Daimler Looks to Expand Upon Initial Deal With Tesla


There’s the last-generation Smart Fortwo Electric Drive.

B-Class Electric Drive Has Tesla Inside

B-Class Electric Drive Has Tesla Inside

The upcoming Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive.

Then there’s the future…???

Daimler is lovin’ Tesla Motors right now and, as such, is seeking to expand upon its initial cooperative deal with Tesla.  There are no specifics mentioned, just some comments made at a recent press briefing by Bodo Uebber, Daimler’s chief financial officer:

“I told my guys, go back to Tesla and look for other opportunities.  We want to look for more cooperation.  We could use more.”

It should be noted that several inaccurate reports have surfaced indicating that Tesla supplies the electric motor and battery pack for the current (third-gen) Smart Fortwo Electric Drive.  That’s not true.  Tesla was the supplier of those components for the 2nd gen Fortwo ED, but the third-gen Fortwo electric does not use a single Tesla-supplied component.

Here’s the components you’ll find in the 3rd-gen Fortwo ED:

  • 17.6 kWh lithium battery made by Deutsche ACCUmotive
  • 55kW (74 hp) Li-Tec electric motor

So, the only Daimler vehicle in production (or set to enter production soon) with Tesla components is the upcoming B-Class Electric Drive.

Daimler holds a 4.3 stake in Tesla Motors, so in a way both Daimler and Tesla benefit more than once from any expanded cooperation deal.

Source: Reuters

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Daimler and Tesla looking more and more like potential merger candidates.

“I told my guys, go back to Tesla and look for other opportunities. We want to look for more cooperation. We could use more.”
“That thing where Tesla built a fortwo electric drivetrain and gave all that know how to us for free in exchange for a slug of investment that we got back with interest was AWESOME. Let’s do that some more.”

I was disappointed that the Smart EV had ditched Tesla’s battery pack. Not sure if this means the Smart will go back to the Tesla pack but the fact that Daimler is looking to expand the use of Tesla packs sounds good.

There is a huge contingency at GM Volt that thinks using 18650 cells doesn’t make sense. I’ve never really agreed with that. Tesla has the most affordable packs on a $/kwh basis. It also has the lowest wt/kwh packs.

The 2nd generation Smart ED with the Tesla pack had a lower top speed, less range, and slower acceleration, none of which were acceptable. I don’t know why the Tesla car was so lame, other than maybe what Anderlan suggests above.

It was the non-Tesla low power motor.


I wonder if this could turn into a Mercedes that has SuperCharging for that expansion that Musk just announced?

Good thought Josh. That’s the incentive that Daimler must be thinking. I bet that’s a big part of the negotiations: We’ll buy your packs but we want our rich MB drivers to be able to use the SC network.

Rich MB drivers being able to use Tesla SC network. Is that good for Tesla owners? Just wondering.

Has MB’s investment been good for Tesla owners? Will it continue to be?

Bringing Daimler cars into the Tesla Supercharger network is what will help expand the network even further.