December Chevrolet Volt Sales Rebound to 2,633 Units, Wins Top Seller Crown For 2012

JAN 3 2013 BY JAY COLE 11

After what many would consider a disappointing November result (1,519 units sold, which represented a seven month low), the Chevrolet Volt once again crested the 2,000+ mark with 2,633 sold in December.

Posting Sales of About 13,000 Plug-Ins for 2012, the Toyota Prius Plug-In Also Had a Very Good Year

This is the fourth month out of five that the extended range Chevrolet has sold north of 2K units, with the all-time high water mark coming in October with 2,961 sold.

While GM did not post its ‘best ever’ results in December, it is worth noting that the company did this despite an extended holiday shutdown at their Hamtramck, Michigan facility.

The factory was closed from December 13th until January 2nd, and that extended shutdown (1 week longer than normal) may still adversely affect sales for the first month of the new year.

In December, GM’s Michigan assembly facility only produced 1,509 Volts, and inventories around the country are close to yearly lows.

Chevrolet Volt December (and full year) Production From Hamtramck Assembly Facility (click to enlarge)

Overall, GM sold 23,461 Volts for 2012, more than triple the 2011 result of 7,671  (which is also roughly the amount of Volts the company sold in California this year), and in so doing, soundly thrashed nearest rival (the Toyota Prius plug-in) by more than 10,500 sales for the plug-in sales crown*

It is worth noting that the margin of victory over the plug-in Prius was not quite as wide as it appears, as the Prius was not available for the first 2.5 months of 2012.  Had the Toyota been available for the entire calendar year, we still figure the Volt still would have retained an impressive 6,000-7,000 sales lead.

See our Christmas Eve story for an owner’s 2 year review of the Chevrolet Volt.

*-not a real thing

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Yes! Awesome to see the Volt come back with a great month after a junky November. Looks like they have hurt themselves for january sales though so we probably have to hear about another car taking the lead in 2013

Inventory will be low for January so expect the Ford Energi models to start neck-and-neck racing into 2013. It’s all good for the growing EV marketplace. Think back to 2010 when EV sales numbers were mainly Tesla Roadsters and a few others until late November/December when the “real EVs” hit the road in the form of Volts and Leafs.

“Overall, GM sold 23,461 Volts for 2013” – I think there’s a small typo there. That year should probably be 2012 instead of ’13.

Or maybe we already know 2013 results? It could happen ***crosses fingers***

Typo corrected. Thanks for pointing that out!

You’d need another typo to say 123,461 vehicles for me to cross those fingers with you. I do hope they’ll hit the 2012 numbers with little to no difficulty. Here’s to being very optimistic 😉

It’s going to be tough for the Volt to remain the king in 2013…. If there was only one Energi model, Ford would have a chance… The PIP battery EV range of 0 – 11 miles is awful. (0 in theory would occur if you floored it for 11 miles)


The Volt has some serious Hybrid Plug-in competition to contend with in 2013 to keeps its sales crown, namely the Ford C-Max Energi, Ford Fusion Energi, Honda Accord Plug-in and of course the Prius Plug-In.

What is the deal with Amperas? Isn’t it the car the Europeans were dreaming about? Isn’t it the car of the year there? Awful, awful, demand there.

I bought my Volt on Monday…so far pretty nice.

Owned a Ford car for a few years and I swear I will never buy a Ford again. It has poor reliability. Would not be surprised if the e-ford would be bogged down with repairs in a few years of use. So, I doubt if Ford Energi can beat the Volt long term. “Energi” is a cool name , though.

I still haven’t been able to figure out why it was shut down. Christmas vacation? Retooling?