Des Moines Gets Its First Tesla Charging Stations


Map Showing Superchargers And Destination Chargers In Des Moines Area

Map Showing Superchargers And Destination Chargers In Des Moines Area

The Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in Des Moines, near Jordan Creek Town Center, has added 3 charging stations to its property. Two of the stations are dedicated Tesla Connectors. The other is a standard vehicle charging station.

Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla Model S P85D

The hotel was able to acquire the Tesla Connectors through the company’s “destination charging” program. This program allows hotels and resorts to sign up for Tesla installations. The chargers are not Superchargers, but they will provide a full charge in 7-8 hours.

This is good news since Tesla’s charging station map shows that there are no others in the greater Des Moines area. The closest, public use, destination charger is at Wild Rose Casino and Resort in Jefferson, IA, about an hour away and not close to a major freeway.

Other “nearby” chargers are located in Council Bluffs, Davenport, Dubuque, Mount Vernon and Waterloo. None of these locations are advantageous to those passing directly through Des Moines and all are hours away, much closer to Wisconsin or Illinois.

Tony Shepard, chief of operations at the hotel and attached Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse said:

“One of the hotel’s consistent customers, who drives a Tesla, comes through Des Moines while driving from Arkansas to Minneapolis. The customer had suggested the hotel work with Tesla to install a charging station.”

Shepard pointed out that, for the time being, the stations are open to the public. However, the primary reason for installing them is to provide additional services for hotel and restaurant customers.

Hopefully, such programs offered by Tesla will aid in the installation of charging stations in areas of need. At this point, there are likely few areas “not in need.” It just takes proactive business owners to take the step forward.

Source: Des Moines Register

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It’s about time the linked up the North-South, on I35.

Q. What’s the best thing to come out of Iowa?

A. I35.

Minnesota humor.

It seems to me like the pace of Tesla SC stations in the US has slowed down dramatically. Right now there are only 5 stations under construction (according to in the US. If it takes about 45 days to get a station constructed, connected and ready to use, that is only 30 new stations this year.

Have they changed focus to destination charging? Do they need the money for capital needs for the GF? What is driving the slow SC expansion in 2016?

Seasonality? Perhaps they’re preferring to get the construction done in the summer.

Well, they’ve got much of the country covered along major routes so I’m not surprised that there is a bit of a slow down. They’ll probably monitor car sales & usage to figure out places to gradually add more as needed.

The I-80 corridor from Denver to Chicago has no coverage.

Anthony asked:

“What is driving the slow SC expansion in 2016?”

Since there is now a workable U.S. nationwide network of Supercharger stations connecting the more populated areas of the country, I think the numbers for new SC installations show Tesla has shifted to increasing the number of stalls per location, rather than opening many new locations.

Of course, this is no help to those of us in what are disparagingly called the “flyover states”.

I was excited about this until I read the article and saw that it wasn’t a SuperCharger. My litmus test for when it makes sense to buy a Tesla is when I can do all of the trips that I drive with a gas car in about the same amount of time in a Tesla. The only trip that doesn’t currently qualify is Madison, WI to Kansas City, MO. I would have to drive a couple extra hours and go south through Illinois and west across MO. The Des Moines SuperCharger that has been planned for a couple years will change that. A little disappointed that this isn’t a SuperCharger, but it’s still good news.

No detail.

Asssume 2-80 amp HPWC and a 32 amp CC..

Remember – the article States: “they will provide a full charge in 7-8 hours.” So we know it’s not 80 Amps.

Checking: for Des Moines and opening the link –,-93.503215,41.479264,-93.709817,d?search=destination%20charger&name=des%20moines&place=dc13604 – we then find:
“2 Tesla Connectors, up to 40A.
Available to the public. Self park.” – and a link to the Hotel –

50 percent of Iowa’s electricity derives from coal–but, on the flip side, 30 percent comes from wind.