ said: “How exactly has it made the concept cars of 2-5 years from now obsolete? …I get it, some people like big screens, some people like small screens and buttons/toggles. To each their own but given peoples differing opinions on things I can’t see how it’ll [Tesla Model 3] make the concept cars obsolete in any way.”

Perhaps as you suggest it is subjective. I know of a guy that prefers watching TV on an analog tube TV. He is in the business of refurbishing tube TVs for sale so apparently there are more like him.

I’m certain your correct there will be those wanting a refined version of the current legacy standard with some EVish thrown in (basically what the current EV concept cars represent ) rather than a radical departure (the Model 3).

Looks like OCDetailing will not be posting any more Model 3 videos anymore. The long arm of Tesla strikes again.

Does anyone have a doubt Tesla does not want any Model 3 videos (not approved by them) posted on social media?

Probably took them a few days to determine what purchaser was associated with the Model 3 since a VIN was not shown.

Only a guess but the threat of legal action can have a chilling effect on even the most ardent person.

The comment regarding most Teslas from the factory needing paint repair probably did not sit well in addition to the UI assessment (however complimentary).

If the remaining owner Model 3 videos on social media disappear shortly, this will be quite sad.

Why do they need to know who the owner is? They can find OCDetailing online and they’re just up the street. And OCDetailing didn’t sign an NDA with Tesla. There is no legal action Tesla can take to remove the videos. If they want to stop OCDetailing from posting videos they have to pressure them in other ways, presumably by saying they will tell their employees not to take their cars there. They don’t need to know who did it this time to do that. And they don’t need to know the name of the employee to even chill OCDetailing. Just call then up or drop by. Detailers always say cars need paint repair from the factory. It’s their business to provide those repairs so they will give the impression that no matter what you think, you need them. And look at how reflecting those cars are in the video, they don’t come that way from the factory. In fact the last car (Model X) I saw picked up at the factory had sand all over it (but not embedded in the paint). Tesla hadn’t cleaned it well at all. The car was then taken straight to a detailer to… Read more »

Any agreement to not post Model 3 information to social media would be between the registered owner of the vehicle and Tesla.

If a NDA exists between Tesla and the registered owner, it would be the owner (more than likely) who would ask OCDetailing to remove the videos from social media.

The ‘tactics’ you describe in your post to ‘pressure’ OCDetailing sound ‘henchman-like’ and I’m pretty sure Tesla’s legal department would not want to be seen as threatening a commercial business who has no legal / enforceable contract with Tesla.

You must watch a lot of TV. The thought of Tesla employees ‘dropping by’ OCDetailing making veiled threats to the owner to stop posting YouTube videos OR ELSE is laughable.

The owner can ask. But with no NDA they can’t make them do it either. And OCDetailing is getting a lot more PR from them than they are getting paid for this job. If the owner asked me to remove them of his own accord I would say no, here is your car back no charge.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say about the tactics I mentioned. Is not withholding business a common tactic? I don’t think Tesla would be worried about being seen as a company who doesn’t want their employees routing money to a certain detailer.

What you are making up as other things of ‘for else’ are completely in your head. If they’re laughable, then we’re all laughing at your ideas.

I’m not talking about veils. I’m not talking about breaking legs. I’m talking about saying that a detailing company would do better financially if it didn’t make an enemy of one of the biggest spenders on cars in the city.