Daimler CEO “Agrees Entirely” That Emissions-Free Cars Are The Future


Daimler CEO, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, world premiere of the new Smart electric drive vehicles

Daimler CEO, Dieter Zetsche, premiering the new Smart electric drive vehicles. Zetsche told reporters at the Paris Motor Show that by 2025, 15 to 25 percent of Mercedes’ overall sales will rely on emissions-free cars.

Daimler-Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche shocked the Greens at the party’s congress meeting last week in Muenster. After receiving a negative welcome from the 800 environmentalists at the annual gathering, Zetsche joked:

Daimler electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Road to the future: Intelligent drive train solutions for all vehicle classes

Daimler electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Road to the future: Intelligent drive train solutions for all vehicle classes.

“Many of you probably thought ‘Letting the Daimler boss talk about transportation here is like letting (Donald) Trump talk about women’s policies’.

It might surprise some of you but I agree entirely … The decarbonization of industrial nations is necessary and carmakers will have to play a role. We’ll have to cut the CO2 emissions of all the cars we manufacture. We’ll live up to our climate policy responsibilities.”

Zetsche and company have been criticized by the Greens in the past, but he made them aware that Daimler is working to develop more emissions-free cars. The company shares the Greens’ number one goal of reducing carbon emissions. However, he doesn’t agree with the party’s stance on banning all new gas vehicles by 2030. Zetsche is well aware of the fact that the demand for vehicles is increasing considerably, and while he assures that his company is on board, only so much can become reality in a short time. He told the Greens:

“Those who see carmakers as the root of all evil might not have noticed every second electric car in Europe is made in Germany.”

Zetsche recently committed to the production of at least 10 electric cars by 2025. He told reporters at the Paris Motor Show that by that time, 15 to 25 percent of Mercedes’ overall sales will rely on zero-emission vehicles.

The Greens are once again gaining favor in many of Germany’s federal states. If the party is in a position of power, they have agreed to focus even more effort on zero-emission policy, and while they are at it, they plan to heavily tax the wealthiest citizens.

Source: Reuters

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Yeah, all will agree entirely till the dude with the jacked up hair elect starts chipping away the mandates.

When that happens they will all suddenly disagree.

Don’t be short-sighted. The U.S. Isn’t the only market on this planet, and even if it were, Trump could only do so much to halt progress. Private investments will win outt.

Don’t you think electrified transportation will soon be able to stand on it’s own, without government subsidy and legislative mandates?

Koch brothers and Johnson brothers of Oklahoma supported establishment Republicans like Bush and Cruz.

The tipping point is coming when Tesla and Mercedes, LG Chem and Samsung will produce enough cells and packs to level the playing field with ICE-mobiles.

No need to blame politicos for not being able
to find an unblocked charger in the wild. The change will come about organically through competition and the free market. It just takes lots and lots of time. Be patient.

Soon too, is the time we need to press our government to STOP subsidizing the oil and gas industry, too!

The only thing that is currently stopping me from owning a EV is a 200 mile range used EV for under $10,000. Along with hundreds of quick chargers.

I personally don’t think Trump is going to ban EV’s granted he might take away some tax credits.

The biggest danger to EV’s are these stupid state governments adding milage taxes or heavy registration fees to the EV’s not being gas cars.

“Those who see carmakers as the root of all evil might not have noticed every second electric car in Europe is made in Germany.” – this is simply not true!

Maybe it was supposed to be, “every second AN electric car is made in Germany”??

Otherwise, why didn’t he just say 50%?

However, 60 cars/minute seems very high.

he may be referring to the number of car models as opposed to the number of car units produced.

the phrasing he used sounds more dramatic than to say “50%” or “half”, but it is also more prone to multiple interpretations as to what he means and what he is counting as an “electric car”.

He means ICE because it has an electric starter, a battery and lots of electrics. That’s enough to call it electric car.

When looking at plugins it’s true. When looking at BEVs it’s not remotely close.


It took them long enough to figure this out.

Better to be late than never.

Maybe Not by Choice…

If he believes EV is only for green, they’ll continue to make cars like SmartED. Tesla beating comparable Mercedes in sales isn’t only due to green cred. EV can be better than gas cars even without green excuse. Instead of giving “green” excuse for making slow and no DCFC SmartED, make some compelling EV if Mercedes doesn’t want to be extinct.

