Delaware Governor Changes Stance on Fisker


Fisker Nina Was to be Produced in Delaware

Fisker Atlantic Was to be Produced in Delaware

Delaware governor Jack Markell had long praised Fisker Automotive.  In fact, Markell stood behind the startup automaker to the tune of $21.5 million in state grants and loans, but all that seems to be changing now as Fisker draws ever so close to bankruptcy.

The Fisker Atlantic Will Almost Certainly Not Make it to Production Now

The Fisker Atlantic Will Almost Certainly Not Make it to Production Now

According to Delaware Online, Markell told business leaders that Fisker’s future is bleak.  Markell says it’s either bankruptcy or a negotiated settlement to pay off its $170 million federal loan at a reduced rate.

Markell seemed to rule out the possibility that Fisker may still someday manufacture a vehicle in Delaware, but Cathy Rossi, a spokeswoman for Markell’s office, tried to set the record straight (or cover Markell’s you know what).

Rossi stated that the Governor’s recent outpourings were only in reference to articles readily available in the media.  Rossi says that Markell’s statements were most liked drawn from a May 21 Reuters report.

We’re not sure why the Governor would get his information from Reuters, but that’s what Rossi says.

This all seems a bit fishy to us and is rather common when it comes to politics (retracted and/or altered statements are the norm).

Anyways, it’s believed that Markell may have been a bit upset at the time he spoke with the business leaders.  Perhaps it was over the black mark left on Markell by Fisker’s impending failure.  Maybe it was just one of those days.  Who knows?

Source: Delaware Online

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Typo on “grans and loans”…

Eric Loveday


Gary H

Well, if the governor said he thought Fisker wouldn’t produce any more cars, wouldn’t we all agree with that anyway? What’s controversial about it? After all, if it’s someday going to be de-listed from Inside EV’s monthly sales report, that will be a big milestone…