Dealer Compares Nissan LEAF To Chevy Volt – Video


Range Is Not The LEAF's Strong Point When Compared To The Volt

Range Is Not The LEAF’s Strong Point When Compared To The Volt

Some dealerships seem willing to go to extremes to knock on the competition.  That’s true of Nissan of Bowie, creator of this video.

The dealership, in trying to emphasize the LEAF’s strong points as compared to the Chevy Volt, really messes it up.

The LEAF’s “useful cruising range” of 84 miles is beat soundly by the Volt’s 380-mile cruising range.

And why the “awkward, slabby styling” comment?  Who knows.  In our poll, the Chevy Volt’s design placed it well ahead (#7 overall) of the LEAF (failed to make the Top 10).  For the most part, the Volt’s styling has been well received.  The same isn’t true of the LEAF.

We would like to think that potential EV buyers are a more enlightened bunch, and would prefer to not needlessly pit two plug-ins against each other like this.

And some still wonder why dealerships often rate poorly when assessed by buyers of plug-in vehicles.

Hmm...Not How We'd Describe The Volt

Hmm…Not How We’d Describe The Volt

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Bowie Nissan would not let me plug my Imiev in there for a couple hours either.

Dealer doesn’t really compare anything except interior.

And still a better ad for the Volt than what GM has put out ;P

LOL – Plus One!

Now let me get this straight. It is Nissan of Bowie? Next time I am in Maryland I will give them a drive by.

Why aren’t dealers comparing their EVs to those stupid ICE cars?

Please don’t call my car stupid, or i’ll have to start on those shoes of yours, which will inevitably result in ‘your mamma’ cracks, and then one of us will REALLY take offense and we don’t want to go there. Do we…

Why don’t they list the fact that Volt “averages more EV miles” than LEAF in the US?

Saying the volt has more range doesn’t seem like comparing apples to apples. The Volt has half the electric range. The Nissan Versa costs way less and has lots of gasoline range.

My Smart ED only has 2 seats and the second one is used 0.00001% of the time.

My Volt has 3 empty seats that are used 0.00001% of the time as well.

The Nissan Leaf actually is kind of coming of age. Doesn’t look so frumpy and weird as a couple years ago. I think the styling was ahead of its time. The Volt squared side door panels does kind of have that 80s Chevy Citation look (I have one of those still, LOL)

At least they compared the same color of Leaf and Volt…..

Well, Nissan is the sales leader. Rather surprising to me here in Western New York that I’ve only seen 2 leaf’s period, but hundreds of volts in the past 3 years. Maybe the lease price is better, or else, leasees don’t have to worry about installing EVSE’s, since GM doesn’t force you too, but I would guess its strongly recommended with the Leaf. Initially, Nissan wouldn’t even sell you a leaf if you weren’t planning to have an extra evse.