Crash Involving Tesla Model S And Gas-Fueled Car Results In ICE Vehicle Fire


The Tesla Model S is one of the safest cars in the world, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Despite a few fires involving the Model S, electric cars, in general, are inherently safe. In fact, statistics shows that ICE cars are far more likely to catch fire following a collision than an electric car and that’s precisely what we’re seeing here.

The image above captures the aftermath of what appears to be a rather serious collision involving a Tesla Model S and a compact, gas-fueled car. The accident occurred yesterday evening in Contern, Luxembourg.

5Minutes reports only the following (via Google Translate):

“Few details were given about the circumstances of the accident that led to this quite impressive shot. All we know for now is that there was a collision between Contern and Syren around 15:00 and a car was in flames.”

What the image does capture is what we’d expect to see…a damaged electric car not on fire, with the gas-fed car engulfed in flames. This would be the most common scenario, not the other way around.

There’s no info as to the status of the occupants of either car available to us at this time.

Source: 5Minutes via Teslarati

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But this photo isn’t as exiting, and doesn’t push a specific agenda. So you’ll never see it on Fox News.

Welllll….. that’s not entirely accurate. It does push OUR agenda. 🙂

But we don’t have a television network.


Shucky darn:

Rating Channel 2015 viewers
10 Fox News Channel 1,775,000
38 MSNBC 576,000

Fox is a free channel. MSNBC can only be seen if you pay for it – hence, different viewing audiences. (Fox never mentions that when throwing around their ratings.)

Now back to electric cars…

Nope, that’s a different channel. “Fox” is a free channel, but “Fox News Channel” is a pay cable channel. There is also a Fox Sports 1 channel and a Fox Sports 2 channel on cable TV.

Scott, you forgot to mention that your link also shows that Fox New Channel is gaining viewers, while MSNBC is losing viewers.

No, in most markets Fox News is included in the basic cable/dish/directTV package, while MSNBC is only included with more expensive packages. That’s part of the reason you see Fox News on in most public places, because the proprieters don’t want to pay for more than basic cable. Well that and they’re also probably teabaggers.

CNN,Fox News, and MSNBC are usually on the same package.

Fox Business News,CNBC and Bloomberg News are usually on the higher priced packages.

CNN is almost always on the basic package.

The old bad thing about owning my 2013 Chevy Volt is its association with the typical MSNBC-loving, open-border, closed-mind, pro-Bernie, anti-Donald, low-info, high-brow, pot-smoking, Koch-hating, Fox-hating, gun-hating, gas-hating, God-hating “progressives” that tend to comment on EV blogs. 🙂

Haha: “By: Open-Mind”



Hey! I don’t hate God, nor do I hate the Tooth Fairy. The Easter Bunny, however, is terrible. Just look what he does to chickens.

Fox News is probably gaining viewers as people get older, that is their demographic, while young people just stream movies/shows now.

For the sake of clarity, you might want to mention who your television provider is, I’m sure there are some contractual differences between who carries what, and at what tier.

The answer is: no, you don’t get to declare a cheap (and untrue) shot and then declare the thread over.

Insideevs probably has more viewers than Foxnews and MSNBC. But is viewership growing at insideevs?

I think the expanding/ever-changing nature of media today puts a lot of downward pressure on traditional platforms.

As for IEV, with the in roads that are being made all over the world with plug-in vehicles, it would hard to not be expanding viewership (although one has to note the addition of dozens and dozens of new sites covering EVs – which is great IMO, the more the merrier).

Just as a random data point: there has never been a month that has not been a “record” month at IEV, and unique viewership is up 81.1% year-over-year this month. So more and more people are finding (and embracing) EV technology.

Are we ever going to get


(accounts would be interesting as you could put in a field for EVs owned and you would get an idea (data) of what EVs your readers are driving).

Over the past few years (and re-enforced over the past couple months) I’ve learned a couple things.

