Continental Boosts Electric Drive Spending By €300M For 2021, ICE Production To Peak In 2025

MAY 20 2017 BY MARK KANE 6

Continental has secured additional budgeting of some €300 million for hybrid and electric powertrain technology development by 2021, expecting a multi-billion-euro business opportunity to present itself around that time.

Continental’s electric motor with integrated transmission and power electronics

The total investment of the company over the past five years has already totaled €1 billion, so the Continental is no stranger to the space.

The company hopes that the sales turnover will increase from €130 million today to up to €1 billion by 2020/2021.

“Continental is ready to go. The technology company is approaching the most fundamental transformation in the history of vehicle drivetrain technologies in the next 15 years with confidence and full strength.”

Continental’s forecast is for about 10% pure electric drive systems in 2025, while almost 30% for hybrids.

Speaking of its more traditional, internal combustion engine business, the company still sees the growth continuing in the space, but sees a peak happening around 2025.

Chief Executive Officer of Continental Dr. Elmar Degenhart, noted the phenomenon while talking about growth prospects in the electric space:

This means that the combustion engine is actually yet to have its peak. We do not expect to see a slow decline in volumes until after 2025.

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Electric transmissions are the way to go, just plug them in and hook them up, instant performance and mileage gains.

Martin Winlow

Who the heck is Continental? The only ‘Continental’ I have herd of related to vehicles is the tyre maker.

Martin Winlow

(A little research later) Perhaps it’s the same company? I see it has expanded away from just tyres but the only reference I could find on its website is some half-baked nonsense about using a 48V-based hybrid system which seems to me to be about 15 years too late.

I am also amused by the the fact that the narrator of the video explaining the 48V thing starts off by pronouncing ‘Continental’ as ‘Continen-tal’ (with the emphasis on the last syllable – very… well, ‘continental’, as we would say here across the Channel) but then gives up and pronounces it ‘normally’ in the end. All fluff and nonsense, if you ask me.

Hans Blix

Its one of the biggest automotive supplier in the world. 220.000 people working there worldwide, revenue 44bn.


Not sure how you do “research” but I found it immediately searching for “continental automotive supplier”. It’s clearly the same company. I also knew them only as a tire manufacturer, but unlike you I don’t find it surprising there’s something I didn’t know! If their only consumer business is in tires that’s what I should expect.


Production as what, a percentage of all engines produced, or just totals?
Since peak auto has been reached, or was reached a few years back, it’s peaking now, the incense, peppermint, the band, The Dead.

Anyway if ev motors are increasing and overall production of ice has peaked then numbers produced must fall as a %.