Check Out This Custom Electric BMW Motorcycle


An electrifying classic BMW.

Dutch product designer Luuc Muis takes pleasure in the finer things in life—incredible craftsmanship, technology, a good steak and everything about riding a motorcycle.  That’s why his innovations are not only sleek but also include attention to every sensory detail.

Most recently, LUUC.MUIS.CREATIONS was inspired by Barbara Custom Motorcycles to design an e-bike prototype that merges a stripped-down 1970’s BMW R80 with its own version of an electric motor called the E-drive.  Specifically tailored for this project concept, Muis reuses the engine crankcase of the R combustion engine exchanging, as he explains, “the entire engine with an Electric drive-train while keeping the BMW aesthetics of the R engine.”

However, the bike is not just beautiful to behold, it would also deliver a holistic riding experience, which Muis believes is not just part of the pleasure but also a factor directly linked to safety.  After all, much of the understanding we have of our bikes while we ride is communicated through sounds, smells, and sensations.

For Muis it’s simple: “Give E-drive the sense of functional sound, the sound to indicate: the engine is on, someone is approaching, acceleration, speed, malfunction (we have all heard the weird ticking noises in our cars at some point). This sound could easily be generated through mechanical principles since it’s nothing else than frequency air displacement.”

Additionally, Muis insists that we relate strongly through the movement and handling of a regular bike, characteristics that don’t need to be lost to the typical one-gear e-bike motor.  Instead, he suggests adding a gearbox, which “keeps the experience of doing something with your machine,” an interaction that can help keep riders safe.

All this comes in a gorgeous package, one that references the popular vintage roots of the R80 with more modern, seemingly weightless touches like the floating saddle, silvery spokes, dropped bars and original tank repurposed as a central hub.

Yes, please.

SOURCES: Luuc Muis CreationsBarbara Custom Motorcycles

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Is it common to sit so high up on a bike?
I’d vote no on gears, except for performance or top-speed reasons.
No you don’t need to be “doing something”.

No thumbs down from me

Change title to reflect reality: “Check out this drawing of a custom electric BMW motorcycle.”

I like to draw, too – how do I get you to repost another site’s article about my drawings?

Yes, it’s stylish, but it has a chain instead of the BMW driveshaft that helped make them legendary.

It looks like a belt drive – not a chain…..

Hmm. Not much bmw there . Looks groovy I guess . Not a fan of all the bobber whatever without fenders as impossible to go in the rain. Oh well it’s all fashion.

This is a @barbaramotorcycles design / please remove our design from this article ( the Stealth E Type ) thank you !!

this guy has stolen quiet evrything on this design from the BARBARA R80 VAILLANT !!! 🙁