Crevier BMW Installs 4 DC Fast Chargers, 6 Level 2 EVSEs


The BMW-branded i DC fast chargers are now showing up at dealerships in the U.S.

The first such dealer to install the BMW i DC fast chargers is Crevier BMW of Santa Ana, California..

Crevier didn’t install just one fast charger.  Nope…the dealer elected to install 4 DC fast chargers, which can deliver just over 20 kW.

These four fast chargers (estimated dealership cost of $7,000 per unit) compliment the dealerships 6 J1772 Level EVSEs.

How’s that for dealership support of electric vehicles?  Is there any other dealer in the U.S. with 10 or more chargers?

Specs On The BMW i DC Fast Charger

Specs On The BMW i DC Fast Charger

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My only nits is that this dealer won’t offer 24 hour avalaibility (even though no payments are required, nor is any employees interaction required).

Also, I recommend a voluntary donation box to show support to this dealer concept. Surely, at least a few dollar tip would be appropriate from we electric vehicle drivers?

Well . . . they are ‘semi-fast’ chargers. Those are the 25KW CCS chargers.

Great idea, why didn’t Tesla think of that? Instead those superchargers are tucked away along highways where they are of no use to anybody. (end of sarcasm)

Tesla is the only company with a well-thought out fast-charging plan. The rest of the EV biz is still fighting a standards war and relying upon government to help get fast-chargers installed.

Relying on the government works in Europe and Japan where they have had commitments to support EVs and reduce greenhouse gases. In the USA, too many loopy people think the government is evil and think climate change is a hoax such that our DC-fast charger deployment has been meager and very disorganized.

The only problem with Tesla’s strategy is that it requires cars with huge batteries. For now, that remains a small niche of wealthy. But if they can get battery prices down, Tesla’s supercharger system wins. Period. Everyone should just adopt it and Tesla will go down in the history books at the EV company that created their own smart charging system and got the entire industry to adopt it. Normal 240V AC charge at home and superchargers when driving long distance. (And L2 charging occasionally).

Amen! To both of you.

iirc: Technically every Model S 80 has $2000 of the cost applied to the superchargers so they are ‘prepaid’ rather than free.

Well my local BMW dealer has a standard chargepoint unit and they charge $10 per hour!

$10/hour!?!? Who in the world would ever use that except someone completely stranded at that spot.

I definitely love seeing dealerships investing into EV sales. This dealer is obviously serious about the EV movement.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

24kW? Quintuple that and we’re getting somewhere…

I’ll take the 24kW over the 3.3kW (octuple) of my car any day.

I dunno. I’ll take many 24KW chargers over very few 50KW chargers. 4X the 24KW charger is kinda pointless because no cars can handle that besides Teslas which use a different standard.

Rawdon chevrolet in quebec province. I think they got 15 x L2 chargers all round their building !

I attended a meeting a few weeks ago about fast charger deployment locations in North Carolina. The debate comes down to “Clusters or Corridores”. Some people want lots of fast chargers in major population centers and others wanted to be able to drive all around the state and have fast chargers support that.

And they couldn’t think of a way to have both a corridor and a clustered model?

Must be a large dealership if they have a spare 200kw available, or maybe, do they get any zev credis ?

ZEV credits would go to manufacturers, not dealers, and there would not be any for charge stations.