Denver International Airport Celebrates Opening of 10 Free-to-Use Level 1 Charging Stations

NOV 10 2013 BY STAFF 12

There are 10 of them and all are free to use.

Denver International Airports Has 10 of These Units

Denver International Airports Has 10 of These Units

It certainly costs some coin to park at Denver International Airport, but charging is free.

Just days ago, Denver International Airport celebrated the opening of 10 Level 1 (ideal for the long-term parking typically associated with airports) charging stations.

Illinois-based Telefonix  provided the chargers to Denver International Airport at no cost.  The stations are claimed to require little maintenance, thus lessening the costs for the airport.

For those who plan on being at Denver International Airport, there are “five stations in both garages on level 1 between rows E and F,” according the Denver Post.

All stations are operated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Source: Denver Post

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A really cheap level 1 outlet would just be a 120V plug. People can bring there own EVSE to the parking deck.

Given the choice, I’d much rather not have to lug around my L1 unit and risk it being stolen or damaged while I’m gone.

So true!

Here’s the ones (12) at Sea Tac Airport in Seattle. Just 110V on the wall.

L1? They certainly spared no expense to spare no expense… :p

L1 is more than enough for overnight airport parking. Those L1 units don’t look super-cheap. I don’t know why they didn’t just line the walls w/outlets.

These are in the short term garage at DIA.. $6 an hour max $23 a day I think. I park there when I pick someone up.. or sometimes when do a day trip (Though I usally go for Canopy which has its own solar/wind to back its EV chargers, when running late for a 1day trip I may be using these).

Tried them friday.. I killed three of them with my volt.. but found someone to come fix them and before I left one was already working. (Guess the testing was minimal). But still nice to grab a bit of charge. More useful for the close-in parking that it gives.. if one want to park and meet someone this means EVs get a plus. (Though L2 would give me more juice for the hour I wait).

But 10 total is nice.. and since the cost of putting in the power cabling is high I think L1 is a good choice for this.

You can put in a 3.3kw L2 with the same wiring you need for L1 (12 ga). The whole point of L2 is to get twice as much power as L1 given the same size wire.

Economies could be made in the wiring but the 14 kw used by 10 cars is a lower power than either ONE roadster (14.6 or 16.8 kw) or ONE of 2/3 of the model “s” ‘s sold ( 16.6 or 19.2 kw).

Token amount of good will, and like the previous poster said, If you’re on a plane you won’t care. The airport wouldn’t have to upgrade its electric service even if they put in 100 spaces.

Awesome! now they can claim they are green!

I predict that almost no one will use them unless they are good parking spots.

All airports should do this. The L-1 EVSE units are very cheap and electricity is very cheap.

As every EV comes with its own L1 charger, all garages where cars might park for at least a few hours should have 120V outlets everywhere: the cost for laying conduit is minimal, the cost of the electricity would not be worth trying to monetize, and it would provide the charging required.

Only 10? L1 in short-term parking? And with all of the altitude angle tracking solar panels around that was all they could muster?

Keep in mind this is Denver. With frigid winters and hot summers that L1 could barely spin the HVAC blower motor, and is certainly not enough to run preconditioning.

Token indeed, a fake bent one too. 😉 I want all of my airport and parking fees back. :p