Could Infiniti Emerg-E Become Automaker’s New Flagship Vehicle?


According to Autocar, Infiniti’s goal is to grab 10% of the global luxury market by 2020.



To achieve this, Infiniti will need a flagship vehicle that’s not an SUV.  The gas-chugging QX 80 SUV is widely considered to be the automaker’s flagship today.

In the future though, Infiniti’s flagship will be something entirely different.

Infiniti president, Johan de Nysschen, told Autocar this at the Frankfurt Motor Show:

Infiniti EMERG-E Concept At The GoodWood Festival Of Speed In 2012

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed In 2012

“I’ll leave you to decide whether our new flagship is a saloon, coupe or supercar, but it will be a car. We won’t have an SUV like it is now.”

Autocar speculates that Infiniti’s flagship will be a hybrid supercar, either front or mid-engined, along the lines of the Emerg-E.

We think Autocar may be on the right track.  Recently, Infiniti started getting media types behind the wheel of the Emerg-E, which is supposedly only a concept.

It seems logical to us that Infiniti is testing the waters with the Emerg-E plug-in hybrid to gauge reaction.

It’s believed that this flagship “saloon, coupe or supercar” will join Infiniti’s lineup prior to 2020, though no timeline has been set.

What we’re trying to say is that you shouldn’t be suprised if the Emerg-E heads to production soon as the flagship of Infiniti’s lineup.
Source: Autocar

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Prescient article. I would love to see this happen, and have provided my feedback to the manufacturer through the appropriate channels a while ago.

I don’t care for the design languages of ANY Asian automaker at the moment, and I really hate Nissan/Infiniti right now. The only Eastern car I find interesting is the Scion F-RS. Everything looks so bulbous, or else looks like a Transformer. Tesla is the one to beat, no competition. BMW and Mercedes missed the boat with their electrics, opting to make Leaf competitors.

I wish someone would make a Lincoln Continental EV or a Cadillac Fleetwood EV.

The car would have no competiton for years… The Ads could say, ” Kinda like an “S”, but alot more.”

The Tesla business model isn’t just for start ups:
1) proof of concept in a niche (translation: limited run) vehicle at a high price
2) broad release (past the concept stage now) as top of the line trim, typically restricted to the company’s luxury product to ramp up economy of scale
3) widespread release across all product lines now that it has become “old hat” to produce etc.

Example: when Mercedes Benz first offered the airbag in one of their cars in the early 80’s it was as an option on their high end S Class.

My point? If the big automakers repeatedly innovate and do the top-down rollout for safety, technology, etc., why are they sitting back and trying to figure out Tesla? This Infiniti could EASILY be their top-down rollout of high range EV.