DBT-CEV Delivers 800th Quick Charger in Europe

OCT 19 2013 BY MARK KANE 5

DBT-CEV Quick Charger

DBT-CEV Quick Charger

DBT-CEV Quick Chargers production

DBT-CEV Quick Chargers production

DBT-CEV, the major partner of Nissan for the deployment of a fast charging stations all across Europe, announced the delivery of it’s 800th Quick Charger in Europe.

The French company stated that it currently owns 60% of the European fast charging market. Not strange if we consider the high number of installations in France and deliveries for Nissan.

“The program allows to connect European regions with fast charging solutions placed at strategic public locations (high traffic areas, etc.). Whether they are service stations in Italy, England or in Russia, Belgian supermarket chains in Belgium, restaurant chains in Sweden or in Austria, hotel chains in Netherlands, French parking companies, client profiles for this infrastructure vary greatly, implying a true interest in e-mobility from the whole industry.”

Hervé Borgoltz, DBT-CEV President said:

”By aggressively expanding the number of quick charging points across Europe, we give the opportunity to EV drivers to use their electric vehicle as any other regular car. Availability of fast charging infrastructure is key to this transition because it allows to attend electric vehicle drivers needs, for example during non-anticipated commutes. Public fast charging infrastructure represents an ideal alternative to slow or normal charging stations.”

DBT-CEV Quick Chargers

DBT-CEV Quick Chargers – probably not all 800 of them

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Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for a real meaningful rollout of quick chargers. I’m travelling 140 miles this evening, and then back tomorrow. I can charge overnight, so a single quick charger in the middle would make the trip very doable in a Leaf. Alas, I resort to “just take the Prius (or Insight)”

And a Leaf equipped with a Quick Charge Port 🙂

I said “a Leaf”, not “my Leaf” 😛

This is good for Tesla owners too I think. They can charge at home or at suuperchargers between ciities. What about in those cities? Thats where the Chademo adapter come in for fast charging in cities if you don’t want to charge slow.

Europe has 800 some and the US only has 300 some, nearest one to me is 300 miles away. We in the US are really slow at change, I say we pick up the pace!