Cumulative Plug-In Vehicle Sales Now Claimed to Top 140,000 in US


140,777 and Counting

140,777 and Counting

According to Plug In America, the cumulative tally of plug-in vehicle sold in the US is now over 140,000 units.

National Plug In Runs All Weekend This Year

National Plug In Runs All Weekend This Year

This 140,000-unit mark was surpassed just in time for the third annual National Plug In Day.

What this 140,000-unit figure tells us is that September is expected to be another strong month for sales, which we’ll officially report on October 1.

Our own running tally of current plug-in vehicle sales in the US since late 2010 puts the figure at 129,013 cumulative units sold through the end of August.  (click here to see a breakdown of sales by year, model and month).  Then there is another 4,500ish sales for the unknown amounts of the fringe players, earlier limited runs, and Tesla Roadster and Fisker Karma sales in the US

We should note that Plug In America estimates its sales figures based on this:

“Vehicle counter based on EDTA count of U.S. sales of 130,767 plug-in vehicles (BEVs, PHEVs, EREVs) from December 2010 through the end of August 2013.”

Plug In America then adds to the 130,767 on a calculated basis over the next month, meaning that its sales ticker roles in a predictable manner.  Sales don’t work that way (and they assume all Tesla Model S delivers are in the US – which they are not), but Plug In America’s end-of-month results are usually fairly accurate.

(Updated to reflect IEV totals…and to correct some math – thanks to kdawg)

Source: Plug In America

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I’m really curious to see if the big price reduction results in increased Volt sales at a steady basis and not just a monthly pop.

Me too George. Probably have to wait until October to know for sure. Man to make 12,000 requires a lot of Leaf/Pip/Model S/Ford sales too.

It does not look like supply will allow 3000/mo sales for the Leaf through the rest of the year but could it happen in September with the current inventories? JC might be able to answer whether that is even feasible.

Plug-in Prius has to show up big again.

Ford has to continue their growth.

Model S has to have a big month. The Model S along with the Volt might make the biggest difference. I am certainly out of my league on this but with the growing awareness of Tesla and their stock just turning 190, I think it makes the predictions very disruptive.

I remember discussing earlier this year “when and if” we would see a 10,000 month in 2013. We kinda skipped 10,000 straight on the way to 11,000. 12,000? I guess I will be here watching on the first.

“Our running tally of plug-in vehicle sales in the US puts the official figure at 128,668 cumulative units sold through the end of August.”
Weird, my # is 129,006? Wonder why the discrepancy?

MOD EDIT: Between us kdawg…Eric missed the 345 Volt/LEAF sales in 2010, its 129,013 according to the IEV scorecard. I’m going to go edit in some ‘win’ to the story. Thanks for catching that!

Lest we forget, the IEV scorecard also only captures the major PI automakers so the low-production or phased-out fellows, like the Fisker Karma, Coda, EV, TH!NK City, Wheego LiFe, Tango T600, Tesla Roadster and BMW Active E go uncounted in this tally. The Karma, Coda, Roadster and Th!nk City sales alone would tack on another 5,228 plug-ins or so.

It just goes to show further how the plug-ins are coming along though– even since the start of 2011, the number of plug-in cars available on the market has quadrupled.

Ford is up to 10,411, with 7,352 plug-in vehicles sold YTD. Ford should sell another 4,500 plug in vehicles by end of year, for a total of 12,000 units for 2013.

Capacity constraints is the only thing holding back sales. Since both vehicles are produced on the same production line, Ford is choosing to produce more C-Max Hybrid and Energi models and building more inventory, and allowing Focus Electric to be a special order vehicle, with dealers having demos. Total plug-in and hybrid vehicles should reach 100k for 2013.

MY2015 should bring the new Edge Energi, Lincoln MKZ Energi and MKX Energi models.