Ranking Tesla Superchargers Per Capita, Country & State

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Tesla Superchargers Per US State and Country in Europe

Tesla Superchargers Per US State and Country in Europe

Countries Ranked By Tesla Superchargers Per Capita

Countries Ranked By Tesla Superchargers Per Capita

Tesla forum member BlueShift created a wonderful Tesla Supercharger service – Supercharge.info, which besides the map, includes data on the number of Superchargers in different states and countries.

The first graph is so big that you must enlarge it to see that California has ~20 open sites, just like Germany and soon Norway. However, sales of Model S across those markets is widely different.

California (17 open Superchargers +3 permits) is number one in the U.S. and, as it turns out, Arizona is second (9+1 under construction).

Sustainnovate.ae went a step further and checked on which country had the most robust Tesla Supercharger infrastructure per capita.

Norway, with its small, but dense population, is well ahead of all other markets.

It’s hard to conduct a thorough analysis of the date as Superchargers are an ongoing project and the numbers on the graphs change almost daily

Source: sustainnovate.ae


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7 responses to "Ranking Tesla Superchargers Per Capita, Country & State"

  1. Rob Stark says:

    The US has a population density of 84 people per square mile.

    Norway has 40 people per square mile.


    1. Brian says:

      Your point being?

      Norwegians mostly live in one small part of the country, namely the southern end. Americans are much more sprawled out.

      1. Rob Stark says:

        Americans are not much more sprawled out.

        The US has highly concentrated populations along the coast(particularly the Northeast and Southwest coast) and Mississippi River/Great Lakes.

        Half of the Lower 48 between the Pacific and the Mississippi River is largely empty. Much like northern Norway. Not to speak of Alaska.

        Norwegians travel all over their country like Americans.

        1. Brian says:

          Search for “United States population density map” and “Norway population density map”. Compare the two side-by-side.

          The US is much more uniform than you are implying. The map almost looks two-tone where the Pacific coast and east of the Mississippi river are very dense, and in between are not so much. I guess Alaska is a third tone with almost nobody living there in comparison to the lower 48.

          Contrast that with Norway wherein almost all of the people are huddled around the southern tip of the nation.

    2. Spec9 says:

      Norway has the highest Tesla sales per person, that is the important metric here.

  2. scottf200 says:

    “No blog on this topic” when going to the link via article. WayBackMachine didn’t have and nor did google cache I don’t think. http://sustainnovate.ae/en/innovators-blog/detail/these-countries-have-the-most-tesla-superchargers-per-capita

  3. Rain Power says:

    How many km road per SC per country?