Cornhusker State Now Home to Single Tesla Model S



It’s not likely that you’d consider Nebraska to be a state where electric Tesla vehicles roam the roads, but in fact the Cornhusker State is now home to a trio of electric Teslas, including a lone Model S.

Donald Cox of Lincoln, Nebraska claims to be the state’s first Model S owner, but this is not the only Tesla Cox owns.  Cox, who teaches electrical engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, owns a 2008 Tesla Roadster, one of just two registered with the state’s DMV.

Corn fields as far as the eye can see. Wind farms. And now a Model S!

What’s unusual here is that only 13 Nissan LEAFs were registered with the state’s DMV as of September.  It’s believed that a handful of electric Smart Fortwos are on the DMV’s registry, as well as a couple of converted electric vehicles.  All told, including some  unidentified three-wheeled electric vehicles, the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles shows 44 registered electric vehicles out of 2.2 million autos registered statewide. That’s what makes the state’s Tesla-to-other-electric-vehicle ratio far higher than expected.

The state of Nebraska does not classify the Chevrolet Volt, or, for that matter, any other plug-in hybrid as an electric vehicle.

Cox is not only the proud owner of two Teslas, he’s an avid electric vehicle advocate.  Cox claims that literally hundreds of people have driven his Roadster.  As Cox states “We let everyone drive it.”

Cox opted for the 85-kWh version of the Model S with an EPA-rated range of 265 miles.  Due to the state’s lack of charging stations, Cox will likely rely upon a time-consuming Level 2 unit at his residence to fulfill nearly all of his daily charging needs.  But first in the state usually requires a few compromises and Cox seems a-okay with that.

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“The state of Nebraska does not classify the Chevrolet Volt, or, for that matter, any other plug-in hybrid as an electric vehicle.”

It’s too bad the state doesn’t recognize what the Volt is. The technology behind the Volt (all electric drive for the first 35 miles, gas after that) is what’s going to get electric vehicle technology to be adopted by mainstream consumers.

Then, once battery tech improves, pure electric vehicles will gain more steam. It should be a fun decade.

I’m Glad Nebraska has its first Electric. I believe most of the state has very cheap juice, so that will be an added incentive.

Slow charging? The article didn’t mention as to whether he had single (40) or dual (80 ampere) chargers.

Soon there will be a Model S roaming the streets of Milford Nebraska! My Model S will arrive between Feb 10th and Feb 24th. I am installing a high power wall charger in my garage to share with anyone needing a charge on a Model S. I doubt if we will see a Tesla supercharge station near my town for a while. I plan on driving locally but also trek to New York and I hope to do it in my Model S.