Daimler Confirms 2016 Arrival Of Next-Gen Smart Fortwo Electric & Forfour Electric

DEC 2 2014 BY MARK KANE 14

2015 Smart ForFour

2015 Smart ForFour

At a recent press conference in the upgraded Deutsche ACCUmotive facility (owned by Daimler), Managing Director Frank Blome confirmed that the facility will supply batteries not only for the next generation electric smart fortwo, but also for an all-new electric smart forfour.

This would mean that smart continues its commitment towards EVs.

“Deutsche ACCUmotive will be producing the lithium-ion batteries for the upcoming electric versions of the smart fortwo and forfour from 2016 as well as for future hybrid models of Mercedes-Benz. The development and production of our lithium-ion batteries is competitive in every respect. We are in the black at Deutsche ACCUmotive.”

With lithium-ion cell production at nearby Li-Tec to be closed by Daimler by the end of 2016, the new battery pack made at Deutsche ACCUmotive will consist of cells from an external manufacturer (possibly LG Chem).

Eventually, Deutsche ACCUmotive will supply the electric Renault Twingo, that is if the French carmaker decides to introduce an electric version of the smart forfour’s brother onto the market.

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I hope they can squeeze a little more range out of the next gen version. 68 miles is just a bit on the low side.

The new ForTwo is significantly wider, so a laterally longer pack is possible, although only by 4 inches. What’s more important is that now the petrol versions have real gearboxes, the new models have unfortunately lost their flat floor. There’s a transmission tunnel now in between the front seats. Enough to put more cells in.

There’s real potential to increase energy capacity.

Aahh! This is great! This day is proving itself to be great! I hope Smart will make the ForTwo and ForFour EDs the sportiest or sportier version in their range. If BMW can use an 18kWh pack to run the i3 to 0-60 in 7 seconds, why can’t Smart make a pocket rocket that does it in 9 seconds (or less)?

I wonder how the ForFour will stack up against the Spark EV. I guess the Spark EV is going away, so consumers probably won’t have to choose anyway.

The ForFour looks like a good competitor to the Fiat 500e.

Well, this is only confirming a ForFour ED, not that a FourFour would be sold in the US. With any bit of emission restrictions gone for the ED version, the only reason I see the FotFour not seeing US soil is that it doesn’t really have the same safety or tridion cell of the smaller Smart. This is due to the ForTwo, where the cell is made, only being built in France while the ForFour will share the same production line with the Twingo in a different factory (in Romania I think). There’s a possibility that the Forour will not have the tridion cell, that then being one reason made for it not being confirmed to be in the US. Hopefully it would, it would be foolish of Smart to not introduce it and broaden its range. And would mark the reintroduction of French cars to the states (if you pretend it’s a Twingo). For the 500e, all I can say is will it still be in production by then!? Regardless, Fiat wouldn’t even bother. As we know Smart has a proper interest in the ED (hmm, that sounds off) as they make 1/3 Noe of their sales. The 500e… Read more »

I can say pretty much for sure that if Daimler is making a ForFour ED that it will come to the US.

I have a pretty good relationship with smart’s US boss and the Daimler staff and they are really excited about the prospect of selling smart EVs in America.

…as well they should, as they sold an amazing 313 smart EDs this month, which was almost 40% of the total brand volume, lol.

I would think a ForFour EV would doom the I-MiEV, would it not? Hopefully Mitsubishi is working on improving the current model, or on getting the concept CA-MiEV into production!

I’ve test driven the SmartEd twice, and each time they survey me to find out which is most important, to which I always say, “more Range”.

If others say the same thing maybe we can get them to put a larger battery in the thing.

Increased range will probably be something we will see when they start using the LG cells by default anyway.

Even if they give it more range – like 78 miles, it will still need up upgrade that little 3.3 kW on-board Charger for a 6.6 kW one! And – they should at least make an option for some form of DC Fast Charging – to make up a bit for it’s shorter range, even if they ‘Must’ go with CCS, but I would prefer the CHAdeMO as an option!

Interesting that this car was developed together with Renault yet they are not using LG Chem batteries.

Seen this San Diego, CA Deal?


BTW: The electric Smart is about $130 but with the CA incentives it becomes the best deal of the three!

SD Smart smart expert, Nicolete Paiva, 1-858-223-4121

RE: “With lithium-ion cell production at nearby Li-Tec to be closed by Daimler by the end of 2016, the new battery pack made at Deutsche ACCUmotive will consist of cells from an external manufacturer (possibly LG Chem).”

Lots of battery improvements will occur before “the end of 2016” so expect all newer Smart eVehicles to have much more range and performance, since battery tech will be evolving before 2017 rolls around and Daimler is savvy enough to make use of it.