Denver International Airport Adds 10 Level 1 Chargers


It’s our position that airports  are perfect places for cheap, Level 1 charging stations.

There’s no need for Level 2 or DC quick chargers at airports.  Sure, they’d be welcome additions to Level 1 charging, but they aren’t necessary.

Denver International Airport must have read our minds.  The airport is now in the process of installing 10 Level 1 chargers.

Heath Montgomery, an airport spokesman, stated:

“We’d seen a number of customers coming with their own cables and looking for a socket in the garage, so we saw there was a need.”

Why only Level 1?  Well, as Montgomery says:

“If you are traveling for several days and you come back, you want a fully charged battery.”

The airport did its homework, too.  It found that its average traveler stays parked there for 1.4 days.  That’s Level 1 territory for sure.

The 10 units to be installed at Denver International Airport are from Telefonix.  Though they retail for $1,495 a pop, Telofonix provided them free of charge.

The stations will be operational by September and charging is free.  However, the rate to park there is $3 per hour or $23 per day.

Source: The Denver Post

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Level 1 at airports to sustain the battery. That’s the kind of infrastructure that’s really needed: charging points at long-stay locations and long-distance destinations.

David Murray

At a charging rate of about 5 miles per hour, and assuming parked for 36 hours, that is 180 miles of range for such a charge. Obviously this is more than a Leaf could store. However, if you drove in with a Tesla that was nearly discharged, you could actually suck up all that power and still not be full.


Right, but a Tesla doesn’t need to be full. You either live within a reasonable distance or you use a Supercharger. The 120V will charge the short-range cars.

More importantly the 120V ensures owners come back to a drivable car.


Alright! Now if the DEN rental car agencies start renting out plugins in addition to the jacked up Jeeps we’ll be in business.

It would still be nice to have L2 or even DC fast chargers in the short term parking when dropping off or picking someone up.

Ocean Railroader

They should put some of these at cruise ship terminals such as the Port of Baltimore where the cruise ships go on seven and eight day cruises. It would allow you to take a EV to the port and park it and when you come back it will be all charged up for you to take you home.


Ouch.. they are putting them in the most expensive lot at DIA. Better than no where for some, but I never park there.. I currently use Canopy at DIA and its $14 a day to park and charge (list, I get 50% off that) and they have both L2 and plugs for L1…(I’ve used both). And they have their own solar and wind to help offset the charging. 10 spots are nice, but at $1400 per spot for L1, the chargers they seem a bit over prices.

yes L1 is perfect for airports.. though L2 is not bad if people share well, but $23 a day to park is parking robbery, but maybe that is the point to encourage people to go there. The DIA long-term lot is $7.


I hope they enforce EV parking only, I’ve driven around multiple parking levels at DIA without finding a space and can imagine people in a hurry taking up the EV spaces. I’d like to see EV sections in all the lots at DIA. Solar charging stations in the outdoor lots would be ideal and could provide some protection from the elements. It’s still not a great solution to have expensive infrastructure that might charge for eight hours and then sit idle for days until the traveller returns. Maybe an EV valet lot could fully utilize the charging infrastructure and have your car ready when you return? Canopy is really good, but riding a mini-bus on Pena is a motion sickness inducing ride.