Cumulative Nissan LEAF Sales Zip Past 35,000 in US


Nissan LEAF Sales Now Exceed 35,000 in US

Nissan LEAF Sales Now Exceed 35,000 in US

“With cumulative U.S. sales passing 35,000, Nissan LEAF is bringing owners throughout the United States together to share their enthusiasm and experiences during National Plug In Day on Sept. 28 and 29.”

That Name is Found on Over 35,000 Sold Vehicles in the US

That Name is Found on Over 35,000 Sold Vehicles in the US

That’s what Nissan’s press release says, but the real story lies in the details.

Yes, Nissan is a National Plug In Day sponsor and most likely the biggest promoter/supporter of the event out of all the OEMs, but we here already know all that.

What we didn’t know is what to expect of sales figures for the Nissan LEAF in September, now we know another beat of 2,000 units is likely.

Our tally of cumulative Nissan LEAF sales shows that, through the end August, US sales of the LEAF totaled 33,635 units.

Nissan says cumulative sales are now over 35,000 in the US.

It’s simple math time.

  • 35,000 – 33,635  = well more than 1,365 units

Note: We applaud Nissan for its continued support of National Plug In Day and apologize for turning this announcement into something else entirely.  However, we were so geeked to get the scoop on LEAF sales that we just couldn’t control ourselves.

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Nice. I’m becoming more optimistic about September’s sales figures. Good to know EV momentum is continuing to roll, even with sub $3.50 gas prices. Maybe the other benefits of EV’s is starting to sink in to the general public.

OT: Does anyone know why Chevy isn’t listed as participants in the EV week? It seems like every article I read about EV week (at least in the Bay Area), it lists the cars that are available for test drives but there is no mention of either the Volt or the Spark.

It’s up to the owners whether or not they want to give test drives. When I signed up, the web form asked me if I wanted to give test drives or not.

So this is only individual owners and no company representative?

The events I have been to only included owners.

August sales were 2420. 1,365 would be a decline.

So, 1,365 + 1 plus the remaining days of this month then. 😉

I think the Ford C-Max and Energi models will it 600 each again for September.

Since production started at Flat Rock, that now allows more Fusion Energi production from Hermosillo, daily inventory has jumped to over 3.5k units, and over 1k units more than the Fusion Hybrid. On the flip side, C-Max Hybrid daily inventory is over 5k and double the C-Max Energi daily inventory levels.

But the big push is for the Fusion Energi.

There are over $5,500 in incentives available for the 2013 Fusion Energi. Also the lease+down payment for the 2013 Fusion Energi SEL is less than $20/mo more than the Fusion Hybrid SE.

And a charging station is not ‘required’ for the energi models, as the battery can fully recharge overnight in 7 hours using a 240v outlet.

“And a charging station is not ‘required’ for the energi models, as the battery can fully recharge overnight in 7 hours using a 240v outlet.”

I’m confused. If it takes 7 hours at 240v, would it take 14 hours at 120v?

I have got a Volt, and for now and so far am just using 120V. Full charge gets me 40 miles typically. I typically don’t fully run it down to nothing within a day, but if I do recharging at 120v takes 10 hours. Thought the Fusion had about 20 miles of range give or take. Figured it should be able to charge that in 5 hours at 120v and only a couple hours at 240v.

Sorry, that’s 7 hours at 120v.

Is Flat Rock producing? I’m working on a bunch of stuff for them. Not sure which car it’s for. S550 program.

Never mind. I see S550 is for the Mustang.

Ford are losers with their fake EVs.

35,000, hard to beleaf!

My LEAF lease is up in 14 months. I am going to my dealer next month to but my name on the list to make sure I do not go one day without a LEAF. I sure want a 2014!