Departing Transportation Secretary LaHood Says That by 2025, We Will All Own Some Type of Electrified Vehicle


On January 29, 2013, Ray LaHood announced he would resign as the Secretary of the Department of Transportation.

It's the truth...We'll all own them soon.

It’s the truth…We’ll all own them soon.

For electric vehicle enthusiasts, advocates and fans, the news of LaHood’s departure means that his bullish views on EVs are no longer front and center in the Department of Transportation.  It remains to be seen if LaHood’s replacement, Anthony Foxx, will be as supportive of electric vehicles as was LaHood.

But before departing, LaHood left us with a prediction on the future of the US automobile industry.

As LaHood says, it’ll take only 12 years for the majority of Americans to join the electrified bandwagon:

By 2025, all of us, every family, will have some kind of hybrid or electric vehicle.”

LaHood adds:

“That’s just the way the car manufacturers are going since we’ve set standards at 54.5 mpg. It’s all going to be hybrids or battery powered.”

Let’s hope the predictions of the departing LaHood do indeed come true.

Source: The Atlantic

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For some reason when I read the name Anthony Foxx, I get chills. 😉

Probably accurate. I am sure that by then, I at least, will be in one of those electric “personal mobility” chairs. 🙂

It could be 1/4 electric and the rest gas hogs to meet the requirements. But even in that case the economics and competition of volume will have brought prices down. At that point electrics would be gaining share hand over fist because at the same price, even mere 80 mile electric cars (like today’s crop) will replace most urban compacts and second cars. More than likely competition will have brought range offerings up to 150+, and those models will be eating into the remaining gas and hybrid share.