Crazy OSET’s Driver Storms the Embassy (video)

NOV 17 2013 BY MARK KANE 5

OSET 20.0 48V

OSET 20.0 48V

OSET 20.0 is supposedly an electric bike for 7-13 year-old children, but it turns out that adults can have loads of fun on it too.

Here is an insanely crazy video in which we can see what the 1200 W at 48 V system can do:

“Chris Northover rides his Oset electric trials bike in, under and on the old Russian consulate on the infamous Billionaires Row. This video is packed with extreme technical trickery on this amazing”

The OSET’s 20.0 48V MSRP starts at $2,199 and company offers less costly and lower powered versions.


– Maximum Speed – 15/20mph
– Maximum Range – 10 miles
– Weight Limit (Rider) – 100lbs (45.5kg)
– Frame – Steel
– Suspension (Front) – Telesc opic air fork. Adjustable rebound
– Suspension (Rear) – Spring & oil type, adjustable rebound.
– Wheels – 19” aluminum alloy, 36H hubs.
– Tires – 2.5” x 20” wide front & rear.
– Brakes – Hydraulic disc, 160mm.
– Foot pegs – Alloy.
– Handlebars – Alloy.
– 1200 watt brush type. 48 volt.
– Gearing – 10T front sprocket, 86T rear. #219 chain.
– 48 volt, 100 amp pulse width modulating, with inline relay and fuse.
– External speed button (75% & 100%) and throttle ‘map/response’ dial.
– Twist type with LED battery charge indicator.
– 4 X 12 volt 10 amp hour sealed lead acid AGM. 4 batteries in series.
– Dimensions – 151mm x 65mm x 110mm (each).
Keys, Dials and Ports:
– Key Switch. Optional handlebar switch.
– Speed switch (75% & 100%).
– Throttle map/response dial. Tunable response.
– 48 Volt Charger Port.
– Wheelbase – 41.5” (1040mm)
– Seat Height – 21.5 ” (545mm)
– Ground Clearance – 10.5” (265mm)
– Handlebar Height – 37” (985mm)
– Weight (without batteries) – 49 lbs (22.2kg)
– Weight (with batteries) – 79 lbs (35.8kg)”

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The Oset 20 is a blast, my 10 year old son loves it! I switched over to a 48v Li-Ion pack on ours needless to say a big improvement over the SLAs.

1200 watt motor is pretty good.

hats off for the younger generation!!

Pretty cool indeed… but why does this guy decide to only wear his helmet indoor, where I’d reckon he’s quite a bit less likely to get hit by another motorist?

Riding on the street is just for show.
And, by the looks of it, he surely is in more danger of hitting other objects with his head indoors than by being hit by another motorist!