DAF Trucks Delivers First All-Electric CF Truck To Jumbo

DEC 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

First electric DAF entered service in the Netherlands

DAF Trucks has delivered its first fully electric CF Electric truck – introduced this summer – to Dutch supermarket chain, Jumbo. The truck was developed in partnership with VDL, known in Europe mostly from its electric buses.

Jumbo intends to use the CF Electric to supply its supermarkets in the south of the Netherlands. With range of around 100 km (62 miles) the truck is capable of deliveries within a radius of about 50 km. The target application in distribution within urban areas.

“The first DAF CF Electric to enter in-service operations represents a significant milestone for DAF Trucks, VDL and Jumbo. Delivery of the fully electric DAF commercial vehicle marks the start of a series of long-term field tests using both fully electric and hybrid trucks.”

The charging will be done at the Jumbo distribution center in Veghel using solar electricity.

DAF CF Electric – Technical Specification:

  • Tractor weight 9,700 kg (gross weight of 37,000 kg)
  • Electric motor: 210 kW (286 hp), 2,000 Nm continuous and  240 kW (326 hp) peak
  • Capacity batteries 170 kWh
  • Range 100 km (62 miles)
  • Quick battery charge 30 minutes
  • Full battery charge 1.5 hours

Jumbo takes delivery of first DAF CF Electric

DAF Trucks President Harry Wolters said:

“The transport sector is about to undergo a major transformation. Electric trucks look set to become the norm for deliveries in urban areas. Not today and not next year, but definitely within the foreseeable future. I am particularly proud that today marks the beginning of a large-scale field testing project that will see DAF working in collaboration with VDL and Jumbo. This project, “he adds, “will allow us to gather useful data and experience in relation to both the technology and the operational aspects. We can then use our findings to ensure that the final series-production model provides the ideal solution to future market requirements.”

Jumbo CEO Frits van Eerd said:

“Introducing this new electric truck is the next step towards our goal of implementing a sustainable strategy for our vehicle fleet. Our business puts us right at the heart of the community, and our ultimate goal is to be using electric vehicles to supply 45% of our shops. By 2020, we hope to have reduced CO2 emissions from Jumbo’s vehicle fleet by 50% compared with 2008.”

Willem van der Leegte from VDL Groep explains:

“It is truly wonderful to see three companies from the Brabant region come together in this way. Today’s events put Jumbo, DAF and VDL at the forefront of work to develop emission-free transport and reduce noise levels. We are working on the basis that this approach will become the norm in urban areas. The DAF CF Electric featuring E-Power Technology from VDL provides transporters with the ideal solution to their needs and represents a major step forward in terms of achieving sustainability in goods transport and distribution.”

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Everyone but Tesla launches its electric trucks but gets 0.1% of the news coverage. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

That rather pathetic 62 miles of range doesn’t have quite the wow-factor of Tesla’s 500 miles of range I guess.

“The target application is distribution within urban areas.”
To pay for, and carry around, batteries you do not need would be “rather pathetic” planning.

One trick horse may have its use but not the diesel obsoleting wow factor.

Anything thats going to save 40gals a week is good.

Why don’t you start your own EV website rather then trolling with your anti-Tesla bias here and at Electrek?

62 miles from 170kWh? That’s only .365 miles per kWh. Tesla is claiming more than .5 miles per kWh. Guess aerodynamics really matter.

“The target application is distribution within urban areas.”
For which areodynamics are not so relevant.

The horrible efficiency says it does.

It’s only “horrible” if you’re comparing it with vapourware.

Like Roadster, Model s, Model X and Model 3 were vaporware? At some point one would expect even the dimmest to see the pattern.


Cool. More please

They are making a start, the range especially needs improving,hopefully after 6-12 months improvements will be made before they go into mass production.

The truck itself is probably developped for this client only, but the Jumbo supermarket chain is working on an integrated solution. They installed 2.187.000 kWh (per year) of solar on one of their distribution centers, which will (partially) power the trucks. Some store locations will have quick chargers, so the truck can be charged while unloading and the limited range is not a problem at all. From their DC in Veghel in the south of the Netherlands an 100 km loop will connect 30 or so supermarket locations, so there’s lots of potential for this project.

Very smart.

62miles of range is not a big deal as the routes are well defined. Besides, as battery densities rise, the same battery volume will offer more and more range in coming years.

What?With 62 miles or around 100 km this truck can’t even make it two towns over?