Cumulative Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Exceed 40,000

JUN 30 2014 BY MARK KANE 10

LEAF gets a quick charge in Japan

LEAF gets a quick charge in Japan

It took more time than we previously anticipated, but finally Nissan has made it – 40,000 LEAFs are now on the Japanese roads.

Such result is achieved after 42 months of deliveries, which brings the long-term average to over 950 units per month.  (Nissan posted 50,000 sold in the US last month – story)

The latest step was over 700-units sold in May, which represents partial recovery from April. 743 is also approximately 5% more than in 2013.

After the first five months of the year Nissan delivered 5,596 LEAFs in Japan, which is over 20% more than 4,641 in 2013.

Not bad at all, but we are always hoping for more and waiting on the e-NV200 results, which will enter the market before the end of the year.

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Brian Henderson

18 months ago, LEAF sales in Japan and US were neck in neck. While LEAF sales in Japan have increased each quarter; sales in the US have really taken off over the past 18 months.

US weekly production rate is now exceeding Japan’s monthly LEAF production rate
741 per MONTH (JP) vs. 779 per WEEK (US on 3117/mo) for May. This also means there are now more LEAFs delivered in just California per month than in all of Japan! 8~)

Big Solar

Does everyone with a Leaf in japan get Leaf to grid?

Brian Henderson

No. LEAF-to-Home is a separate purchase just like a EVSE 240V charging connection is typically done outside an EV purchase. Cost would be equilivent to $3500-$5500 in US.

More info (in Japanese)

David Murray

You know, as many Leafs as Nissan has sold worldwide, I think it can be stated for sure that the car is profitable to them. I still see the occasional comment that Nissan loses money on the Leaf. Well, considering how many they’ve sold that is a lot of money to have lost.


Seriously? Not compared to the profit they make on their ICE/gas cars.


Agreed, they’re not selling below cost. Probably not even a paper cost by now but probably R&D etc for the next generation would be eating a lot of profit. Anyway it’s obvious they’re serious about this and it’s not going away.


I think the PHEV Mits Outlander is going to put a hurt on LEAF sales (and other *EVs).

David Murray

Maybe.. But didn’t Nissan recently say they are going to build some sort of PHEV? I imagine they are preparing for the competition. Actually, the competition already exists in Japan and Europe.

Brian Henderson

But, lowest sales in 8 months … (inpart due to limited all-electric range)

Jouni Valkonen

My guess is that Tesla will overtake Nissan in 2017 or 2018.