Coupe, Cargo and Long Wheelbase BMW i3 Rumored To Be In The Works


i3 Coupe Concept Likely Production Bound

i3 Coupe Concept Likely Production Bound

BMW is rumored to be in the process of aggressively expanding its i lineup.

Following the BMW i3 and BMW i8, it’s believed that BMW will launch the BMW i5, a more family-oriented, longer range electric vehicle that appears similar to a stretched BMW i3.

Beyond that, rumor is that BMW will launch a BMW i3 coupe, which seems a given to us considering that the BMW i3 was a coupe when it was still in early concept form.

Automobilwoche even speculates that a BMW i3 cargo version will be launched, perhaps to battle against the likes of the Renault Kangoo Z.E., Renault Twizy Cargo and VW e-load Up! for commercial/fleet sales.

These BMW i3 derivatives are predicted to be at least 3 years from entering the production cycle.  However, Automobilwoche says that a BMW i8 Spyder is expected to launch at a much sooner date.

Source: Automobilwoche

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Makes sense, derivatives are a good way to amortize platform development costs over larger volumes by covering more market segments. Every major auto manufacturer does it, although not seen as much so far for electric platforms (even though many of those are ICE platform derivatives themselves).

Model X and ELR are the first examples (well ELR maybe not a good example!). But strange that Nissan hasn’t made a derivative yet given their sales success.

Well . . . Nissan is FINALLY releasing their eNV-200. Basically the Leaf in minivan form.

BMW cargo? Nope.

Please do something about that two-tone pig nose!

And how about a convertible if you are doing lots of different ones?

Can you imagine how bad that rear window dip would look on a convertible?


When has BMW built a van? First the FWD 2 series Active Tourer which is all to similar to the B-Class, now a van version? It doesn’t have to mimic Mercedes Benz all the time in every shape and form!

Well, if the coupe gets a van version, then I suspect it wouldn’t be too off the wall copared with only 4 seats and 2 doors. But, for a high spec kind of car, that amount of space would be too practical (in a way, picking a station wagon over a sedan is considered too boring and practical). But hey, BMW likes to make firsts, using CFRP and lazer lights, the next would be a van coup√©!

BMW is going about this all wrong. A light duty cargo van, aka eNV-200/Kangaroo Z.E. is welcomed and will find buyers, but why would they not focus on getting the i5 to market ASAP. Beat Tesla to the family compact car EV with 5 seats, on par performance to the 3 series 328i and challenge for the EV crown. To me that is where the money’s at because persons to inherently can afford a pricier EV can surely afford a 3 series bimmer. Go figure!!

I guess things have changed, but to me, a coupe version looks smarter and sportier than the 4 door sedan version; the roofline can swoop lower, better looking C pillar, etc., because the coupe is meant to be a 2 + 2, not a 4 seater. It appears the i3 coupe’s only change is the removal of those rear doors, meaning, it’s every bit as ugly, and now you can’t easily use the back seats.
SO BMW, I have to say, WTF?????

If BMW is serious about EVs, the i3 isn’t it. It’s way more complicated than necessary, double ugly, a styling mess on the outside and inside and the range, even with the 2 gallon extender is too short.

I’m thinking it’s an engineering experiment and the precursor to a real practical German EV.

When can we expect the i5?
Will it indeed take back all the goodies of the i3 and leave behind all its mistakes like weird doors, only 4 seats and way to small.
If the BMW i5 come out it will be a very interesting vehicle.

The more versions of i3, the better: Minivan, van, coupe, you name it.