Creative Deals Key to Selling Spark EV, Fiat 500e, BMW i3, Honda Fit EV and Nissan LEAF


Despite their widespread availability, it is still relatively uncommon to see an electric vehicle being driven by someone you personally know.  And when you do see an electrified vehicle—whether driven by a celebrity or someone known to you—there’s a high likelihood that it will be a Toyota Prius (yes, that’s an electrified vehicle, but certainly not electric).

Heck Even the Honda Fit EV Now Costs Only $259 Per Month to Lease...Collision Coverage Included...Unlimited Mileage

Heck Even the Honda Fit EV Now Costs Only $259 Per Month to Lease…Collision Coverage Included…Unlimited Mileage

Recently however, other manufacturers such as Nissan, BMW, Chevy, Honda and Fiat, have been stepping up their marketing and sales efforts in order to compete with Toyota’s sort-of-electric-ish giant.

But how do you break into a market whose specific client base is so dominated by a single vehicle?  And, is there a way to convince buyers to make the conversion from gas-burning hybrids to pure electric vehicles? For these manufacturers, the answer is to get creative.

Often the biggest sticking point for electric cars is the price tag.  To counter this, the federal government and certain states are offering tax incentives for EVs.  Georgia is offering an income tax of $5,000, and the federal tax credit is, as we all know, $7,500.

But the money-savings for electric vehicles doesn’t end there.  Anyone who has owned a car knows just how expensive it is to fill it up with gas.  Imagine being able to cut out the majority of those expenses.  Of course, you will now have to charge your car, but the cost of charging an electric car is much less than the cost of filling it up with gas.

On top of these money-saving incentives, automakers like Nissan are offering further deals. Nissan decreased the base price of their electric option, LEAF, by over $6,000, making the EV now an ultra competitively-priced option, at just over $21,000.  This price decrease has dramatically increased the number of LEAFs sold this year alone.

New Nissan Advertising Strategy:  Show The LEAF.  Focus on Low Price and Cost Savings

New Nissan Advertising Strategy: Show The LEAF. Focus on Low Price and Cost Savings

And the people at Nissan are certainly not the only ones to have caught on.  Chevrolet announced the release of its 2014 Spark EV, available for lease at a rate as low as $199 a month. What this means is that the Chevy Spark EV is now available for a low price that is comparable to that of the Nissan LEAF and even other gas-powered (yuck) alternatives.

Fiat Throws in Some Rentals with the 500e...Lease it for $199 Per Month

Fiat Throws in Some Rentals with the 500e…Lease it for $199 Per Month

BMW and Fiat have gone one step further though. Another common hangup that people have regarding EVs is the fact that a four-hour charge is required every 80 miles (or so, depending on the vehicle and charge rate of course).  This need for frequent charging can make an electric vehicle less than ideal when it comes to cross-country road trips. Many buyers are willing to overlook this slight snag because of all of the cost benefits of an EV.

BMW i3

BMW i3

But BMW and Fiat have come up with a solution that addresses this problem head-on.  BMW solves the problem by offering a free loaner car with each i3 purchase, with a limit for how many times they can use the loaner per year.  Fiat, too, is offering up to 12 days per year of free rentals through Enterprise, which could come in handy for more than just your average road trip.

What all of this shows us is that, not only are more automakers offering solid EV options, but they are now offering deals to make these vehicles attractive to even the general public.

It sort of seems that automakers are now willing to offer whichever deals are necessary to convince us to at least try electric out. And for as long as they keep benefiting us, we are more than content to let them keep doing so!  Bring on those deals!

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Here we welcome Sladen to the InsideEVs team!!

Yes, yes bring on those deals. I expect the incumbents will offer a charging deal to compete with the “FREE” Tesla Super Charging Network.


Yes! Give me something I can afford now while I continue to save up for the $30,000.00 Tesla when it comes out.

I got excited about the $259 lease special for the Honda Fit EV. Jumped thru all the hoops on Honda website. Salesguy here at Hardin Honda in Anaheim CA must not be getting enough commissions on it because all he did was try to talk me out of buying an EV. Telling me all the reasons why I should buy a standard car in case of power outage & any other reason you could imagine why I should NOT buy an EV. And they wonder why nobody will buy them!? You have got to be kidding me. The entire car buying experience and culture is so out of date. The technology is here but the salesman & independent car dealerships are run by neanderthals.

and folks wonder why Tesla wants to sell direct.

The title says it all, these are all mini cars that have a market for sure but what people really expect are real full size cars like a Camry or a BMW 5. They like an EV but don’t want to get into a shoebox. Room is still the number one expected item.