Detailed (City, Highway, Combined) EPA Ratings For New 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf -130.3 Miles City


With the EPA just recently releasing ratings for the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf, we decided to take a peak at the agency’s detailed database to get a more accurate view of the range ratings for the improved e-Golf.

With its 35.8 kWh battery pack, the new 2017 e-Golf goes 130.3 miles on electric in the city, 117.7 miles on the highway and 125 miles in combined driving.

The MPGe ratings for the new e-Golf are posted below.

2017 Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen says the new e-Golf has 50% more range than the outgoing 24.2 kWh version.

Sales are set to begin this Spring in the U.S. Pricing has yet to be announced.

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For all the talk about electric vehicles from Volkswagen, the eGolf is a major disappointment. Not only are there zero 2017 models for sell in the United States, I would be surprised to see the new eGolf sold outside of compliance states.

This would have been an awesome announcement……..4 YEARS AGO.

It is 2017 VW, 238 is the new 125.

Yes, VW has shot itself in the foot by spending too much time on fuel cells, dissing batteries, and then trying to build conversions of existing cars.

So Eric, any word on WHERE they will sell the new e-Golf? Is it still a couple of compliance states only, or are they going to braoden their sales horizons and sell it nationwide?

119 miles combined puts it a bit ahead of the Nissan 30kWh and Ford 33.5 kWh offerings.

It’ll be a CARB state special.

Well, the 2016 e-Golf page says:

The e-Golf will be available only at participating dealers in California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington D.C.”

I shouldn’t expect the e-Golf to be available in any more states than those.

Wow, they aren’t even going to sell in all of the CARB states, just a subset of the CARB states!

The Nissan Leaf 2.0 will likely smash the e-golf’s range. I expect at least 41 kWH there.

Excellent.. I think this is enough range I could give up my range extender. But I won’t be trading in my Volt until there is another car with such a cool body style and performance to match. I don’t think the e-Golf fulfills either of those for me.

You are correct. More HP but still mediocre 9 sec 0-60 time. Uninspiring acceleration just like the LEAF, Ioniq, 500E, FFE, etc, etc.

Still 2015 eGolf leaves most gas cars in the dust off the line at the light 🙂 not everything needs to be crazy tesla performance to be fun…

Exactly. The 2015 eGolf is plenty fun. The 2017 eGolf gets a 25% power boost.

Performance and fun isn’t all about 0-60 times.

Don’t forget that Volkswagen locked eGolf performance because of the longevity of transmission parts and economy. e-Golf was originally planned for Europe where cities and places are condensed and not spread like in US. So in that case e-golf prove the point with its specs. Also e-golf doesn’t look ugly like some other EV (Leaf) and on IIHS small overlap crash test e-Golf has better passenger and driver safety than Leaf. E-Golf has way more internal space than current BMW i3.

When you see the big companies are coming out now with cars that have a battery capacity in their thirties, you can sense how much ahead GM (with the Bolt) and Tesla (with the soon to come Model 3) are.

Would the Bolt and the Tesla be absent, the new Golfs, i3s, Ioniq electrics, Focus electrics and Leafs would be great news; the next small step forward. But now they seem old news before they are launched. Only a very attractive price, like that of the Ioniq, can move these cars off the dealer lots.

Of course it is possible that GM doesn’t intend to go full speed with the Bolt, but that doesn’t help the others, since Tesla will with M3.

Except that none are available for sale outside the US and Canada. For all the hype and accolades they gave themselves, the gm bolt is not available outside the US and Canada.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. This would have been much better news if it weren’t for the Bolt and soon-to-be Model 3 (please don’t call it an M3, that’s a BMW. At least call it a TM3).

VW really can’t do much more with the eGolf platform. They don’t have room for more batteries, so they are wholly dependent on chemistry improvements.

In the meantime, they are working on the MEB platform which WILL have more room. It’s still a few years out, but when it gets here, it will put VW in the same game as GM/Tesla and hopefully Nissan.

BTW, the eGolf arrived about 3 years after the Leaf. VW seems to be serious enough, just 3 years behind the competition.

Lol, about M3 Brian.

Glad I am not alone, I grind my teeth every time I see that written. People are being lazy abbreviating to the name of an iconic vehicle.

Indeed; my first M3 was built in September 1987.

It seems that Tesla is going to steal not only tons of customers from BMW, but also the “M3” label 😀 Go Tesla!

Actually a german company called Kreiser was able to put 55kwh in the eGolf with same volume and same weight as the original battery. So the current platform can support more capacity. Its just that Volkswagen is not really interested. They could easily put a 200hp motor if they want, but they are afraid it will take away sales from the GTI and GTE.

Good point on the conversion. I don’t personally know what trade-offs were made to create the 55kWh eGolf. Maybe there is a less cynical reason VW didn’t do it themselves. A reason such as cost/kWh, battery longevity (either cycle life or heat tolerance – the eGolf has no TMS), availability, safety, to name a few. I’m not willing to jump to the same conclusion as you without knowing the full story.

tradeoffs? There are no tradeoffs technically. I imagine that its more expensive, but by how much we don’t know. They only made one to showcase their technology. They use cylindrical cells like Tesla. It is a liquid cooled pack and can take a charge of up to 150kw. Go check their website. They have very interesting projects.

GM is leasing Chevy Volts for $229 a month, ZERO down on bonus tag units in stock. In addition, you get 15,000 miles per year. There is a catch however, you must be leasing an imported car from several manufacturers. Goto, and then to “search inventory” to find a bonus tag vehicle. I lease a 2014 Volt, and am paying $101 more a month than the offer on this new 2017 model! Incredible.

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

Except for Tesla & Nissan I have the feeling that many EV’s are just public relation moves.

I mean:

Good for our image but PLEASE don’t buy them.

Now there might be good reasons for that which I respect and that doesn’t mean than in a short future those car makers will not become dead serious about making EV’s in large numbers. I am not sure VW shareholders would bail out VW as Tesla shareholders do on a yearly basis.

When batteries drop to the price that make EV’s as cheap as ICE cars you will see more major players become much more serious about them, even then they are likely to make less profit in after sales servicing.

It’s a conundrum the OEM’s will have to overcome if their hand is forced by the likes of Tesla who don’t build ICE cars to begin with.

Consolidation is the most likely scenario for them if they are to stay in business.

Great job, VW . . . you are ONLY 2 YEARS BEHIND now!

You were 5 years behind with the original eGolf so that is a big improvement!

There are VW dealerships outside of the CARB states, but near them that also sell the e-Golf:

Of course that’s also near the Audi/VW US headquarters and the actual availability and serviceability at those locations is not quite clear.

Any news on electrify America?

They are hiring directors, managers, analysts/researchers and controllers/accountants. Looks like they are also looking for OEM liaisons, construction and real estate for charging stations which implies they may be deploying them directly.

eVgo and ChargeJoint are not very happy 🙂

I submitted 2 proposals for charging locations and haven’t heard anything from electrify America.

Wondering when I will be able to get a 2017 egolf in Massachusetts? It is now mid April. When can I expect my dealer to be able to get them?
Thank you.