A) I’m mildly proficient at being an editor-in-chief, covering this whole ‘electric vehicle phenomenon’ thing that is happening
B) I have zero abilities to control or understand the wild animals that make up our “IT” resources

We contracted out a new comment system, voting, etc ~2 months ago, and also a switch to a larger dedicated server almost a month ago… from 2 different sources. Both have reported being just ‘days’ away from completion…for quite some time. Apparently our VPNDNSMYSQL is SOL ATM or something.

Can’t trust those damn contractors…

I kind of like this format better. One could use disqus to get editing/voting/account, but this forum is more informal. But then, my taste in things probably doesn’t jive with the rest of the world as you can tell by my choice of EV.

I really want an “Ignore” button.

Uh . . . ratings are really not indicative at all of quality journalism.

The only people that sit around and watch cable news all day are cranky old people. So Fox creates content specifically targeted to be what those cranky old people WANT TO HEAR . . . conservative bias, not objective news that would be good journalism.

Fox News is good business but bad journalism. There is a reason there are so many studies showing that Fox News viewers know far less about actual reality. Daily Show viewers score better!

Yep, The old joke was:

I get my news from Comedy Central and my comedy from Fox News.

May I point out the fact that there is only one right wing news outlet and when you have only one and multiple non right wing outlets that the numbers get skewed? It’s like arguing that Cadillac is more popular than Tesla, even though Cadillac does not sell an EV.

MSNBC is no longer so left leaning as it was in your 2012 article:

I think most progressives/liberals have given up on TV network news and visit,, and similar.

Do people still watch Foxnews or any cable TV? When I turn on the TV, I fall asleep, so I canceled all pay-tv.

do you still sleep? 😀 😀

Only when insideevs show “database could not be reached”. :-p

Well, that’s what Fox News would count as viewership! Their average audience age is 78!

Anyway, who really does watch TV any more? As a 19 y/o, there’s really nothing there and the news takes up too much of my time while simultaneously skimps on everything that’s not on the scale of Ebola.

Sorry guys, 6 sec snippets of video won’t fool me. The internet is the real place for news when I want to search for it. Just be careful of who you read it from.

We canceled pay tv 6 months ago. No one misses it, esp our two kids. $1500/year savings to spend on more useful things like Model 3 upgrades.

Looks like the black car was at fault if, as I assume correctly the Tesla was in the outside lane and got knocked even further out of the lane.

I don’t think you can make a determination of fault just by looking at that pic. We don’t even know which direction the cars were traveling since they both could have spun around after impact. It appears like they might have been traveling from the foreground to the background and spun around 180 degrees after impact, since there are reflectors on the nearside of the posts in the foreground on this apparently one-way road, which would indicate the direction of traffic on that road.

Looks to me like the road could be icy?
Maybe both were traveling in the same direction and one lost control striking the other. I’ve seen that kind of wreck multiple times.

The road is clearly icy, you can see the marks where the one car, presumably the black one slid through the curve.

The impact indicates the left and front of the black car impacted the red car in the left front as the red car came around the corner going the opposite direction. Not for certain but that is my take.

The impact pushed the red car off the road and the lighter black recoiled and slid sideways to its resting position. Probably only a 30 mph impact or so plus half the speed again of the other car as the impact was not square but oblique.

Doesn’t look icy to me. Just wet/rainy.

After looking close, I think it’s just wet. Still compromises traction.
My best guess is still someone wasn’t following the basic speed rule and lost control.

The weather of yesterday was -1°C min to 5°C max, so yes it could have been icy.

Still the road seems covered by rain… well it could be rain upon some ice patches…

ffbj — I don’t think those are skid marks. Those look like the trail of coolant from a burst radiator washing downhill to the curb.

Unless you are talking about something else I”m not seeing…

“Driving in luxembourg is on the right”…..

So I think you’re right.

I don’t think there are any laws of physics that would let the S be hit like that, unless the ICE crossed the line.

