DARPA Expected to Get Prototype AWD Electric Motorcycle for Future Use in Military Applications


DARPA Gets ALL the Trick Gear Before We Do

DARPA Gets ALL the Trick Gear Before We Do

DARPA gets all the goodies, it seems.

Yes...This To is Some Sort of Far-Fetched DARPA Project

Yes…This To is Some Sort of Far-Fetched DARPA Project

Electric Moto has teamed up with Advanced Automation to present a proposal for a AWD plug-in hybrid motorcycle to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

This motorcycle, which isn’t even in the prototype stage yet, is claimed to be capable of both military and civilian use.

Electric Moto and Advanced Automation say that this AWD electric bike can be used in stealthy situations where an ICE engine is unacceptable.

On the flip side, its ICE engine means that it can be refueled quickly, even in remote areas around the globe.

Electric Moto is the manufacturer of the Dual Sport Gen 1 Electric Motorcycle and its Gen 2 successor, as well as other electric vehicles.  Advanced Automation handles systems engineering and contracts with the DoD on technical services and for defense purposes.

David Tyler, vice-president of business development for Advanced Automation, stated:

“By combining the capabilities of both AAC and EMOT this advanced technology will not only significantly improve the capabilities of motorcycles in military style operations, but will also aid in many similar civil applications where internal combustion engines are not the first choice or are not able to be used.”

Now, we must wait.  There’s no timeline yet for the release of this AWD plug-in bike, but we suspect that the military will thoroughly trial it first before it becomes available to the public.  So, maybe a few years from now we’ll be able to buy one of these AWD two-wheelers.

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“A few years” is a little too short to expect a commercial product out of a DARPA program. DARPA is supposed to push the limits of technology, and there isn’t even a prototype of this thing. The DoD isn’t exactly know for their quick turn around. And even once they have a technology, it won’t be available commercially for years.

There isn’t really something difficult in making an AWD Electric Motorcycle. One motor in the front wheel and one motor in the back wheel. If you don’t want the motor in the wheels you can do as usual for the back wheel and Solex way for the front wheel.

More fundamentally, an AWD motorcycle doesn’t make much sense because the low mass of the vehicle compared with the high grip of the very sculpted rubber tire imply it will not make a significant difference contrary to what it does for an SUV or a truck where the force ratio is very different.

Hey guys, there already is an All Wheel Drive motorcycle that has been commercially available for the last 50 years. It’s called a Rokon. See it yourself at http://www.rokon.com. Or search for it on YouTube for some fun videos. It floats too and leaves less of a footprint on the ground than the average person does walking, and has amazing clearance. It has been used by governments in other countries too.

Looks like the old can be new again, with an electric twist. Convert a Rokon to electric/hybrid drive and have some real fun with it. Maybe Rokon could present their own proposal to DARPA if they teamed up with the right people.

Yes that is very interesting and a fantastic start to build on.