Curtiss Zeus Concept Becomes A Bobber And A Cafe Racer


The original Zeus concept has evolved into two production-ready electric bikes, almost.

Curtiss Motorcycles introduced two supposedly production-ready electric motorcycles at EICMA based on the Zeus Concept. The Zeus Bobber has swoopy lines and curves that evoke the classic bobber design, while the Zeus Cafe Racer is all about straight lines and sharp angles in its rather different design.

Curtiss, formerly known by the not politically correct name Confederate Motorcycles, has completely transformed itself in the past year. It has changed not only its name but also its direction, leaving gas motorcycles in the past along with its former name and embracing the future of electric bikes in partnership with Zero. Curtiss now considers even the Zeus prototype to be obsolete and as graceful as a cinder block.

The Zeus lineup appears to have a completely different drivetrain than the prototype since the production bikes lack its big blocky body. While there are no official performance specifications yet, Curtiss is aiming for 280 miles of range, 145 pound-feet of torque, and a 0-60 mph time of 2.1 seconds with a 140-kilowatt motor.

Although Curtiss is calling these bikes production-ready, they still look like concepts and lack amenities like mirrors, license plate frames, and padded seats that are necessary on any bike intended for the street. Curtiss is still saying the Bobber and Cafe Racer will begin production in 2020, but it’s unlikely that we’ll get exactly the bikes we see here. I hope they’re close, though.

That’s around the same time we may, finally, hopefully, see the Harley-Davidson Livewire, which we have some opinions about. Compared to the Zeus twins, the Livewire looks like even more of a cinder block with a little bit of scaffolding around it. While the Curtiss bikes are aesthetically pleasing (the Bobber is more to my taste, though I appreciate both of them), the Livewire has lingered on for so long that it’s fallen behind the times—one could say rather like Harley itself.

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7 Comments on "Curtiss Zeus Concept Becomes A Bobber And A Cafe Racer"

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Another image of a concept bike with no detail and … oh why bother.

As for being production ready? Are they having a larf?

One thing they didn’t change is that weird giant lateral piece of pipe near the front…

280mi of range… For a completely unfaired bike? ROFL.
At what speed, and what size pack? I’ll believe it when someone actually tests a real prototype.

The trick is to find a new design language that doesn’t revolve around the steampunk theatrics of exposed internal combustion engines and its paraphernalia like exhaust pipes and gas tanks and I think this concept does a great job at that.

Disagree, because of the gratuitous & very obvious “gas tank” and “transmission housing” elements .

No doubt this is just another concept design, not a production ready bike. 145 ft lb of torque out of a 140 kw motor?????? My Energica Eva 107 puts out 148 ft lb of torque with only a 107 kw motor. The big open area below and in front of the seat looks cool but it takes away from space for the battery and other components. And they are claiming range of almost four times that of the Energica’s while wasting space like that? An interesting design but unless there is some major breakthrough in battery tech that no one else knows about what we see here has not been built and rode.

Agree. That space under the seat is a waste, and would be very useful as a cargo compartment (much better than behind the rear wheel racks/topboxes).