Denver, Colorado Gets Its First (And Second) DC Quick Charger


More and more US cities are being added to the list of CHAdeMO-equipped.

The latest city to join on is Denver, Colorado.

Denver got its first (and second) DC quick charger in late March.  The units are located at the Cultural Center Complex and Denver Performing Arts Center parking garage.

The quick chargers are CHAdeMO-only units and are publicly accessible.

Denver Public Works, Denver Environmental Health and Regional Air Quality Control funded the new quick-charge stations.

CHAdeMO Smiles After Yet Another Install

CHAdeMO Smiles After Yet Another Install

Source: KWGN

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Good for them, but I just wonder if a parking garage is a good spot for DCQC. After the first 30 minutes, you’re just taking up the space.

And then there were three … CHAdeMO!

From Plugshare seeing 3 CHAdeMO locations within the Denver 470 Loop. If include a 70 mile radius, the CHAdeMO count goes up to 8 … enabling travel to Boulder, Greeley & Ft. Collins. All reachable locations for a Leaf, or Soul EV.

btw: Colorado now has 9 Supercharger stations.

They are always installed wrong. Against a wall without a mirrored spot on the other side to allow swapping once a car is charged. How many airport L2 charging sites are ‘ICEd’ by fully charged cars for days while owners are out of town. My airport has six sites. Always full of cars fully charged for days. Saw a plug in Prius in one site once. What does it take to make such installation teams smarter to allow more concurrent charging scenarios and more simple 120V long term plugging?

Fast charge is good as long as the charging profile is fast. Restaurant and gas station locations and not malls or parking garages. How many DC fast charge locations will be C-blocked? Convenience-blocked is when it is more convenient for the owner to NOT go out and move their car right away when it is full. Or they “forgot” it was charging. Those are our future issues.