By the way, I think I converted (another) Mercedes driver to Tesla. 🙂

Congratulations, SparkEV. There are plenty of owners locally whom I know that bought their Tesla because it was what they wanted as a vehicle first. The environment, well, I can tell you some of them initially didn’t care. When you drive all-electric after a while, you notice you have a heightened awareness of exhaust smells. Then you notice other things. The quiet is probably the first everyone notices, when you can hear the ICE vehicles puttering around you.


“You notice you have a heightened awareness of exhaust smells” Thank you! I thought it was because my immune system was getting shot.

I have to applaud both the greens for inviting him and him accepting.
And even if most of those EVs are years away, the importance of his commitment is really a big thing for all companies building EVs.

“We’ll have to cut the CO2 emissions of all the cars we manufacture.”

Pardon my skepticism, but that doesn’t sound like an auto exec promising more PEVs. That sounds like an auto exec promising that their gasmobile motors will be more efficient.

I don’t want them to merely “cut” the CO2 emissions… and more importantly, the emissions of actual air pollution, which CO2 isn’t. I want them to eliminate the pollutants!

if you noted, zetsche expressed opposition to the idea of banning all new gasoline cars after 2030. the problem faced by daimler is that they make a number of cars for which they probably haven’t figured out how to make them emissions free. for example, how would you make an emissions-free b#@z-o s-class? what would an emissions-free mandate do to the amg line?

my impression is that daimler is thinking in terms of a fuel cell/bev hybrid approach to achieve emissions free operation without the long recharge times of bev-only cars, but fuel cell has a long way to go to become a viable energy source for automotive use.

obviously, daimler, like many automakers, is going to need to be prompted by regulatory imperatives, but for now, they haven’t figured out how to replace gasoline across an entire vehicle line.

If you are waiting for someone to make a pollutant-free vehicle, you are going to be waiting a long time.

Might as well expect them to make unicorns for us to ride…

Cutting emissions/pollutants is the best we are going to do, because there will always be emissions/pollutants associated with the production of the car.

And the production of the energy that propels the car.

He’s obviously out of date. Could someone tell this guy that Trump won the elections…

If they cared, they’d make real-range PHEVs or BEVs. |”at least 10 electric cars by 2025″, but 80% of these will be abominations with 6kWh battery and <12mi AER, like the E350e. What a waste of engineering talent & resources — these cars will be driven 90% on gas.

They didn't even bother upgrading the range on the Smart ED to 90-100mi, to make it a more compelling car.

You mean more like 100% driven on gas. When AER is so low that you know you’d be burning gas on all trips, hassle of plugging in is not worth it. And that’s me who drive third cheapest EV, imagine those who can afford Mercedes.

Sure, there may be few eco-conscious who may plug in, but they would’ve got Tesla in the first place, not some sorry excuse of EV.

Dieter has made some uninformed comments recently about EVs so this is a turnabout.

7 months ago he said the public wanted more AMG models, not plug-in cars.

3 months ago Dieter said plugin plans will be accelerated.

1 month ago “We aim to be leader in premium electric vehicle segment”

Today it’s emissions free cars are the future. What a quick turnaround Dieter!

This must be because he carved his mustache a little bit more uptick.

It’s interest to read how much hate was attributed to Trump and how the American people nevertheless embraced this man as the leader of their Nation. We are now the laughing stock of the World, and no longer the leader of Freedom. George Carlin was correct in every sense of the words “The average person is stupid.”

I think what we have here is another fossil fuel President like George W. Bush only with a lot more hate and an energy policy based on a disbelief in climate change.

I look for RE to take major hits from this administration and for the move to EVs to be even slower than it has been. The driver for EVs is the Tesla Company, our progressive states and the foreign auto makers who must meet tough emission standards at home. “Get goin’ Elon.”

Another Euro point of view

Translation of what Mr. Dieter Zetsche says likely is: “We checked with our cost accountants and now start to believe we could make a few $$ selling PHEV & EVs”.
If correct it is much better news than a sudden environmental awareness crisis they could forget about tomorrow (see US elections for ex.).