Daily Ticker: Are Investors Prepared For Any “Growing Pains” At Tesla? (video)

MAR 3 2014 BY JAY COLE 8

The Daily Ticker’s Aaron Task and Rick Newman, columnist at Yahoo Finance, debate if Tesla’s current investors have any tolerance for “growing pains” at the company – something the company has not had a lot of recently as its stock has surged 625% this past year.

Two Guys Work On The Model S At Tesla's Freemont Facility, While Five Others Levitate The Car With The Power Of Their Minds

Two Guys Work On The Model S At Tesla’s Freemont Facility, While Six Others Levitate The Car With The Power Of Their Minds

Topics of concern were ‘what if’ the battery fires turned out to be a real thing, ‘what if’ an ongoing NHTSA investigation into one of the fires prompts a recall of “every car that Tesla has on the road,” and issues that could arise at their new “Giga factory”.

Thankfully, the piece is not a hatchet job on Tesla’s evaluation, but rather more of a frank discussion with a lot of praise and hope for the future of the California auto maker.

The Daily Ticker’s host sums it all up fairly well in closing the piece:

“…if anybody could do it, it would seem in this world, it would be Elon Musk.  Some would say, ‘if you had a chance to bet on Tony Stark, wouldn’t you do it?’, and that is what shareholders are doing right now – betting on Elon Musk”

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I think when Tesla starts building 500,000 electric cars a year that’s going to trigger a lot weight shifting with US and global oil demand. It might even be possible for some small island nations or even small states with the Bahamas as a example to go oil free in the next ten years.

That would be great. Wind, hydo and solar could possibly allow them to go coal and nuke free too…..

Some might be prepared and some might not.

I guess it is a matter of how many serious downturns you have been lived thru.

I still remember the mini crash of 1980….but the 2000 (or so) crash was a tough one as well as the last one in 2008.

One of my friends rode the Nasdaq from 5000 to 2500 and he still hasn’t recovered.

Another friend of mine’s wife committed suicide after the big mortgage crash.

…. so let the buyer beware.

I stil wouldn’t want to buy it’s stock in that I I feel it’s going to crash unless Tesla lives up to it’s god like image of being superman.

@ George – the NASDAQ -has- recovered, as has the S&P and Most of the financial sector (seriously hurt by regulation IMO). Less than five years from a Major economic disaster.
The people hurt by
2008, 2000, 1980 -and don’t forget the computer-driven October 1987 which was devastating to day traders-
were those that could not ride out with what they already owned – they panicked and they paid. A newly retired (2007-09) was crippled by that crash, others needn’t have been, their choice.

I have a lot of trust for Tesla, after all, if Tesla can’t make it, who will?
call me crazy but all my eggs are in Tesla’s basket.
I see Tesla becoming more of an energy solution company than just a car company.
apple is worth over 400 billions, and they just make phones, tablets and the likes.
I see Tesla bigger in a few years than Apple. I could be wrong but that’s my bet.

Analysis by Wall Street people always comes with a hidden agenda; they are all part of the Casino we now call the stock market. Does this guy have friends with “TSLA shorts?” Sounds like it…don’t listen to them; do your own research, do it daily and get to know the company and its products, then if you want to gamble, have at it. But, remember these guys are professional gamblers who get their information on individual stock long before you do.

There are 2 things that Mr Newman said during this interview that suggest he is not worth listening to. The first is “when car fires become a safety issue we hear about them”. This is a ridiculous statement. Thousands of people die in ICEV car fires every year. How many have we heard about in the same way we did the Tesla fires (where no-one was even injured let alone killed)?

Secondly, batteries. Mr Newman implies Tesla’s batteries are something new. The 18650 cell has been available since the dawn of the portable PC and have become progressively more energy dense (at least 4-fold from what I can remember) and much cheaper. Tesla already pays the least amount for its batteries of any EV manufacturer. Its planned factory will halve that cost again. Not Moore’s Law but something not far off. MW