Danes Love The i3; Over 700 Ordered Already

SEP 15 2013 BY JAY COLE 17

More Than 700 Danes Already Looking Forward To Getting Behind The Wheel Of The BMW i3

More Than 700 Danes Already Looking Forward To Getting Behind The Wheel Of The BMW i3

Denmark is not know for auto sales; real Danes ride bikes, or take the bus.

Danish Electric Mobility Operator (or EMO - not kidding) CLEVER Gives A LEAF A Booast

Danish Electric Mobility Operator (or EMO – not kidding) CLEVER Gives A LEAF A Booast

From the outside many would consider them an ‘environmental‘ country by nature, shunning car ownership for the greater good.

We would agree; well, that and a 180% tax (105% on first 65,900 DKK) along with the 25% VAT charge + yearly road tax on new car ownership puts a little crimp in the locals wallet, which helps to shape that environmental image.

Recently however, the car ownership story has  changed – provided you bring electric vehicles into the mix.

Gone is the 180% registration fee and yearly road tax; which makes the new all-electric BMW i3 at a starting price of 282.000 DKK ($50,000 USD) cheaper than even the German company’s most base 114i right out of the gate.

Translation:  BMW is going to sell A LOT of the i3 in Demark.

Strange As It May Seem, Børsen Uses Something Called 'paper' To Disseminate News ... So No Google Translate For You (click to read article in Danish)

Strange As It May Seem, Børsen Uses Something Called ‘paper’ To Disseminate News … So No Google Translate For You (click to read article in Danish)

In fact a local publication, Børsen (which is a Danish daily business paper) reports that BMW has received more than 700 orders already for the EV.

Given that high demand for the BMW, one would think that other electric vehicles would also sell in great numbers in the country – but not so, currently the Nissan LEAF owns just under 50% of the plug-in market with 114 units sold through August.

(Disclaimer: It should be noted that the arrival of the new 2013 Euro-made LEAF from Nissan’s Sunderland, UK facility is expected to give that vehicle a strong finish to 2013)

Last month 14,300 vehicles were sold in Denmark, with 120,585 registered so far in 2013.  The best selling vehicle last month was the VW Up! with 728 sales.  In fact, the Up! has been Denmark’s best seller for 13 months in a row (which as car guys makes us a little sad on the inside); the BMW i3 may yet challenge the VW for Denmark’s best selling car.

According to the local paper, the BMW i3 goes on sale in Denmark in May.

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why so danish sales are much lower than norway’s?

Checked prices, cheapest bmw 5-series costs the same tesla 60kwh does. So it’s very strange dannish market looks so weak compared to norway.

Perhaps the difference with the i3 is that it still allows them to go to the Mediterranean see in the summer. The Tesla doesn’t until the supercharger network is in place. When that is the case, a rush on Model S and Model E, by then, can be expected.

Road trips are not as big in Europe as in the US.
Very few people from the far north would drive to the mediterranean, but would fly.
So, not really a factor.

The only ones I’ve ever heard about that have been driving down to the Mediterranean from the nordic countries are people that come from there (mainly balkans, croatians, serbians, bosnians) that fill up the cars both going there and going back.

Flying is always cheaper and more convenient.

Electricity rates are very high and public charging stations even more incredible expensive. They have a Chademo network for cross country travel, but charging there will cost you from 0.47€/kWh to 0.74€/kWh, which makes riding an EV more expensive, than using a gasoline car.

Thank you for info!
Ahh, very bad. I hope they will solve it. Or at least add some new cool gasoline taxes 🙂

0.74 €/KWh! This is crazy. At that price any PV or wind generator becomes a gold mine.

Also, expect real estate prices to skyrocket whenever a waterfall is present, still the best way to get electricity in a renewable and 24/7 way.

Let’s see how the E-Up! does in Denmark. Maybe it *is* competition for the i3 (in Denmark, anyway).

I wonder what is the pre-order of Teslas in Denmark?

Looks like there’s quite a few in Copenhagen already.

Worth noting is that the tax exemption only covers BEVs. So the i8 still cost the equivalent of US$445K.. But then, it takes a lot of tax dollars to fund the happiest country in the world!!

better looking than the leaf at least

Børsen means the stock exchange. like Wall Street Journal.

Cheap cars with decent mileage are almost tax free in Denmark due to a discount for mileage that’s not a percentage so the tax becomes almost nothing while more expensive cars are still 200% tax. That’s why tiny cars are so popular. It’s sort of an unintended consequence. It was to reward cars with decent mileage.
Norway doesn’t have that so a tiny car costs almost twice as much making EVs more interesting.
Norway also has an abundance of water power so their electricity is green and cheap whereas ours is very expensive, something like 3-4x more. This means driving an EV is cheap in Norway and about the same as gas in DK.
And I think Norway has some congestion charges where EVs are also exempt.
And maybe some government difference in attitude. Here in DK they have been idiots about it.
All these factors have resulted in a huge difference in EV adoption. Norway is leading the world by far, Denmark has almost no EVs.
Politicians are asleep at the wheel or worse. And they are doing their stupid hydrogen projects while it’s obvious the world is going battery electric.

Dan – One would think that at some point Denmark would lead in smart grid technology, with their abundant wind resources. Wind and EVs with large a battery are a good match. Is that being discussed at all in your country?

Things are moving slowly with EVs in Denmark, but I work as an EV consultant for municipalities and government and see a that they start buying EV now. Mainly in use for home care.