Detailed Look At 2016 Chevrolet Volt EPA Ratings


Just yesterday, the EPA updated its internal database to include detailed ratings for the 2016 Chevrolet Volt.

Before diving into the ratings, we should point out that the EPA posted a “release date” of August 30, 2015 for the 2016 Volt, meaning that it’s fully approved and ready for sale right now.

Below you’ll find the breakdown for range, MPG and MPGe for the 2016 Volt.

First up is electric-only range:

2016 Chevrolet Volt Range - From Left To Right: City, Highway, Combined

2016 Chevrolet Volt Range – From Left To Right: 56.77 City, 48.86 Highway, 53 Combined – Ignore Numbers On Far Right

And here’s MPG:

2016 Chevrolet Volt MPG - From Left To Right: City, Highway, Combined

2016 Chevrolet Volt MPG – From Left To Right: City, Highway, Combined

And lastly, MPGe:

2016 Volt MPGe: From Left To Right: City, Highway, Combined

2016 Volt MPGe: From Left To Right: 113 City, 99 Highway, 106 Combined

Check out one of the first test drive reviews of the 2016 Volt here.

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My LEAF with 78% battery capacity only goes 50-70 miles on a charge now. So at first glance the Volt looks great. But then I realize, I easily drove 300 miles this weekend in the LEAF which was only possible because of its quick charging capabilities. So while the 53 miles of the Volt looks livable at first, it’s really too bad it is hampered by no quick charging. Some may argue that I can’t drive my LEAF across country like the Volt, etc. In reality I don’t do those kind of trips. I do plenty of 100-150 miles trips around here which are pretty easy with DCQC. Does the Volt have 6.6kW charging even?

How many times did you have to stop during your 300 mile trip? How much time & $$ did you spend on charging?

Its not a problem. I drove from to Santa Barbara, barely had enough time to grab a bite to eat (30 minutes) and the car was done charging. Then went up over 2000ft in the Santa Ynez mountains and back down to Solvang. Charged there briefly when I was in the store and came back down to Santa Barbara and charged for about 16 minutes. So in total, about an hour of charging on the road while eating, shopping, and restroom break. I really was quite an enjoyable experience when you allot your time for it. The 150 mile trip with 1 hr of charging was enjoyable to say the least. On the other hand, 1hr of charging on the Volt would do very little. And let it sit charging for 4hrs would not be practical at all. And using gas in my opinion, would not have been enjoyable at all. I would rather have an i3 that does 80 miles on electric, with limited gas range…than a unlimited range gas car with compromised electric range without DCQC. And yes, the i3 with range extender + DCQC would make more sense of me. Of course I wouldn’t even get the… Read more »

That’s the beauty of the i3 REX. Good AER + QC + backup generator

Those stats are awesome. Triple digit MPGe. Broke the 40 barrier on MPG. Broke the 50 mile mark on electric range.

This car should be selling like crazy in the USA. But instead I just read a story about how truck sales are huge.

I will have ZERO sympathy for those folks when the price of oil inevitably goes back up and they are struggling to pay for gasoline and their truck loan payments. They may their bed.

The only people buying trucks should be those who use one in their business . . . and those people will have business income to make their truck & gas payments.