Daimler Preps Smart For Its Electric-Only Future


Smart soon will sell only the all-electric fortwo and forfour, which already happened in some markets, but the transition will not necessarily be smooth.

smart fortwo electric drive

It’s estimated that since introducing the fortwo in 1998, smart generated €4 billion ($4.6 billion) in losses for Daimler and the annual losses are at around €200 million.

Part of the losses probably are offset by the improvement in average emissions of Mercedes-Benz cars, as smart is part of the Mercedes-Benz Cars division, however it was tough business.

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After eight years, Annette Winkler – head of the smart product area at Daimler AG – steps down in September 2018. There are big changes in management and products, as not only the future will be all-electric by 2020, but also the Hambach plant in France will be utilized to produce Mercedes electric cars.

Dealers in states or countries and cities where all-electric cars do not find enough customers to support the business will become service only shops or close entirely.

Source: Bloomberg

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It’s a good idea, city cars are perfect for electric technology. But this cars are a development with Renault and its Twingo, so I see two options. The next Twingo will be electric too, or maybe Smart and Renault will be terminate this colaboration.

It’s very sad that Smart was not embraced in the US. I have wanted one since I first saw one in Germany when I left the Airport in Munich in 2000. Last year I purchased a 2013 City Flame and have been in love with my Smarty ever since. She’s a sweet little ride, and getting to my destination is the worst part of owning her! Ps. I live in Oklahoma!!!