Dealer Inventory Of 2015 Chevrolet Volt Near 6,000 Nationwide


2015 Chevy Volt

2015 Chevy Volt

2015 Chevy Volt

2015 Chevy Volt

“At the end of April, dealers held about 6,000 of the current model. To put that in perspective, it’s more than twice the 2,779 Volts sold in the first four months of this year, a decline of 46% from a year earlier.”

That’s according to the Detroit Free Press.

With production of the first-generation Chevy Volt now done, these remaining ~6,000 Volts are the only new examples available to buy.  Inventory will dwindle over the coming months, so if you’re looking for a new first-gen Volt, perhaps now is the time to buy.

There are some good deals out there too, like this one from Rydell Chevrolet and this more widespread $249 per month lease deal.

Editor’s Note: InsideEVs also tracks inventory levels of the major plug-in offerings and attempts to put some perspective on the rationale (and outlook) behind that level at the end of every month.  Look for that report Tuesday, June 2nd.

Source: Detroit Free Press via Autoblog

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I wonder how many 2012, 2013, & 2014 models are in inventory? Is that data available? shows the following if you put in the model year as a keyword:

2015: 5,093
2014: 1,013
2013: 292
2012: 45
2011: 37

I’m not sure how reliable this is because data could be entered incorrectly, and this adds up to well over 6,000.

Some dealerships advertise cars while they are still “Arriving Soon” and not actually in stock.

Other dealerships don’t bother pulling ads for long after the car sold. They still want to use it as a lead generator to get you to call. That way they think they can sell you on a different one.

But it definitely is a good indicator, as long as you don’t take the numbers to be literal.

Last Saturday I checked out a Spark EV in MD. The sales rep told me, that he doesn’t sell any Volts due to the MD-excise tax (up to +/- 2400$) having run out and that it will only be newly funded as of July 1. That might be a big reason for MD at least but should effect all electric vehicle purchases.

PHEVs, like the Volt, aren’t always given the same state tax-credit/rebate treatment as full-on battery electrics. MA just renewed its $2,500, for all of its eligible cars, among which the Volt qualifies. I think CA gives it less.

GM has to know when they’ve exceeded demand, in their production. With Volt2 coming, there’ll be lots of deals on these.

CA gives $1500 for the Volt (or any PHEV), $2500 for the Spark EV (or any fully BEV).

Another factor that will impact sales of Volts over the summer is lack of California’s HOV stickers which have run dry. It will take a bit more work to increase sales volume now without the HOV incentive.

Beyond California, Georgia has also curbing its EV incentives at end of June. These two regions are the largest currently in the US.

Now it’s actually the WORST time to get a Volt, from a buying/selling perspective.

Besides the obvious fact that a new model is on the pipeline in 6 months, which means, 6 months later, the value of the current generation will just dropped a lot more.

It’s also because these are newly manufactured Volts, and for the next 3 months, payments are covered by GM/financial institutes. IOW, these Volts are FREE to the dealership in the next 3 months (give or take), other than the floor space (and its associated cost). 3 months later, they will become the property of the dealership, and that’s when the dealers will need to make payments to GM/financial institutes on these Volts. Then and only then will they be the most eager to sell, with much bigger price drop flexibility on top of the incentives at that time.

These 1-2 punches on the Volts (current generation) means much, MUCH, bigger discount than buying one in the next 90 days.

So there, you will save more money by waiting for about 3-4 months or more, especially when the new Volts start showing up on the showroom (or website).

That is all very true, but right now there are some REALLY old VIN’s sitting on some car lots right now.

Dealerships should be offering really good deals on those older cars, even though the newer ones they probably are firmer on.

The new Volt isn’t due to start hitting dealer lots until late September and it will probably be 2016 before its available nationwide. Also I think the Volt will be the main beneficiary of the Plug-in Prius’s demise. With Gas prices starting to inch back up 6000 Volts may not be enough to get to the next-generation.

GM should sell/lease the excess inventory to local governments, at *very* attractive deals, and use that for publicity.

Taking everything into account — prices, competition, timing of the V2 introduction, etc. — 6,000 seems like a pretty reasonable stock. There will no doubt be some places in the US with shortages, and others where we hear about mind blowing deals as the 2016s start showing up and dealers are frantic to get rid of their last 5 or 10 2015s. But overall, 6k Volts should avoid a PR disaster.

And I also note that I’ve been watching Leaf stocks, and an interesting this has happened. In the last 2 or 3 weeks (roughly), the US inventory has dropped from just below 6k to about 5,300. I’m not entirely buying in to the notion that the 2016 Leaf is getting a bigger battery, but that inventory drop sure sounds like production of 2015s has ended or slowed to a trickle in anticipation of a Big Product Change coming Real Soon Now.

The rumor is that the ’16 LEAF will be available for order soon by dealers and should hit the showroom floors around the same time that the ’16 Volt starts hitting the showroom floors as well, so yeah – definitely could be something brewing for the LEAF, too.

I agree 100% that the current inventory of the Volt does not seem completely out of line. There will be some good deals to be had on it, though as launch of the ’16 Volt starts getting close. I would consider a ’15 Volt at a good discount if I didn’t really want that extra 1/2 a seat in the back.

Just wanted to comment on the Volt II backseat issue: I have never been inside a Chevy Cruze, but I passed one this morning in a parking lot. Looked inside at the rear seat. It didn’t look any larger to me than what I see depicted on the Volt II. Might be larger, but seemed VERY small. Has not hurt the Cruze…


Offer a Limbaugh lease

Lower monthly payment, higher overall price 🙂

This inventory is probably about right. Keep in mind that the rollout of the 2016 Volt is going to be staggered, with California and other states participating in the CARB ZEV regulations getting the 2016’s first, then the rest of the states. The worst thing that can possibly happen at a dealership is to open their doors on a sunny summer Saturday, and have no cars to show to people coming in. They will need these Volts until the rollout transition is complete. These 6000 Volts basically have to last until well into the spring of 2016 when the 2016’s will have been fully rolled out in enough volume to meet the needs of the entire US market. And that’s fine. This is exactly how new model years are rolled out. There is always supposed to be a transition period where both model years are both for sale at the same time. This is by plan for every mass market car maker. This is done on purpose. There are still 117,302 2014 Model Year cars listed for sale on for all manufactures. Following the trend for the rest of the car market, GM should NOT sell off all of… Read more »