Courb Goes Into Receivership After Missing Sales Target

MAY 29 2015 BY MARK KANE 4

Courb C-Zen

Courb C-Zen

In March, French company Courb, with around fifty employees, celebrated delivery of its 100th C-Zen electric car to a customer, although the automaker’s sales target was missed.

Cars, equipped with 12.4 kWh battery pack and 15 kW electric motor, can drive for around 120 km (75 miles).  Price is below €19,000 including incentives in France.

The company was placed into receivership by the Commercial Court of Lyon.

Investment of €30 million since 2007 was not enough and one of the latest round of trying to raise €10 million through crowdfunding didn’t succeed. France also changed the law and limited crowdfunding to €1 million per project, which didn’t help Courb.

Without cash infusion, Courb probably is unable to even think about hitting the target of 500 units in 2015 and 1,000 next year.


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Why the sodding heck do these videos always have a cheesy soundtrack? Turn the sodding music off so people can hear the (lack of) noise the car makes. It’s a selling point and should be capitalised!

Well, apart from about four seconds of music at the very start of the clip, there was no music.
The ONLY sound heard over the noise of the car was a French man talking.
So I must assume that by “cheesy soundtrack”, you mean the spoken French language?
THAT’S a bit racist isn’t it!

Yup. Heavy quadricycles won’t sell in the developed world until it becomes undeveloped in about 20 years.

Can I get an honorary degree from Harvard Business School?

Fancy golf carts…C’MON MAN