I’m no physicist, but couldn’t the Model S also “be hit like that” if the Model S crossed the line?

Since it’s a sharp curve with a broken white line separating the two lanes, it appears to be a one-direction two lane stretch of road/highway.



Hopefully, all people involved are OK.
I can’t count the number of times each day I see distracted drivers on the road. I’m past ready for autonomous driven cars.

Obviously the fire on the ICE car was caused by the lithium ion batteries in the driver’s cell phone or laptop.

And the Tesla driver was distracted, thinking about his upcoming divorce due to his wife not plugging in the car.

LOL. That one never gets old.

Model S vs Mercedes GLA250.
What is better Electric sedan or ICE SUV?

Out of over half dozen cars I had, two of them caught fire. I always thought EV are far safer from fires than gas cars, especially from personal experience with ICE. When gas car catches fire, it’s scary; fuel line could rupture and make the problem far worse.

Now I drive a car named “Spark” EV. Hmmm…

It looks like there’s only room for one car on that road.

What? That road is plenty wide enough for 2 cars. I bet you’re American and you’re used to having stupid 12-foot wide lanes. It’s so incredibly wasteful and unnecessary.

Actually, they aren’t wide enough, with all these damn fools texting while driving, swerving around…

The Tesla was trying to make a ‘Convert’ out of the Black car, but it Exploded in Indignation!

What used to be an ‘Internal Combustion’ engined car, is now an ‘External Combustion’ car!

Very mature comment, clearly.

Will Tesla (or Lord Elon!) instantly get a notification if a Tesla gets involved in a crash? I’m sure they will know when there is airbag deployment. Do they have sensors to find out other lesser accidents?

In Germany, Mercedes can sometimes show up at the accident scene even before the first responders. They have their “Mercedes-Benz Accident Investigation team” that they dispatch to accidents based upon vehicle telemetry sent through the Mercedes version of onStar (I think they are calling it mbrace these days).

So I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla knew this car was in an accident in real time.

“Details of how the crash happened are not known but the impact of the collision caused one of the vehicles to catch fire. The blaze was extinguished and no injuries were reported.”
At least no one got hurt…

How ironic. A gasmobile fire becomes newsworthy only because it involves a BEV!

Here’s hoping this story becomes as widespread on the media as the very few BEV fires. I think most of us regular readers of InsideEVs know that BEVs are significantly better than gasmobiles (by about three to one, or more?) when it comes to fire safety, but the public at large has gotten the wrong impression.

Really …. It’s I te resting how your pro-Tesla brain translates an image and insideev article to something my brain somehow has not.

When Tesla has as many cars on te road as ICE platform and have as little fire resulting accidents as they do, then we can make some statements. Otherwise that Norwegian Tesla on fire represents much worse sample ….

Why is it so difficult for you guys stay objective??? Are you worried about future of BEV, Tesla or what is it???

Clearly BEV is the future, it does not need ridiculing companies or platform which has served us very well for looong time.

Pot, meet kettle.

When you’ve sorted the stock and have a financial stake in the company doing worse, it’s hard to remain objective.

Clearly all the fire jumped from the electric car to the gas car. Poor gas car.

Of course! 😀

I see why they call them “internal combustion”

The driver of that ICE along with the company that sold the car should be fined for the pollution that it released.

Another point to prove that Electrics are lot cleaner.

By my calculations, early Teslas had 10x the rate of fires from collisions as compared with ICE cars. However, with the advent of the underbody shield the car has become much safer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rate were better than ICE cars now–even modern cars manufactured after 2012.

Show your work.

Did that car cut through the grass to T-bone the Tesla? Haha! I know that’s probably not what happened. Don’t try to ruin this for me!

The ICE car is a Mercedes GLA 250. Why isn’t this mentioned in the article? You mentioned the involved EV’s brand and model name, so why not name the ICE car too?