Custom Zero by Bruno Gallardo Concepts


Somehow the Zero motorcycle inspires some amazing designs, which we noted awhile back.  Here’s the latest – remarkable work by designer Bruno Gallardo.

Now, this isn’t just some work of a designer’s dreams.  According to the Hollywood Electrics Facebook page, it has been built:

Hope you’re rolling on something amazing this year, like this concept Zero Motorcycles designed by Bruno Gallardo & made operational in the Hollywood Electrics workshop of dreams!

We knew those guys had talent, but this is over the top.

Here are some of the early concept shots, on to what appear to be final studio shots (complete with ripped background paper – either sloppy photography, or a brilliant effort to make a rendering seem real.  Inquiring minds want to know.)

...working the sketches

…working the sketches

One of the final designs

One of the final designs – suspension linkages visible under seat

The final bike

The final bike?

Rear/side view, showing rear suspension links.

Rear/side view, showing rear suspension links (and ripped background paper)

One of the most intriguing features, visible above, is the rear suspension linkage using the shock assembly tucked up under the “tank”.  We’ll be keeping an eye on this – can you say, “video”?

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My brain hurts. Either I am just that far behind or this things is that far ahead. I “think” “I see a four point torsion to the seat, but how is the kinematics being transferred from the rear wheel?

You can see a part linking the seat to the arm on the sketch, it is also noticable on the photographic.

Thanks. Thought I was going crazy.

Look at the size of that rear sprocket.
Any specs on battery and motor?
0-60 time off the scale no doubt.

I’m not a fan of the robotic motorcycle look. I don’t especially see why electrics need to have it. Electric motors have been around since the 19th century.

I’m not saying electric motorcycles should not have this look ever. I’m saying it would be nice if someone builds a classic looking electric bike.

like the classic racer look.

I think that the people making electric motorcycles just really don’t get the design aspect, and they, so far, have refused to hire someone who does get it. So we get lots of silly angular nonsense that makes them look like a toy a grade schooler might play with.