Daimler Demonstrates New FUSO Canter E-CELL Zero Emission Truck

AUG 11 2014 BY MARK KANE 1

FUSO Canter E-Cell

FUSO Canter E-Cell

With the first announcement of the new FUSO Canter E-CELL all-electric truck, we had only an old video of the previous version.

Now, we just hunted done a new one directly from Portugal where eight of the electric trucks entered service.

It looks like a cool, compact truck, capable of delivering 3.0 t of payload with more than 100 km of range.

“100% electric. 100% emission free.
Driving range of more than 100 km.
Geared up to any task.
Made for the city.
Compact, maneuverable, and efficient.
Runs virtually noiseless.
The new Canter E-CELL.”

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Be interesting to see what the selling price will be for this very interesting mitsubishi product.

Based on a successful truck family, the truck may be a bit underpowered (only 110 kw) for a 3 ton truck, going only 55 mph, but, as I read the advertising literature you can either get 72 or 96 kwh battery versions, and it will charge on a standard j1772 connector at 32 amps, (12 hour recharge for the smaller battery), or a Fast Charge Chademo. With around a 60 mile range (on the small battery).

If the price is right, these things could make a big dent in the gas powered truck marketplace. Especially in Britain and China, where pollution tariffs are starting to go into effect against Diesel Power.